How to Use LinkedIn for Business [2024 Guide]

Who doesnโ€™t know about LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn is the largest home for recruiters and potential job seekers grabbing the best opportunity to grow their careers. In fact, here are some interesting stats.

  • The LinkedIn platform with more than 700 million active users is not limited to offering the best job placement.
  • Moreover, the largest professional networking platform is predicted to touch 824.43 million users by 2027.

Today LinkedIn for Businesses offers an outstanding opportunity to stand out in the online competitive market. It is home to successful entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and strong potential clients. 

So, this is your sign to take advantage of the powerful LinkedIn platform and give the right direction to your marketing strategy. If you donโ€™t know where to start and what your strategy will be, we are here to the rescue. 

This blog will present you with an in-depth guide to the offerings of LinkedIn for businesses

What Is The Importance Of A LinkedIn Business Page? 

LinkedIn plays an important role in your business growth as it significantly impacts your brand reach if youโ€™ve managed the content as per the LinkedIn Algorithm

With so many businesses trying to make their strong position, LinkedIn is quite crowded today. 

So, your LinkedIn business page must outshine the competition, to reach potential clients, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. Thus, forming a clear brand identity encourages the audience to connect with your business on LinkedIn.

It’s not just about making more connections or building community, LinkedIn for businesses has many benefits. We have listed some of the benefits below.

1. Opportunity to Advertise Your Product and Services

Your products and services are what make your business unique from the competition. So, LinkedIn for business is an opportunity to advertise products and services by companies to a broader audience. If you want your targeted audience to connect with you it is crucial to show your specialty and what they can expect from you. Create LinkedIn posts around your product that specifically showcase your brandโ€™s unique selling points. When audiences on LinkedIn engage with your post it will be easier to find out more about your brand.ย 

2. Boost Brand Awareness

We all know LinkedIn to be the most popular professional networking site. It is seen that people before relying upon any business check it on LinkedIn. Keep your LinkedIn profile fully optimized and update it regularly. Maintain the unique tone of your brand all over your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn for business allows you to tell your story to showcase its value and offerings.ย 

3. Reach Your Target Audience

LinkedIn is a global platform and it is a piece of cake to find a pool of potential business leads for you to make connections. Leverage your LinkedIn business page to reach your target audience globally, and connect with them. LinkedIn for business has cut the struggle of physical meetings which made international connections very difficult. Moreover, you can also select a range of demographics to connect your target audience.ย 

4. Secure better search ranking 

LinkedIn for business plays a crucial role in securing good search engine ranking or SEO. Maintaining a consistent flow of content has a huge impact on your LinkedIn SEO as well. Using industry-relevant keywords on different sections of your LinkedIn profile like the description, profile bio, captions, etc., is crucial. You can also consider to embed LinkedIn feed on the website using tools like Tagembed. This technique helps your official business website to secure a better ranking along with the LinkedIn profile.ย 

Strategies To Establish Your Page On LinkedIn

Creating a LinkedIn business page is just the beginning of the journey, to establish a brand on the platform. There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind when utilizing LinkedIn for business. Following a proper strategy for LinkedIn marketing, you can strongly establish a strong presence on your business page on LinkedIn. Many of you may be a beginner and lack knowledge of these strategies. Weโ€™ve come up with strategies for you. Have a look.ย 

1. Set up a compelling LinkedIn business profile 

Your LinkedIn business page is the identity of your brand. Keeping this fact in mind, create a LinkedIn business page that can attract your potential customers’ attention. Your page must have all the information related to your brand.

A brief description covering the brandโ€™s mission, values, and journey that encourages audiences to click that connect button. Moreover, donโ€™t forget the industry-relevant keywords, they must be in every section of your LinkedIn business page. You must keep your LinkedIn business page optimized with detailed information about products and services including relevant keywords. 

2. Optimize it thoroughly

Created a LinkedIn business page? Now optimize it thoroughly. Optimizing your LinkedIn page is crucial if you want better engagement and visibility. Here are the requirements for optimization.

  • Update profile picture and cover pic: Start with choosing a good profile picture and cover picture that resonates with your brand. Both the pictures must be high quality, ensuring they are not blurry. For your profile picture, the brand logo can be best. The company tagline can be your cover or you can use a team photograph.ย 
  • Informative โ€œAbout Usโ€: Craft an โ€œAbout sectionโ€ of your LinkedIn page that provides overall information about your brand. What do you do, what are you offering that is your product and services? It must sound professional and include industry-relevant keywords for better visibility.ย 
  • Post consistently: Start posting content on your LinkedIn page to engage your audience and build connections. It is suggested not to slow down posting as that may affect your engagement. Consistent posting is the key to the effective growth of your brand on the LinkedIn platform. Your content must be around your industry whether it’s about the latest updates or product posts.ย 

3. Include SMART goals 

Have you heard about SMART goals? It is your call to include the SMART goal in your LinkedIn marketing strategy. SMART goals mean your  LinkedIn marketing strategy includes specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound objectives. 

