How To Boost Sales With Shoppable Videos On Shopify

Struggling to grab the attention of visitors and turn them into valuable customers on Shopify? 

Look no further than shoppable videos on Shopify – the real game changer for Shopify store owners. 

Picture this: your customers watching an engaging product demonstration, then effortlessly buying the showcased product with a single click, all within the video itself. 

Such is the power of shoppable videos on Shopify!

The powerful strategy of Shoppable videos blends captivating video content with instant purchasing opportunities, creating an immersive experience that drives sales to 10x. 

So, if you are a business owner looking to maximize your sales with Shoppable videos on Shopify, we are here to help. In this blog, we will discuss how you can leverage the power of Shoppable videos on Shopify. So, without further delay, let us get into it. 

What Are Shoppable Videos On Shopify?

Shoppable videos on Shopify are a new way for customers to explore products and make purchases from videos embedded on the website. These videos are becoming a popular tool for e-commerce businesses as they allow for direct interaction with potential customers. 

The shoppable videos feature interactive hotspots that customers can click to view products they’re interested in. By reducing the number of steps required with the help of Shoppable videos on Shopify to make a purchase, these videos can improve customer engagement & conversions. 

Customers can also browse other products, watch detailed demonstrations, and view related items with just one click. Shoppable videos on Shopify offer an integrated buying experience that requires minimal effort from customers, making them a popular choice for online shoppers.

How Shoppable Video Works on Shopify?

Shopify itself does not have built-in features for shoppable videos; however, you can easily achieve this functionality with third-party tools. These tools help to integrate Shoppable videos on Shopify stores and allow you to create interactive videos where viewers can click on products and seamlessly add them to their cart without leaving the video.

Take a look at the breakdown of how Shoppable video works on Shopify: 

  • Content Collection: The first step in creating a shoppable gallery is to collect content from your preferred social media platform. You can collect content by searching for hashtags, user handles, or mentions. 
  • Create Shoppable Gallery: After collecting the content, you can create an engaging shoppable gallery by using the collected video content. You can create specific galleries for Facebook shoppable videos or YouTube shoppable videos.
  • Add Product Tags: You can add product tags to each video in the gallery to make it shoppable. This way, customers can tap on the video and get directed to the product’s page on the e-commerce site instantly, allowing customers to make purchases easily.
  • Integrate Your Gallery: You can integrate your personalized shoppable gallery into your e-commerce touchpoints, such as your website’s homepage, product pages, or checkout page after adding product tags.

Maximize Your Shopify Store Conversion Rate with Shoppable Videos 

Shoppable videos are one of the best types of Shoptainment (Shopping + entertainment). It can be easily used to enhance the overall ecommerce strategy. There is no doubt that when you incorporate Shoppable videos in your Shopify store, you will increase conversion. Remember that the fundamental idea behind shoppable videos is to satisfy the viewer’s quick purchasing needs. Take a look at how you can maximize your Shopify store conversion rate with Shoppable videos. 

1. Create and Fetch High-Quality Content 

One of the best ways you can maximize the conversion rate with Shoppable videos in Shopify is to create or fetch high-quality content for your brand. 

Start by crafting engaging videos that not only showcase your products but also tell a story or demonstrate how they can be used in real-life scenarios. Ask your customers to create video content that aligns with your brand value. It will engage your audience and keep them interested in what you have to offer.

2. Simplify The Process Of Shopping With Shoppable Video

Make sure that your products are easily accessible within the video. Implement clickable tags or hotspots directly on the items featured. It allows viewers to navigate to the product pages seamlessly with just a click. It reduces friction in the purchasing process, making it more likely for viewers to convert.

3. Include An Effective CTA 

Another effective strategy to maximize conversion rate on Shopify stores with shoppable videos is to incorporate clear and compelling calls-to-action (CTAs) throughout the video. Place prominent buttons or prompts that encourage viewers to take immediate action, such as “Shop Now.” 

It directs their attention to the next step, guiding them towards making a purchase. Apart from that, ensure that your shoppable videos are mobile-friendly, as a large portion of online shoppers use mobile devices. This way, your videos will be responsive and easy to view on smartphones or tablets, enhancing the overall user experience.

4. Track The Performance Of Your Shoppable Videos 

Regularly tracking and analyzing the performance of your shoppable video campaigns opens up the scope for improvement. You can also utilize analytics tools to measure metrics like click-through rates and total visitors to your website, etc. 

This data will provide an overview of what aligns more with your audience and eventually helps you drive more sales. When you continuously refine the shoppable videos based on the insights, you steadily increase your Shopify store’s conversion rate and drive more revenue. 

Boost Conversions Now: Top 5 Shoppable Video Apps for Shopify

Choosing the best Shopify apps for Shoppable videos can be overwhelming, given the many options available in the industry. Here are some of the best apps for Shoppable videos for Shopify. Take a look. 

