How to Embed LinkedIn Feeds on Website

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The increase in the number of eCommerce brands & businesses has made it very important for marketers to stay in touch with the professionals, especially to give a tough fight to competitors. 

And as a solution for this, one of the renowned professional networking channels- LinkedIn has really helped the marketing world leaders to share professional content, allow potential employees and employers to connect experiences, job opportunities, latest product updates, launches, and more with the users.

LinkedIn acts as a great networking tool to create a potential customer base, gain feedback from prospective clients, and more. So just imagine the benefits your business can enjoy if the feeds from this platform are embedded on your website.

Yes, you read it right!

Brands can easily embed LinkedIn feeds on their website by using a social media aggregator to drive traffic, make healthy connections with potential clients, enhance brand authority, and boost conversion rates.

But the question that must come to your mind is how you can embed LinkedIn feeds on your website?

Well, we have penned down a comprehensive step-by-step guide for you that will help you embed LinkedIn on any of your websites.

How to Add LinkedIn Feeds with Tagembed

To add LinkedIn feeds on your website with Tagembed, all you need is to create a Tagembed account and then follow some easy steps in this process!

1. In the first step, you have to log in to your Tagembed Widget account. 

login account - Tagembed

2. In the dashboard, create a widget and give it a name such as ‘My First Wall’.

create new widget wall

3. Once you click on the Create widget, a popup displaying almost all the social media platforms appears.


4. Here, choose ‘LinkedIn’ as your source to aggregate single or multiple public LinkedIn posts you want to add to your website effortlessly.

5. Now copy the LinkedIn public post link.

add linkedin feeds

6. Now paste the post URL, and click on the “Create Feed” button.

embed linkedin feeds

Kudos! You can now see your LinkedIn feeds with Tagembed in your widget editor.

Now with the help of the ‘Customization’ feature, you can change the look & feel of your widget by applying different themes, banners, backgrounds, font size & color, Custom CSS, and more.

In addition to this, you can also use the ‘Moderation’ panel to keep your LinkedIn widget clean by filtering out unwanted content in real-time.

How to Embed LinkedIn Feeds on Website

The website building platforms are not restricted to just one, that is why Tagembed allows you to embed your LinkedIn feeds on HTML, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, or any other website.

All these website builders come with different functionalities as well as possibilities. So, to make it easier for you we have curated a list of embedding steps to follow.


Embed Linkedin Feeds on HTML Website

You have to generate an embed code from the Tagembed Widget editor first.

1. In the widget editor, click on the Embed Widget button & select the “Embed in Websites” option in order to embed LinkedIn feeds on the Website.

2. Now, select your website platform i.e. HTML

3. Set width and height as per your needs.

4. Then click on ‘Get Code’, copy it on the clipboard & paste it into your webpage where you want to embed LinkedIn feeds

You have successfully embedded LinkedIn feeds on your HTML website.

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Embed LinkedIn Feeds on WordPress Website


Here’s how you can embed LinkedIn feeds on your WordPress website.

1. Select your website platform- WordPress.

2. Generate an embed code from the Tagembed widget editor just like you did in the above HTML website.

3. Now open the page in your website backend of your WordPress website. 

4. Then in your WordPress Editor select “Text” Input.

5. Paste the Tagembed embed code in the editor and save the changes.

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Embed LinkedIn Feeds on Weebly Website


Empowering millions of eCommerce businesses all across the globe, Weebly provides amazing features such as simple navigation and user-friendly platforms to its users.

1. Select your website building platform- Weebly & generate the website embed code from Tagembed.

2. Navigate to the page where you want to embed the LinkedIn feeds on your Weebly website. 

3. Click on “Embed Code” & drop it on the location where you want to display the feeds.

4. Then click on the HTML box.

5. Now choose the Edit Custom HTML option & paste the copied code in the box.

6. Save & publish your changes to successfully display the LinkedIn feeds on your website.

Embed LinkedIn Feeds on Wix Website


Wix allows users to create HTML5 websites with the help of online and drag and drop tools.

1. Select Wix as your website platform.

2. Generate an embed code from the Tagembed widget editor.

3. Now navigate to the webpage of Wix website where you want to display the feeds.

4. Click on the “+ Add” button in the menu bar to add more elements to your web pages. 

5. Now click on More option.

6. From the Embeds select HTML iframe.

7. In the code field enter the HTML code of Tagembed. 

8. Lastly, click ‘Apply’ to save the changes & integrate the LinkedIn feeds on your website.

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Embed LinkedIn Feeds on Squarespace Website

Squrespace website

Mentioned below are the steps to embed LinkedIn in this SaaS-based website building platform i.e. Squarespace.

1. Select your website platform- Squarespace.

2. Generate the website embed code from Tagembed as you did for other platforms.

3. Navigate to the web page where you want to embed the LinkedIn feeds. 

4. Then click on +Add/Edit Block.

5. And now select Embed from the menu, click on the </> icon in the URL field and paste the Tagembed embed code.

7. Save the changes.

Embed LinkedIn Feed on Jimdo Website

jimdo website

1. Easily embed the LinkedIn feed by selecting Jimdo as your website building platform.

2. Choose the field in the web and click on the Add Element button. 

4. Now click on More elements & choose Widget/HTML.

5. Paste Tagembed embed code into the Code field

6. Finish off the steps by clicking on the Save button.

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Embed LinkedIn feed on Shopify Website

shopify website

Last but not least, Shopify is an effective eCommerce website builder platform that is making it easier for brands to sell products to customers anywhere in the world.

1. Select your website building platform- Shopify 

2. From Tagembed generate the website embed code.

3. Log in to your Shopify store.

4. Navigate to the Online Store in the Sales Channel and in the drop-down menu  choose the Themes option.

5. Now, go to the Edit HTML/CSS option. 

6.Here select the web page where you want to display the LinkedIn feeds. 

7. In the end, paste the copied code and click on Save. 

Final Words

In a nutshell, we have explained to you the easiest ways to embed LinkedIn feeds using social media aggregator on various website building platforms. So, it’s now your call which platform you want to leverage & therefore grow your business as well as website performance.

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