Utilizing SMART goals, you can see visible growth in your LinkedIn follower count by 20%. This also comes with the opportunity for businesses to have 50 good leads each month. Moreover, SMART goals help you to spread strong brand awareness and establish meaningful relationships with the targeted audience on LinkedIn.

4. Utilize the power of hashtags

Hashtags are all over the social media platform helping users to spread their content to a wider audience. Similarly, they also have an important role to play on the LinkedIn platform, including helping businesses gain better visibility of their content. 

When your content gets better visibility, more of your target audience will discover your business page and connect with you. Be very specific with your hashtags, and use industry-relevant hashtags so that content reaches the correct audience. 

Too many hashtags can make your post spammy, so be careful and only add a few relevant ones. 

5. Go stronger with the audience

Your audiences are the stronger asset of your brand so you must be clear about your values and make them feel important. Establish a strong relationship with your audience engaging with them through comment. Respond to the comments quickly, give solutions to the queries, and lastly appreciate the audience for their feedback. Other than that, you can take the help of interactive content like polls and contests to gather insights from your audience. Such interactive content will build a sense of trust and community with your audience for your brand. 

LinkedIn For Business Comes With 5 Ways To Use It

Following the strategies correctly, you can establish a strong pillar for your LinkedIn business page. However, do you know how you can use LinkedIn for business? If you are someone new to LinkedIn, below are the top 5 ways that you can use LinkedIn for business.ย 

1. Recruitments

Do you know that LinkedIn is the most used job-hunting platform today? With 65 million people on the LinkedIn platform every week in search of jobs. If you are running a business you must need employees to run it.ย ย 

So, not only can you promote your products on LinkedIn, but you can hire people for your company as well. LinkedIn for Business provides you with the opportunity to recruit the best-skilled people for your organization.ย 

Whenever there is any job opening, post it on LinkedIn directly from your business page. Moreover, widening the search for the right candidate with a LinkedIn recruiting tool, also helps you to connect with them directly. 

2. Advertise on LinkedIn

Like LinkedIn’s recruiting tool, there are various other tools provided by LinkedIn for business. Every business runs advertisements to showcase its product on LinkedIn. Thus, to reach a wider base of potential audience and customers you can take the help of the LinkedIn advertising tool. 

One effective technique to advertise your LinkedIn profile and increase its reach is to embed a LinkedIn feed on your website. This directs your website traffic to your website and can subsequently increase your profile reach. There are tools like Tagembed that you can use to fetch LinkedIn content by using LinkedIn Hashtags, profiles or company pages and display them on your website.

There are different ad formats offered by LinkedIn which include sponsored content, sponsored InMail, and display ads. Get your content sponsored so that you can promote your business to a wider audience on LinkedIn. Any type of content can be promoted on LinkedIn whether it’s blog posts, case studies, whitepapers, or anything else. 

Additional tips:  You can embed LinkedIn feeds into your website these will help you to drive better traffic to your website.    

3. Opportunity of networking 

LinkedIn for business comes with one of the best opportunities to expand their professional network. If you can build a strong network on LinkedIn for your business it will help you to grow your business. Let’s see how you can make a strong connection. 

  • Get engaged with Industry leaders:ย  Find the most influential leader in your industry on LinkedIn and connect with them. Start sharing their post on your LinkedIn page and comment on their content. These help your business page to be noticed by other connections of the industry leader and you can get your new connection leads.ย 
  • Connect with industry peers: Search for the people who belong to your industry on LinkedIn and connect with them. Send those people connection requests and send them personalized messages. Thank them for connecting with you and explain to them the reason for connecting with them.ย 
  • Join a LinkedIn group:ย  Join appropriate groups based on your industry on LinkedIn where you can find like-minded people. You can also search for the right group that will suit you or you will be interested. You can engage with the people of that group by commenting on the posts and sharing them.ย 

4. Let your employees promote you

Get your employees to talk about your product and services on the LinkedIn platform. Yes, ask your employees to post your business content on their personal LinkedIn page.

Contents can be anything from a product post or blog post, and posting them can attract the attention of their connection. The more people interact with your business post the better for you only. Take advantage of LinkedInโ€™s employee advocacy tools to directly share the companyโ€™s content with the employee. 

5. Establish leadership

Securing a leadership position in your industry boosts your business reputation on LinkedIn. So, how can you establish leadership? Share your company’s news, insights, and expertise through different types of content. When the audience engages with content like articles, blog posts, etc will build a positive reputation for your company. A company with a good reputation will automatically attract new customers. 

Parting Words! 

The marketing curve is an ever-changing thing with growing competition and updated strategies. This means you need more than just traditional social media marketing. LinkedIn for Business is like stepping into strengthening your marketing future. 

Make the best use of the global professional platform LinkedIn and give your business a strong position in the online market. The multifaceted approach of LinkedIn marketing has been clearly explained. You can always rely on tools like Tagembed to manage your LinkedIn feed and embed it on your website. 

Donโ€™t just explore LinkedIn marketing techniques, make a visible impact in the online marketing world, by applying them to your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

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