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Elevate every aspect of your customer journey with Tagembed's superior Review Aggregator, designed for effortless reviews aggregation.

Maximize The Impact of Your Customer Reviews

Amplify Customer Voices by Crafting Dynamic Narratives That Resonate Across Your Business Landscape.

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    Step 1:

    Collect valuable content from Facebook, Google, Amazon, and more using Tagembed’s Business Review Aggregator. It turns these gems into an engaging widget for your website.

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    Step 2:

    Take control of our moderation panel. Easily curate and manage aggregated review feeds, using the profanity filter for top-quality, relevant content.

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    Step 3:

    Elevate your content game. Customize feeds with themes, styles, designs, and banners. Tagembed’s free aggregator transforms content into a personalized showcase.

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    Step 4:

    No coding hassles. Effortlessly embed curated social media review feeds onto your website. Watch as it sparks growth in traffic, engagement, and conversions. Tagembed - where your stories come alive!

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Manage, Evaluate, and Streamline Your Content on an All-in-One Platform

On Tagembed's customer Review Aggregator, manage, measure, and optimize your content effortlessly, gaining comprehensive control over review utilization for your business.


Turn Reviews In To A Showcase For Success With Tagembed

Turn Your Reviews into a Stunning Showcase for Success with our Customer Review Aggregator, Converting Positive Feedback into a Compelling Story of Your Brand's Journey to Excellence.


Review Box

Display Google reviews in a box format


Review Carousel

Show reviews in a slider format


List View

Display Google reviews in a list format



Show reviews like a badge


Rating Badge

Display Google reviews in a rating with badge format



Display card of post in rainbow colors

Across Platforms: Magnifying Reviews for Maximum Effect

Embark on a multifaceted social journey, leveraging reviews on various review platforms to transform narratives into visual and interactive experiences that resonate globally.


shopping-ads-icon Google Shopping Ads

Reduce CPC in Google Shopping ads by showcasing product ratings and customer photos.

google-seller-ratings-icon-2 Google Seller Ratings

Increase click-through rates and cut acquisition costs by adding seller ratings to Google Ads campaigns.

rich-snippets-icon-2 Rich Snippets

Stand out in organic search with product ratings showcased in rich snippets.

social-engagement-facebook Social Engagement

Amplify social engagement by encouraging customer reviews and interactions on Facebook.

target-advertising-facebook Targeted Advertising

Enhance advertising precision with personalized endorsements using customer reviews on Facebook.

brand-trust-facebook Brand Trust

Reinforce brand trust by showcasing customer testimonials and reviews on your Facebook Page.


brand-trust-airbnb-2 Property Credibility and Trust

Establish property credibility and trust by showcasing positive guest experiences and ratings on Airbnb.

enhanced-booking-airbnb-2 Enhanced Booking Conversion

Boost booking conversion rates by featuring positive reviews that assure potential guests on Airbnb.

community-airbnb Foster Community & Feedback

Foster community and improve offerings by encouraging guest reviews, and building a sense of community on Airbnb.

Crafting Brand Narratives With Tagembed's Review Aggregator

Take control of your brand narrative with Tagembed's Customer Review Aggregator, mastering the content game by curating and showcasing customer reviews that shape your brand story.

Craft Social Media Success

Engage with seamless hashtag tracking using Tagembed's Review Aggregator, enabling you to track trends, build robust strategies & elevate your online presence.

Foster Community Bonds

Foster community bonds through Tagembed's Review Feed Widget, inviting your audience to explore diverse trending topics and strengthening the community around your brand.

Precision in Target Reach

Achieve precision in target reach by decoding engagement metrics with Tagembed's Insights, allowing you to tailor content for explicit target reach and heightened impact.

Curate UGC Dynamically

Experience dynamic UGC curation with Tagembed's Business Review Aggregator in action, staying in line with the latest hashtag trends & seamlessly integrating fresh UGC into your marketing campaigns.


Tagembed's Next Chapter: Introducing The Review Hub

Seamlessly bridge customer feedback to sales, witnessing your marketing strategy soar to new heights as genuine reviews unfold with just a single scan.

See What Our Customers Say

Solutions that have empowered thousands of brands globally.

"In my role as E-commerce Director, Tagembed has proven to be an exceptional tool for bridging customer feedback to sales. The Review Hub provides quick insights, empowering us to make data-driven decisions. It's become an integral part of our strategy, enhancing our online presence and boosting conversions."

Chris Anderson E-commerce Director

"Tagembed has revolutionized our approach to user-generated content! As a Marketing Manager, I find its Product Review Aggregator to be a game-changer, seamlessly integrating genuine customer feedback into our campaigns. The ease of use and dynamic display options make Tagembed an invaluable asset for our marketing strategy."

Sarah Johnson Marketing Manager

"Tagembed's Business Review Aggregator has simplified the process of collecting and showcasing customer reviews. As a Customer Experience Specialist, I appreciate its user-friendly interface and powerful analytics, giving us a comprehensive view of customer sentiment. It's an essential tool for enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction."

Alex Rodriguez Customer Experience Specialist

"Tagembed has exceeded our expectations! As the CEO, I value its ability to transform customer feedback into a powerful marketing asset. The Review Hub is a catalyst for our brand's authenticity, building trust with our audience. Tagembed’s Customer Review Aggregator is a must-have for any business aiming to leverage the true potential of user-generated content."

Jessica Williams CEO

What Our Customers Say

Social Media Aggregator solution that have empowered a lot of brands globally

group-1000007207-1 user-rating
"These folks are the best!!!"

I have been an avid user of this product for several years. Occasionally, I have needed to contact their support through their online chat, including over weekends. Initial responses are almost instantaneous, with each issue quickly resolved. Their team members are friendly, informative, and knowledgeable.

James E. Co-Founder - VP of Sales and Marketing
group-1000007207-2 user-rating
"All In One Social Media Aggregator Tool"

Tagembed helped me showcase all of my social media posts from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook without any hassle of coding. And that was my priority. Tagembed provided me with a number of customization options. I especially loved their moderation panel. It helped me to remove the social media content I did not want to show.

Abhishek b. Social Media Manager
g2-review-l user-rating
"Tagembed had fantastic quick support!"

Easy to use platform and it just works. Easily customiuzable for my Wordpress sites.

Lucas H. Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)
wordpress-review user-rating
"An amazing plugin that is easy to use!"

Never would have thought that this plugin would be so easy to use. I don’t have any coding knowledge and background and, m still able to use this smoothly. Alongside easily adding all my posts from my instagram account, i am also able to personalize the way I want. I am so happy with the outcome. Kudos guys!

shopify-review user-rating
"Great Customizable features!"

I have been using the Add Instagram Feed app for my Shopify store and I am very happy with it. It is easy to use, customizable, and responsive. It allows me to showcase my Instagram posts on my website and increase my social media engagement. It also helps me to drive more traffic and sales to my store. The app is compatible with any theme and device, and it does not affect the loading speed of ...


Seamless Integration With Popular Tech-Stack

Tagembed's review aggregator offers easy integration with all popular CMS platforms for minimum effort and maximum performance & results.

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