How Facebook Reviews Shape Consumer Decisions?

Facebook is the main pillar of social media platforms with more than 3 billion active monthly users. For brands and businesses, to escalate their number game in sales and engagement with customers, it is an important marketing tool. 

This social media giant provides a special feature to brands and businesses called Facebook reviews for consumers aka Facebook recommendations. Facebook reviews will help in getting brand recognition and establishing trust with users. 

Learn more about shaping consumer decisions based on Facebook reviews in this blog. Facebook provides a huge pool of prospective customers, so grab the opportunity, and transform them into actual sales.

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Tapping Into The Realm Of Facebook Reviews

Facebook has been the biggest social media platform worldwide since its inception in the year 2004. For several years it has been a platform where people connect with their peers and discuss their personal lives and experiences. In the year 2013, this platform launched a new feature called Facebook Reviews which is now known as Facebook Recommendations that revolutionized the marketing world.  

Facebook Reviews is a feedback shared by users about a certain brand or product on the platform. Any Facebook user can provide a review in the form of 5-star ratings, written text, or post images. Facebook Reviews grew immediately in popularity and now is an effective tool that influences consumers’ buying decisions. 

Can Businesses Delete Facebook Reviews?

Facebook Reviews can’t be deleted by business owners and brands. They are public reviews, available on their Business page and anyone can read them on the platform. If a business finds that reviews are fake or misleading then they raise a complaint to the platform. Facebook reviews for consumers can also appear in search results when a user searches about a business. 

Unveiling Statistics About Facebook Reviews

Check out these amazing statistics about Facebook Reviews that shape consumer reviews: 

  • On the list of sites that people check for reviews before making any purchase, Facebook ranks in the 4th spot according to the research of Reviewtrackers. 
  • A report by Statista unveiled that around 33 minutes are spent on Facebook by American users daily. This number shows that this social media platform has high user engagement. 
  • According to eMarketer, Facebook will witness around 65% of U.S. social commerce buyers by the end of the year 2023. It proves that Facebook reviews shape consumer decisions. 
  • To learn more about new brand products and businesses, around 55% of customers rely on Facebook reviews as per the survey by Reviewtrackers. 

Elements That Make Facebook Reviews a Key Player In Shaping Consumer Decisions:

Facebook Reviews a Key Player In Shaping Consumer Decisions

Brands can’t take the risk of ignoring Facebook Reviews for consumers as it impacts the buying decisions of customers and the chances of getting more sales. Positive review examples are game changers for a brand, have a look at this: 

1. Facebook Reviews Builds A Positive Brand Presence 

For online customers, one of the leading aspects is Facebook reviews that influence their purchasing decisions. When it comes to building a positive brand presence among customers, Facebook reviews act as a deciding factor. A user is more involved in the product that is recommended or posted on Facebook by their friend or relative. 

For instance, if you are confused between two cars while buying, there are high chance that you will proceed with one that is mentioned by your friend or acquaintance in their Facebook posts. This effect is also known as the Bandwagon effect where a person does something because other people are also doing it. 

Brands and businesses must pay importance to Facebook reviews as they help buyers with their purchasing decisions and build online brand presence. 

2. Provides More Information 

In this internet-driven world, everything is available at the fingertips from buying something to selling a product. According to the Pew Research Centre, every 8 out of 10 US citizens read online reviews first before buying anything online. So, the role of Facebook reviews is a deciding factor in the buyer’s journey from potential customer to consumer. 

The Facebook reviews posted by friends or other users provide details of a product in a clear and precise way. Some customers like to know about a product or brand in detail and Facebook reviews provide this information to users. However, the Facebook Business page of a brand needs to support a positive reputation whether customers provide positive reviews or negative reviews.

3. Amplifies User Interaction 

Facebook reviews are always a two-way street that provides direct business-user interaction. Businesses need to respond quickly to customer issues and resolve them immediately reflecting that they are entitled to customer satisfaction. To create a long-lasting impression and turn customers into loyal ones, user interaction and engagement is the key. 

For example, you want to buy a cake from the bakery, and before ordering, you are checking their Facebook page filled with negative comments. Do you consider buying from it? The answer is No. On the other hand, there is another bakery that got tremendous feedback from its customers on its Facebook page. It also responds promptly to customer issues. There are high chance that you will buy from that bakery.  

The prompt response and customer service they will provide will leave you with a positive impression and their commitment towards customers. This is where Facebook reviews for consumers shape their buying decisions. 

4. Acquires Immediate Trust 

If your business has a high volume of positive reviews or 5-star ratings on your Facebook page then prospective customers will be more likely to buy from your business. The decision to engage with your product or services gives them more confidence. Because in the journey of the brands, the recommendations and feedback of previous customers will stand as a juncture that reflects the quality of the product or service. 

For instance, a prospective client wants to hire your digital marketing agency. Upon seeing the glorious reviews from previous clients on your Facebook Business page they will feel assured that you are trustworthy and reliable. This will make them more likely to hire you for their work.

Effective Methods To Get Facebook Reviews From Customers:

Get Facebook Reviews From Customers

To get ahead of your competitors, understanding Facebook Review trends can be a great way for your brand as it is the largest social media platform across the globe. Check the methods that are listed below to get Facebook Reviews for consumers.

1. Reply To Every Review 

Responding to every review whether they are positive or negative will help your visitors in forming a favorable impression of your business. This will add transparency and authenticity to your business. Promptly responding to negative reviews, that allow you to showcase your exceptional customer service. For positive reviews, you can simply thank the customers and appreciate their effort. 

2. Promote Exceptional Reviews On Facebook 

Another effective way to get attention to your reviews section is by promoting exceptional customer reviews on Facebook. You can insert Facebook reviews SEO on your business page and highlight the best reviews among them to celebrate your customers regularly and insert a call-to-action (CTA) for other users to provide feedback. 

3. Keep The Process Simple 

There is a saying β€œSimplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Keep the process of leaving reviews simple and encourage your customers to leave Facebook reviews. The more complicated the process, the less chance of getting reviews from your customers. Send a message to customers with the link that is attached directly to your Facebook business page. 

Final Note 

The role of Facebook reviews for consumers in shaping their buying decisions is immense. When you add Facebook reviews to the website, it plays a key role in providing detailed information about the brand to customers, building a positive online brand presence, and gaining the immediate trust of potential customers. Businesses can leverage the potential of Facebook reviews for their growth and success in this digital ecosystem. 

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