5 Ways Social Media Management Tools Can Boost User Engagement

Social media is arguably one of the fastest and most effective ways to grow a brand in todayโ€™s day and age. With more people flocking to different channels, itโ€™s only expected that more businesses will turn to various social platforms to engage their audiences.

Experts predict there will be over 4 billion social media users by 2027. That said, your business should start looking for the best social media management tools to grow your audience, boost engagement, and reach more customers. 

Why You Should Use Social Media Tools?

Social media tools help you maximize your social media reach in many ways. Here are some reasons why you should start using tools that help with social media management and engagement.

#1. Engage Your Target Audience

Many brands today use social media to speak directly to their target audiences. More importantly, many consumers use social media to interact with their favorite brands. Up to 90% of social media users use their platforms to engage with brands and businesses.

With social media tools, you can maximize your social media engagement efforts and reach more of your target audience. Social media tools can even help you refine who that audience is and find better ways to speak with them online by finding topics they care about and pain points they want to be solved. To enhance audience reach, you can leverage CRM softwares, such as available Pipedrive and other alternatives.

#2. Streamline Social Media Efforts

Running social media campaigns and content development is a time-consuming effort. Marketers and business owners spend a lot of time creating content, engaging with customers online, managing communities, and so on. Social media engagement and management tools can help streamline those efforts. 

By using social media & ai tools, you can automate many repetitive tasks such as content automation, so you save hours of working time. So if youโ€™re a marketing manager or business owner, you can start channeling more of that time to more meaningful tasks. 

#3. Drive More Sales or Donations

Social media is more than a great engagement platform. Itโ€™s also known to provide very high-intent traffic, meaning people are more willing to part with their dollars to buy a product or support a cause. On average, you can get a $2.82 return on every dollar you spend on social media marketing.

Thatโ€™s why more non-profit organizations turn to the power of social media. Churches, for instance, will find it easier to engage their audiences on social media. They can even extend online giving channels through social and digital platforms. To enhance effectiveness, leveraging nonprofit marketing software like Virtuous can help. This comprehensive platform offers Marketing automation CRM, fundraising tools, volunteer management, and more, all of which perfectly complement social media strategies and can significantly boost engagement levels.

You can also check out this church management software products compilation to check out all the tools you can use to expand your churchโ€™s reach and church management through digital tools like social media management software.

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How Social Media Management Tools Boost User Engagement

Social media tools exist to help you build meaningful conversations with people online. By doing that, you can influence people to follow your content or even take a certain call to action. Here are ways that social media management tools can help boost your user engagement.

#1. Get More Traffic

Anyone on social media wants to build traffic toward their channels. Social media can be a great funnel for that to happen. With social media management tools, you can drive more traffic to: 

  • An eCommerce shop
  • A blog
  • A physical store
  • A landing page
  • An online course
  • A survey form
  • Or any other site or location you want people to visit

Thereโ€™s undoubtedly a lot of traffic on social media, but only a fraction of that ends up on your channels. Thatโ€™s because there are hundreds of thousands of other brands and businesses competing for your target audienceโ€™s attention. By using social media management tools, you can increase your traffic through social listening, increase engagement, and so on.

#2. Listen to Your Audience

When trying to increase traffic to your site, you will have to listen to your audience more. Marketing is not just about communicating ideas well. Itโ€™s also about learning how to listen more. You can use different social media management tools to do that. Some ways you can do that include using analytics and research tools to determine what kind of hashtags people use and what content they want to consume.

You can also pair up your social media tools with survey form software to get consumer insights to develop social media conversations that your audience will want to join. One great tool we recommend for this is Jotform, which has many great templates to choose from and is an easy-to-use form creator. You can also use a Jotform alternative if it suits your needs better.

#3. Make Your Content Shareable

With social media tools, you can also make your content shareable. One case in point is how plugins for social engagement on website CSMs like WordPress, Appy Pie Website and Squarespace add social sharing buttons to your product page, blog, or landing page. These blog tools make it easy for people to share your content with their audiences online. 

This approach helps build your referral traffic and increases the credibility of your online store, blog, or company page. When you make your content more shareable, there will be less friction on the engagement side and itโ€™s more likely that people will want to share valuable content from your page. 

Some ideas for shareable content that should have social media sharing buttons include: 

  • Comparisons between two or more products
  • Educational blogs
  • Survey and quiz results
  • Annual reports and studies
  • And so on

#4. Maximize User-Generated Content

Using social media tools to schedule Facebook group posts or other social media post can help you harvest and use user-generated content on your website the shop can be another great way to boost user engagement online. Take for instance how some social listening tools let you follow branded hashtags to pull out user-generated content like reviews, testimonials, product demos, and so on. 

To do this for your brand, you must instruct your followers to use certain hashtags when posting about your product or service. Incentivize this behavior by running campaigns and contests that will encourage people to generate reviews and shoutouts for your brand and use your hashtags. Use a social following tool to mark those hashtags and direct you to these user-generated content pieces. Repurpose them for your own social media accounts too.

#5. Multiply Content Generation Efforts

Because content generation can take a lot of time, effort, and resources, itโ€™s best to find smarter ways to generate more content out of one effort. Using social media tools, you can do this. Here are some ideas to help you multiply generation efforts.

  • Create social media posts out of blogs
  • Turn video content into shorts for Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts
  • Embed an Instagram feed to your website
  • Create carousel posts out of user content
  • Reshare resources from your followers
  • Use testimonials for social proof

Should You Hire a Social Media Manager?

Managing social media management tools is a job role on its own. Using social media management tools can greatly enhance user engagement and empower businesses to effectively boost their social media marketing strategies. If youโ€™re already busy running other parts of your business operations or marketing effort, sometimes it helps to get a  social media manager to look over your social media tools and efforts. 

Find a web3 social media manager who is already familiar with your social media management tools of choice. Incorporating social recruiting, utilize the capabilities of recruitment database software to filter through potential candidates and find the ideal social media manager for your business. A robust recruiting CRM can streamline the candidate selection process, allowing you to efficiently identify candidates with the right skills and experience for the role. Communicate your KPIs and have them provide recurring reports to help you oversee the direction of your social media activities. 

Final Thoughts

When all is said and done, social media is a powerful tool for brand building and user engagement. To not use tools that maximize these efforts would be an opportunity missed. Find the right social media tools and start trying to engage your users and followers through any of the strategies we provide.

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Free Social Media Aggregator

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social media aggregator, Tagembed
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