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Aggregate all of your brand’s social media feeds into a single feed & embed it on your website.

Why You Need UGC Aggregator for Website

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get a creative display with facebook feed aggregator

Showcase Engaging User-Generated Content

Gather all engaging & appealing UGC from various social media platforms to embed on website with our dedicated social widgets like Facebook widget.

Builds Trust & Authenticity

Creates a sense of trust & loyalty amongst the customers by showcasing user-generated content on the website.

Help in Brainstorming Marketing Ideas

Tagembed’s UGC aggregator encourages you to open your mind to creativity, new ideas & brainstorming sessions.


Without asking for too much investment, a free UGC aggregator helps you generate maximum marketing benefits.

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Tagembed UGC Aggregator Benefits

Unveil how UGC aggregation can boost your website's performance & engagement

Benefits of Free UGC Aggregator

One-Stop for All Your UGC Feeds

Handles – Sync your various social media business accounts to collect & curate amazing posts into a single feed.

Mentions – Gather all the UGC under one roof through social media mentions shared by your loyal customers.

Hashtags – Fetch all the UGC revolving around your brand hashtags or campaign hashtags from social platforms (Twitter, Instagram) with our Twitter widget for website.

Embed feeds with creative UGC aggregator on website

Personalize UGC Feeds Creatively

Theme Catalog – Highlight your UGC feeds to enhance their look creatively.

Designs & Layouts – Apply beautiful designing elements such as banner, CTA, layouts, and more on your social feeds using free UGC aggregator.

Colors, Fonts, & More – Bring attention to the small details of your content by applying fonts, designs, information display and more in your content.

Analyze Free UGC Aggregator

Accurate Analytics to Measure Performance

The Tagembed’s in-built analytics feature lets you understand the intricate insights of the user’s behavior on your user-generated content.

Watch Our UGC Aggregator In Action

social media UGC aggregator
UGC Aggregator wall

Features for a Unrivaled Performance & Experience

Upgrade your website & business performance with our free UGC Aggregator

UGC aggregator moderation

Advanced Moderation & Filtering

Tagembed's UGC aggregator allows you to eliminate the unwanted & vulgar content from your social media feeds.

customize look of UGC content aggregator

Beautiful & Classy Customization

Tagembed offers mindblowing customization options that can be applied to all the user-generated content using free UGC aggregator.

monetize your website with UGC aggregator

Monitor Reports With Analytics

Monitor the valuable insights of your engaging & provocative user-generated content feeds.

No-coding Required

There's no rocket science behind UGC aggregation as it doesn't ask for technical expertise.

Custom CSS

Tagembed’s UGC aggregator offers full CSS and API access that help in changing the look & feel of your social media feeds aka UGC.

customize UGC content aggregator

Fully Compatible with Any Site

Embed user-generated content on any website building platforms like Weebly, Wix, and so on.

Seamless Integration With Popular Tech-Stack

Tagembed offers easy integration with all popular CMS platforms, Social Channels, and many more platforms for maximum performance & results

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