How To Add VK Hashtag Video Feeds On Website?

About VKontakte Hashtag Video Feeds

VK is short for its original name VKontakte, an incredible online social media platform that allows its users to build connections, post content, gain followers, and more. And due to these features, many brands use it for their marketing purposes.

Like every other social media platform, hashtags are famous on this platform as well and are highly used to reach the desired audience. And to extract more benefits from it, brands are even opting to add VK hashtag feed on website. In this blog, you will learn how you can add VKontakte hashtag video on website with ease. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

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Steps mentioned below is the easiest way available that allows you to add VKontakte Hashtag Videos, so you can create your own curated feeds. We’ll show exactly how to display VKontakte hashtag feed on the website.

#Step1: Aggregate VK Hashtag Video Feeds

A. Start by creating an account on Tagembed free tool. If you already have an existing account on the platform, then Log in using your credentials. 

free account

B. If you are a new user then your first widget will be created by default now click on the “Open” button. Or if you are an existing user, then click on the “Create Widget” button present in the top right corner of the screen, and provide the desired name for the widget.

create widget

C. Select VK as your content aggregation source from the pop-up menu is available on your screen.

social media network

D. Now a new dialog box “Create VK Hashtag Feed” will appear on your screen. To aggregate hashtags feeds select Hashtag(#) option as your connection type. 

vk hashtag connection

Next, you need to type your credentials and once you are done you will be able to see VKontakte hashtag videos on the widget editor in just a few seconds.

#Step2: Generate Embed Code For Website 

A. Now click on the Embed widget button present on the bottom left corner of the widget editor.

vk hashtag feeds

B. Next, you need to select your website building platform from the pop-up menu and you can select from a variety of options available.

website platform

C. You also have the option to adjust the height and width of the VKontakte widget to adjust it as per the look for your website. 

adjust height and width

D. Finally, Click on the Get Code option and copy the generated embed code on a clipboard and paste this embed code onto the backend of your website, webpage, and blog where you wish to embed VK Feeds with using VK hashtags. 

Congratulations, now your VK hashtag feeds is embedded on your website!

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