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Make your business look trustworthy with the add a free Google reviews widget on the website without breaking a sweat. Now, build credibility, prove your reliability and achieve your business goals using your customers' reviews.

Why Do You Need Tagembed Google Reviews Widget On Your Website?

Stronger trust and increase sales by using these various reasons are 4 of the top justifications for the argument.


Boost Search Engine Rankings

Easy to use the Google reviews widget code encourage more users to review your business. It helps you get a higher search engine rankings score.


Regulate Brand Reputation

Google business profile review widget builds a strong brand reputation by bringing transparency between users & brands.


Put Together Social Proof

Publishing Google's authentic & reliable customer review widget to your website act as social proof for your brand.


UGC = Trust & Loyalty

Displaying UGC Google business profile reviews widget build customer’s trust & loyalty in your brand.

Features That Add More Functionality To Your Google Review Widget

Discover some handy features that amplify the productivity of your Google business reviews widget.


Card Style

Card Style customization allows you to make desired modifications on your widget and completely personalize the Google review widget. Providing you the opportunity to exhibit your creativity and bring charm to your widget and website.

You have 20+ font family options to choose from. Also, with the freedom to change the font size of the content, you can match the content style with your website, making the site more presentable.

There is more, you can even change background personalization, banner customization, and more. Moreover, you can also change the curve style of your card, to enhance the charm and charisma of your website.

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Widget Layout

Make your website well-organized and pleasing to the eye with suitable layout(theme) style for your widget. There is wide range of options that you can choose from, which eventually makes your website more attractive.

Layout (theme) style optons such as Slider theme, Modern fall, Review box, Grid, List view, and many more help to showcase content systematically on your widget.

Don’t worry even if you have variation in your content, you have the optons to select from Visual, Text, or Visual+text themes based on your content.

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Aspect Ratio

In simple terms, the Aspect ratio is the proportional relationship between the content’s widget and height. With the freedom to select your aspect ratio, you can exhibit your reviews in style.

You have 7 aspect ratio options to choose from. You can pick from Standard, Square, Widescreen, and more to help you in bringing uniformity to your site.

An appropriate ratio can do justice to the content you are displaying. That means your visitors can read the reviews with comfort.

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Content Moderation

Flaunt the best reviews related to your business, and spark an interest in the minds of the visitors.

You have the option to remove content one by one manually, so content on the widget remains exclusive to your brand. If you aren’t looking for manual work, you can opt for auto-moderation.

Auto-moderation saves your time, as it automatically removes the content from your provided keywords. You can use it to remove reviews with the names of other brands and keep the content related to your brand only.

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Responsive Widget

You cannot control what device your visitors use for your website, but they can easily view the content with the responsive widget, irrelevant of the device.

You don’t even need to change the display setting every time for different screen sizes; the widget adjusts itself automatically.

Even after adjusting as per screen resolution, the widget does not hamper the website alignment, keeping the site neat for display on any device.

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What Makes Tagembed Google Reviews Widget Is Very Special?

Unveil how to Google business profile review widget can amplify your website's engagement & performance.

  • google-reviews-in-one-place-2

    Collect Google Reviews In One Place

    Google Places Reviews – Search reviews of any business from any location and then embed them without authentication.

    Google Business Reviews(GMB) – Login with your Google My Business account. You’ll find your location saved here from which you can aggregate Google business reviews.

    Compatible with 50+ languages – Flaunt your reviews in front of your visitors in 50+ languages and win the trust of consumers all around the world.

  • google-review-customization-2

    Customization in Couple of Clicks

    Theme Catalog – Choose the theme of your content according to your brand’s purpose to make it look more appealing.

    Designs & Layouts – Apply designing elements like banners, CTA, layouts, and more to personalize your Google Business & Customer reviews widget with our review aggregator.

    Colors, Fonts, & More – Personalize your feed with other creative features like the color scheme, font designs, information display, etc.

  • google-review-brand-feeds

    Highlight Brand Feeds & Updates

    Fabricate an impressive widget for Google Reviews galleries to highlight user reviews & ratings on your website for free.

    Measure the performance of your widgets for Google Reviews with the analytics feature. And based on that study you can even make your future marketing plans.

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Explore Multitude of Google Review Widget Layouts

Majestic layouts to display business credibility

Features For An Outstanding Performance & Experience By Using The Google Business Reviews Widget


Manage Your Content With Filters

Reveal all user reviews or only positive ones about your business with the moderation feature of free widget for Google reviews.


Personalization Elements

Create an amazing widget for Google reviews with sleek style and keep the details notable with customization elements like themes, banner, background & more.


Insightful Analytics

The in-built insightful analytics feature help in monitoring the widget for Google reviews performance on your website.


Quick Updates

Ease your reviews management by updating them automatically giving you the best results.


Agile & Responsive Widgets

Create quick & responsive designs of widget for Google reviews the seamless performance of your website.


Custom CSS

Leverage custom CSS features to experience endless opportunities to customize your widget for Google reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google review widget? arrow icon

Tagembed Google review widget helps you to display online reviews on your brand’s official website from your Google business listing. It is a common go-to approach for today’s marketers to display Google review widget of a brand.

How do I add a Google review widget? arrow icon

To add a Google review widget on the website, just follow the steps mentioned in this brief guide:

  • Create your free Tagembed account or log in to your existing account.
  • Provide a name for your widget and select Google as your source for reviews.
  • Determine the layout and theme of your widget and make personalizations if you want.
  • Acquire the embedding code.
  • Finally, paste the embedding code into the backend of your website.

That is it; your website will now seamlessly display Google review widget. Have any difficulties with the installation? Feel free to contact our support team and we will be delighted to assist you. And don’t forget to visit our blogs and pages in order to get more detailed guides on the Google review widget’s installation and functioning.

What is the best way to use Google Business Reviews on my website? arrow icon

Flaunt your customers’ reviews and feedback in style. You can place these business reviews on the homepage and make them notable to any website visitors. Win the trust of your visitors by showing them that your business/products have credibility and are appreciated a lot by people.

What is the best way to use Google Places Reviews on my website? arrow icon

You can position your visitors’ feedback on the homepage. Display Google Places reviews to your website visitors, provide them with customers’ perspectives, and help them make purchase decisions. And at the same time, build reliability for your business.

Is it compatible with my CMS website builder? arrow icon

Tagembed Google review widget is compatible with all the popular website-building platforms such as HTML, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, WordPress, Webflow, BigCommerce and etc.

Can I filter reviews before embedding on a website? arrow icon

Tagembed offers content moderation and curation that lets you restrict irrelevant trolls, reviews and comments that could create a negative impact on your visitors’ mind.

Is it possible to display reviews in the form of a slider? arrow icon

Yes, you can display reviews in the form of a slider. You can also select among various themes available to best suit your website structure and brand’s purpose.

Is there a widget for Google reviews? arrow icon

Yes! With Tagembed, you can easily get a widget for Google reviews. The tool helps to collect reviews from your Google My Business account and equips your website with a Google business reviews widget that showcases those reviews on your website.

How do I get a Google review widget? arrow icon

As there are hundreds of Google review widget tools available on the internet, finding the right one is challenging. You can choose the Tagembed widget tool to add a Google reviews widget for any website without even giving it a second thought. Moreover, it provides a free Google reviews widget so that you can try and check the performance of the Google reviews widget on the website first and then you can upgrade for more functionalities and results.

Seamless Integration With Popular Tech-Stack

Tagembed social media aggregator widget offers easy integration with all popular CMS platforms, Social Channels, and many more platforms for maximum performance & results.

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