Free Instagram Widget App For Shopify

The best tool to leverage the power of Instagram Widget to boost engagement, display social proof, create shoppable feed & generate conversions on Shopify store using exclusive themes like Slider, Grid, or Classic.

Features That Turns Tagembed Instagram Widget Shopify App Into Marketing Asset

Experience scalable & result-driven features of our Shopify Instagram Widget App to achieve desired results & ROI from your Shopify store


arrow arrow Content Moderation:

Deliberately remove unwanted or irrelevant Instagram posts to improve & display only qualitative content.

arrow arrow Responsive Display:

Instagram feed Shopify app provides seamless & attractive themes and designs offering the best user experience and engagement.

arrow arrow Automatic Real-Time Update:

Instagram posts get automatically updated on your Shopify store instantly as soon as they are uploaded on Instagram.

arrow arrow Customized Feeds:

Embellish your Instagram feeds using themes, layout designs, banners, background, colors, fonts, etc.

arrow arrow Robust Analytics:

Get insights data with our in-built analytics to understand users' behavior, engagement, and major Instagram posts contributors.

arrow arrow Custom CSS:

Hands-on your skills to design and display Instagram feeds in your way to attract and engage visitors using Custom CSS.

arrow arrow CTA:

Drive traffic to your product page using free for all CTA like "Buy Now" buttons to enhance the chances to achieve sales objectives.

Why Use Tagembed Shopify Instagram Widget App

Uncover the strength of Instagram Widget Shopify app to boost Presence, Performance, and Profitability of your Shopify store.


Audience Engagement

Instagram feeds attract audiences’ attention and increase engagement and interaction on your Shopify store.


Boost Conversions

Shoppable Instagram feeds hit two birds with one stone boosting social influence and conversions spontaneously.


Creative Content

With various themes, designs, styles, colors, fonts, custom CSS, etc. you can build creative Instagram feeds.


Social Proof

Instagram posts increase social proof for products & services drive actions with peer reviews and feedback


Boost Store Appearance

Shopify Instagram feeds App provides vibrant, sparkling, and captivating feeds to boost the appearance of your Shopify store.


Leverage Traffic

Instagram feeds boost traffic on your Shopify offering informative, engaging and humanized content.

5 Simple & Easy Steps to Embed Instagram Widget On Shopify Store

  1. Add Free Tagembed Instagram Widget Shopify App on your store
  2. Collect Feeds from Instagram with #hashtags, @mention, tags, handle, etc.
  3. Personalize feeds based on exclusive themes & layouts, banner, CTA, etc
  4. Use Moderation to filter out selected quality feeds
  5. Finally, Add Instagram feeds on Shopify store in one click
  6. Install Shopify App

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Instagram feed app for Shopify?

Tagembed Instagram Feed Shopify App is the best app for Shopify store because it offers multiple features like manual control, easy customization, moderation, responsive widget, content management platform, smart analytics, etc. to effectively manage and drive higher ROI.

How do I add an Instagram feed app to my Shopify store?

Go to the Shopify App store, search for the Tagembed, and select Instagram Feed by Tagembed to add on your Shopify store.

Is the Tagembed Instagram Feed Shopify App responsive For Shopify store?

Yes, it provides responsive widget that is easily compatible on all devices (laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.), screen size, and themes & design available on the Shopify store. Tagembed offers lightweight Insta feeds that seamlessly integrate on Shopify without hampering the speed and loading time of your Shopify website.

Do you provide a free Shopify Instagram feed app?

Yes, the Tagembed Shopify Instagram feed app provides a Free-forever plan with a wide range of features and functionalities without charging any dime from the users. You can collect, curate, customize, and integrate Insta feed on your Shopify store.