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A responsive & compelling TikTok widget for website that collects, curates, and embeds entertaining TikTok videos on website.

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Why Embed TikTok Widget On Website?

Here are the reasons why you must choose our TikTok widget for Website


Drive Traffic & Boost Engagement

The TikTok videos widget on your website serves as something entertaining & exciting to your audiences. These videos drive more traffic to your website with the high engagement opportunities it offers.


Build Social Proof

Encourage social proof for your brand by creating hashtag campaigns on TikTok & bringing them to your website & inspire your website visitors to participate.


Lower Bounce Rates

Embedding the captivating & interactive TikTok widget for website helps to keep your visitors remain hooked for a longer duration, which results in lesser bounce rates.


Improve Conversions

The TikTok videos bring authenticity, builds trust & help your website visitors make more confident purchase decisions, resulting in increased conversion rates.

Want To Enhance The Traffic Using TikTok Widget?

Display lively content by embedding TikTok widget for website

Benefits of Tagembed TikTok Widget For Website

See how TikTok widget can accelerate your website's performance & engagement

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    All Your TikTok Videos at One Place

    TikTok Handle – Connect your TikTok business profile to collect and bring all your best TikTok videos from your handle to website with the TikTok widget for website.

    TikTok Hashtag – Display engaging, entertaining, and informative TikTok videos from a particular hashtag, or even promote your TikTok hashtag campaign.

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    Tailor Your Feeds However You Like

    Theme Catalog – The diverse theme catalog offered by Tagembed allows you to create eye-catching TikTok feed widgets.

    Designs & Layouts – The creative designing options like banners, CTA, layouts, and more, help you revamp your TikTok widget for website.

    Colors, Fonts, & More – By applying different fonts, designs, information display, and more, you can redesign the amazing TikTok content.

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    In-depth Analytics to Measure Performance

    Get detailed insights into how well people interact & respond to the TikTok Widget embedded on your website to improve the performance of the TikTok widget accordingly.

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Features That Enable Exceptional Performance & User-Experiences

Enhance your website's performance & brand image with TikTok widget for Website

Customize & Redesign

Play with the wide range of themes, fonts, colors, templates, and much more to give a personalized & appealing touch to your TikTok widgets.

Advanced Moderation & Filters

Discard all the unwanted or irrelevant videos from your TikTok widget with the advanced moderation feature to keep your widget optimized.

Detailed Insights

Monitor the performance of the TikTok video widget on your website using Tagembed's in-depth analytics features & make improvements accordingly.

Code-free Process

Enjoy the code-free experience with Tagembed's embedding options to effortlessly add TikTok widget for website.

Instant Auto Sync

TikTok widget for website auto-syncs & updates in real-time, so each time there is a new TikTok video, it will automatically update on your website.

Economical Solutions

Tagembed's provide you some unique features to embed TikTok video widget on any websites. Opt for the paid plan to avail of the advanced features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TikTok Video Widget? arrow icon

TikTok video widget is a tool that allows you to create a customized video widget with the content from TikTok App and embed it right on your website.

Will TikTok be mobile-friendly? arrow icon

The TikTok video widget offered by Tagembed is responsive, which means that it is compatible with any and every screen size. So, yes, the TikToks that you embed on your website with Tagembed will be mobile-friendly.

How to Embed TikTok Video Widget on my website? arrow icon

Tagembed provides easy integration options for users to seamlessly leverage the TikTok videos on the website using the TikTok video widget. Here are some easy steps to follow:

  • Apply personalization features to your TikTok widget and generate an Embed Code
  • Embed the code into the page on your website where you want to see the TikTok videos
  • Preview & Save the changes

In case you find any difficulties during the process of embedding the TikTok widget for website, you can contact our customer support professional.

Can I customize my TikTok Video Widget? arrow icon

Yes, Tagembed has many customization possibilities to let your creativity flow. You get to play with the interactive themes, styling options, designs, layouts, color schemes, banner integration to make your TikTok video widget engaging & more personalized.

Can I add videos from other TikTok platforms? arrow icon

Yes! Tagembed provides a diverse range of social media aggregators for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Linkedin, and much more for you to choose and add your preferred video content.

Seamless Integration With Popular Tech-Stack

Tagembed TikTok widget offers easy integration with all popular CMS platforms, Social Channels, and many more platforms for maximum performance & results.

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