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Why Embed Twitter Widget On Website?

Effective Benefits of Free Twitter feed Widget for Your Website

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Drive Traffic & Audience Engagement

Get the attention of your targeted audience & drive traffic by curating beautifully attractive Twitter widget and showcase them on your website.

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Boost Customer Trust & Loyalty

To gain the trust & loyalty of your audience in a longer run, collect and display authentic user-generated Twitter feeds and embed it on website.

Social Proof
Amplify Sales & Revenue

By leveraging the trustworthy & engaging UGC on website, skyrocket your business sales & revenue.

Increase Sales
Enhance Website Vibrancy

Transform your liveless website into more fun & vibrant by incorporating colorful free Twitter widget on it.

Perks of Integrating Free Twitter Widget on Website

Discover the benefits of embedding Twitter posts on your website's engagement & performance

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One- stop Destination for All Your Twitter Posts

Handles - Sync your Twitter business account to collect & curate amazing posts into a single feed.

Mentions - Gather all the UGC under one roof through Twitter mentions shared by your brand advocates.

Hashtags - Pile up all the UGC revolving aroud your brand hashtags or campaign hashtags.

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Transform Your Twitter feed widget with Customization

Theme Catalog - A hub for highlighting all sorts of your content to make it more eye-catchy & appealing.

Designs & Layouts - Personalize your Twitter feed with different designing options like banner, CTA, layouts, and more.

Colors, Fonts, & More - Enjoy the freedom to choose color of your choice for fonts, designs, information display and more. of your feed.

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Highlights UGC

From creating stunning visual brand or product galleries using UGC from Twitter, Tagembed unlocks the door of diverse possibilities with Twitter widget for free.

Watch Our Best Twitter Widgets In Action

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Features to Watch Out for an Exquisite Performance & Experience

Advanced and robust features to upgrade your website & business performance by embedding free Twitter feed widgets.

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Create Creative Content

Apply different layout options, embed themes, color styles, banners, etc to change the look of your Twitter widget for free.

Advanced Content Filtering

Advanced Content Filtering

Eliminate the unwanted & irrelevant content to keep your feeds clean with Moderation Panel.

Instant Content Updates

Instant Content Updates

Keep your content fresh & original by automatically updating your website's Twitter feeds instantly as it gets shared on Twitter.

Generate Reports With Analytics

Insightful Analytics

Understand what's going on with your Twitter widget's performance by monitoring it's social media & on-site performance.

Fast & Responsive Widgets

Fast & Responsive Widgets

Ensure seamless performance of your website with its fast & responsive design.

Create Custom CSS

Build Custom CSS

Get access to custom CSS feature that makes your feeds more creative, highly-personalized, & engaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a tool that helps you embed a Twitter timeline on your webpage. It displays all the curated Twitter posts right on your website without having to leave it.

  • Twitter Hashtag Widget - Aggregate content with the help of a hashtag.
  • Twitter Handle Widget - Integrate content from user’s twitter handle.
  • Twitter List widget - Add list created by user’s account
  • Twitter Mention Widget - Aggregate posts wherein a particular brand or user is mentioned.

It is compatible with all the popular website building platforms, namely WIX, WordPress, HTML, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify.

Embedding Twitter Widget involves the following coding-free steps. Signup/Login to the Tagembed account. Click on Create Widget and select Twitter as the source. Use a connection type among Hashtag, Handle, Mention, List, Favourites and Advanced, to fetch the content. Login to your Twitter account. Click on Embed widget and select a website building platform. Set the dimensions and get the code to be integrated on your webpage.

The horizontal template blends perfectly into the page’s main component. Whereas, the vertical template displays the feed normally on the sidebar of the website. Our widget is however very versatile and responsive. It can be inserted into any part of the website.

Our Twitter Widget works perfectly on every device, be it your laptop or your smartphones. It adapts the layout and structure of the device.

Seamless Integration With Popular Tech-Stack

Tagembed widget offers easy integration with all popular CMS platforms, Social Channels, and many more platforms for maximum performance & results

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