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Collect feeds from multiple social media hashtags & create an engaging social media hashtag wall on your website.

Reasons to embed Hashtag Aggregator On Website

Know why you need them

Track Your Trending Hashtags

Tagembed’s Hashtag aggregator helps you to track these trends to create a robust social media marketing strategy for your brand.

Builds a Community

Hashtag feed widget engages the audience by letting them browse the latest information on a diverse range of topics. The more robust your hashtag campaign is, the better is the community built around your brand. So, the free hashtag aggregator helps you stay on top of trends.

Explicit Target Reach

Lets you know how many people are engaging with what kind of content based on the trending position of the hashtags.

Discovers and Displays UGC

Staying updated on top hashtag trends also helps you discover the latest and fresh UGC for your marketing campaign.

Embed Your Hashtag Campaigns from Multiple Social Platforms

Collect, moderate, and add Hashtag Widget on your website

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Tagembed Hashtag Aggregator Benefits

Discover how social media hashtags can boost your website's performance & engagement

benefits of hashtag aggregator

Display All Your Hashtags at One Place

Hashtags – Aggregate the UGC around your brand hashtags or campaign hashtags from social media platforms to add on website with the Twitter widget.

customize hashtag feed aggregator

Stylize Feeds As Per Your Choice

Theme Catalog – Tagembed’s diverse theme catalog gives the power to create eye-catching Hashtag posts.

Designs & Layouts – With creative designing options like banner, CTA, layouts, and more, you can change the look of your Hashtags for free in the content.

Colors, Fonts, & More – Shift the focus on the amazing Hashtag content by applying different fonts, designs, information display and more to it.

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Accurate Analytics to Measure Performance

Get detailed insights into how many people viewed and interacted with your Hashtag content.

Watch Our Hashtag Feeds Aggregator In Action

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Advanced Features for an Excellent Performance & User-Experience

Upgrade your website & business performance with free Hashtag aggregator

Customization for Better Look

Give a more customized look & feel to your Hashtag contents with the help of Tagembed’s diverse range of themes, font colors, content highlights, feed style, & more.

Detailed Insights

Measure the performance of Hashtagfeeds on your website with the help of Analytics feature.

Hashtag Highlighter

Tagembed's hashtag highlighter helps in highlighting all the curated hashtags.

No-coding Required

Tagembed's hashtag highlighter is quite easy-to-use as there's no need of learning the coding.

Auto Sync

Displaying the latest fresh content like snippets, headlines etc. on top, Hashtag content is updated in real-time.


Leverage all the amazing features with Tagembed’s free hashtag aggregator plan.

Seamless Integration With Popular Tech-Stack

Tagembed offers easy integration with all popular CMS platforms, Social Channels, and many more platforms for maximum performance & results

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