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Why Embed Instagram Widget On Website?

Here are some of the most valuable benefits of why you should embed Instagram widget on website


Website Engagement

Guide the power of Instagram's exciting and attractive visual content on your website to grab users attention and engage them for longer duration by embedding free Instagram widget for website.


Generate Leads

Strategically use branded posts and user-generated content relevant to your brand to promote products and generate interest that brings more leads & potential customers.


Social Proof

Accumulate the most authentic & trustworthy user-generated content like product images, testimonials, video reviews, etc and embed it on webiste to build social proof.


Increase Sales

Leverage the social proof with UGC, more engagement, higher dwell time, more traffic, etc. to guide users towards conversions and ultimately increase your sales.

Enhance The Charm Of Your Website With Free Instagram Widget

Embed free-forever Instagram Widget to display lively Instagram content

Benefits of Tagembed Instagram Widget For Website

Uncover the power of Instagram's content to magnify your website's engagement & performance using Free Instagram Widget

  • content-multiple-feeds-2

    Content From Multiple Feeds

    Hashtags – Gather the amazing user-generated content around your brand hashtags or campaign hashtags.

    Handle – Connect your Instagram business profile & collect best posts with the Tagembed Instagram widget for website.

    Mentions & Tags – Bring that all-valuable content shared by brand advocates into a single feed through mentions.

  • style-your-feeds-as-you-like-2

    Style Your Feeds As You Like

    Theme Catalog – A diverse theme hub that perfectly highlights your amazing content and makes your Instagram widget for website more attractive & interactive.

    Designs & Layouts – Stylize your Instagram wall with different designing options like banner, CTA, layouts, and more.

    Colors, Fonts, & More – A freedom to choose your color scheme, font designs, information display, & many personalization features.

  • create-brand-feeds-product-galleries-2

    Create Brand Catalog & Product Galleries

    Collect your branded posts or UGCs featuring your products or brand name into a feed. Customize the feed to make it more creative & engaging. Display these feeds using Instagram Widget for website to drive inspiration among users, leverage existing customer’s content to drive new sales, and give a realistic view of real-life usability of products & brands.

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  • promote-your-instagram-hashtag-campaign-3

    Promote Your Instagram Hashtag Campaign

    Scale your Instagram hashtag campaigns by curating the best posts around hashtags and embedding Free Instagram widget on website. Gain more campaign exposure, awareness among new demographics, generate valuable UGC, and make your hashtag campaign successful with our easy, responsive & free Instagram Widget.

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Features For A Peerless Performance & Experience

Scalable, creative, and robust features that are designed to upgrade your website & business performance with free Instagram widget.

Build Creative Feeds

Design & build your unique Instagram widget, visual galleries, etc. with different layout options, embed themes, color styles, banner, content styling, of our free Instagram widget.

Advanced Content Filtering

Leverage the powerful content filtering options of our engaging & free Instagram widget to moderate and manage the content that you want to display publicly and remove irrelevant & useless content.

Instant Content Updates

The valuable feature to curate content automatically to your feeds without any effort giving you access to the fresh and original content instantly as it gets shared on Instagram.

Analytics to generate reports

Get detailed insights & reports about your widget with Integrated analytics like views, users on posts, audience engagement, geo locations of visitors, sentiment statistics, content cloud & overall performance.

Fast & Responsive Widgets

Ensure seamless performance of your website even after embedding visual galleries, hundreds of posts, multiple social media feeds, with its fast & responsive design.

Smooth & Responsive Widget

Ensure the flawless performance of your website even after embedding multiple posts, hundreds of social feeds & social galleries with smooth & responsive design of our open source social media aggregator.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instagram widget? arrow icon

Known as an interactive & engaging tool, Instagram widget allows you to embed Instagram feed from Instagram on your website. It also helps in increasing user engagement, boosting trust, enhancing conversions & more.

Is it compatible with my website? arrow icon

Yes, Tagembed offers easy integration of Instagram widget with all popular CMS platforms such as Wix, Shopify, Weebly, WordPress, Squarespace and more for maximum results.

How do I embed Instagram Widget on my website? arrow icon

To display user-generated content (any posts, images or videos) from your Instagram with the help of our Instagram widget, you need to follow some easy steps:

  • Apply personalization features to your widget and generate an Embed Code
  • Embed the code into the page on your website where you want to see the Instagram feeds
  • Preview & Save the changes

In case you find any difficulties during the process of embedding Instagram gallery widget on your website, you can contact our customer support professional for help.

What types of widget can I design with Tagembed Instagram Widget arrow icon

With responsive design and flexible interface settings, Tagembed Instagram widget allow the following types of widget:

  • Instagram Hashtag feeds- Aggregate posts by any hashtag & display them
  • Instagram Profile feeds- Aggregate & display content from your account
  • Instagram Tagged feeds- Collect & display feeds where your brand is tagged
  • Instagram Reels feeds – Collect & display interactive Instagram Reels from your profile to your website.
  • Instagram Stories – Display Instagram Stories from your profile to your website even after 24 hours.

How can I add my Instagram feed to my website? arrow icon

You can add your Instagram Feed to your website using Tagembed Instagram Widget that lets you collect Instagram Feed from your Handle, Hashtag, etc. You can even showcase Instagram Reels, IGTV, and Stories from your profile to your website for engagement.
It is a three simple step journey to embed Instagram Widget on website:

  • Create a Free Tagembed account
  • Connect to your Instagram account to collect feeds
  • Customize widget, generate embed code and paste it on the backend of your website.

Your Instagram Feed Widget will be live added to your website.

Seamless Integration With Popular Tech-Stack

Tagembed social media aggregator widget offers easy integration with all popular CMS platforms, Social Channels, and many more platforms for maximum performance & results.

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