1. Videowise

Another spectacular shoppable video platform on the list is Videowise. Videowise is designed to enhance engagement and provides a variety of interactive and shoppable video solutions, including video quizzes and experiences. This platform simplifies the process of creating and embedding videos in bulk, saving valuable time for merchants on Shopify.  

Users can upload videos from various sources such as TikTok, Instagram reels, and YouTube, ensuring a diverse and engaging content mix. 

It provides businesses with tools to detect and request user-generated content (UGC) from platforms like Instagram and TikTok, which enhances authenticity and brand credibility. 

2. TagshopΒ 

Tagshop is a shoppable video platform specifically designed for e-commerce businesses. It allows users to leverage the power of customer-created photos, videos, etc., by adding clickable product tags directly to the content. It not only benefits businesses by driving sales but also creates a seamless shopping experience for customers. It also helps customers easily discover and purchase products directly from user-generated content. 

One of the standout features of Tagshop is its ability to empower brands to showcase UGC compellingly. The platform offers product hotspots that support users to showcase multiple products instantly, providing shoppers with quick and informative product details. Tagshop offers a variety of appealing themes and customization options, allowing brands to create visually stunning shoppable video galleries. 

2. VidJet 

Another safe and sound Shopify app option for shoppable videos in the list is Vidjet. This app offers a seamless way to import these videos from various sources, creating an engaging shopping experience for the customers. 

One of the amazing features of Vidjet is its user-friendly interface. It provides the users and business owners with a centralized hub to measure performance, manage video content, and optimize the videos for maximum conversions. 

Vidjet, an amazing shoppable video platform, also offers a TikTok-like experience for visitors with swipe-up players that encourage interactions and explorations. Business owners can easily bulk-embed shoppable videos on Shopify without any advanced knowledge of coding. 

3. Smartzer 

Smartzer is a fabulous shoppable video platform that allows brands to add clickable overlays to their videos. It allows consumers to interact with product hotspots. These hotspots bring up essential product information, complete with an “Add to Cart” button, making it easier for viewers to purchase products directly from the video itself.

One of the standout features of Smartzer is its live-stream shopping capability. Brands can conduct real-time product sales events, and viewers can engage with the live stream by clicking on the products displayed. They can either add products to their cart for immediate purchase or explore more detailed product pages.

4. Quinn 

Quinn is a Shopify app for shoppable videos that empowers business owners. It helps business owners leverage the power of shoppable videos and maximize the conversion rate within their Shopify stores. 

It allows merchants to seamlessly integrate existing video content from TikTok and Instagram Reels directly into their Shopify store, transforming them into interactive shopping experiences.

Quinn makes sure that the videos are optimized for mobile devices. It ensures a smooth and fast experience for the majority of shoppers on Shopify. 

Maximize Engagement & Sales: 5 Reasons to Use Shoppable Videos on Shopify

In the battle for attention in e-commerce, images and product descriptions packed with keywords fall short. It is where Shoppable videos take center stage, offering an engaging way to boost sales and connect with your target audience. Here are some of the benefits of using Shoppable video on Shopify stores. 

1. Enhanced Customer Experience 

Shoppable videos go far beyond the basic product information. They allow viewers to see products in action and understand their features and benefits in a real-world context. It helps the viewers (or potential customers) to get a sense of scale and functionality. 

It helps potential customers get a better understanding of your offerings, leading to informed purchase decisions.

2. Increased Conversion Rates 

Shoppable videos remove the friction from the buying journey. When you directly link products within the videos themselves, viewers can seamlessly transition from discovery to purchase without leaving the videos or switching to different pages (probably your competitors’). 

This streamlined experience leads to a higher conversion rate and more sales. 

3. Boosted Engagement and Brand Storytelling 

Shoppable videos are a powerful tool for boosting engagement and telling brand stories. They offer a creative and engaging way to showcase products and highlight how they fit into customers’ lives. By weaving a narrative around your brand and its values, shoppable videos create an emotional connection that fosters brand loyalty and encourages viewers to share your content with others. 

The result is an expanded audience and increased reach for your brand. So, if you’re looking for a way to connect with your customers and make your products stand out, shoppable videos are worth considering.

4. Reduced Product Returns

Shoppable videos have become increasingly popular in the world of eCommerce as they offer a wealth of benefits to both businesses and customers. One such benefit is the reduction of product returns. 

When you provide clear and detailed views of your products in action, you can help customers better understand the product and its features, reducing the risk of confusion and misinterpretation. 

It, in turn, leads to fewer returns and a more positive customer experience. Ultimately, shoppable videos can help improve customer satisfaction, build trust in your brand, and boost your bottom line by minimizing the cost of returns and increasing sales.

5. Social Proof And Advertising 

Nowadays, customers prefer to rely more on the recommendations of authentic users than relying on what the brand has to say about their products. They value the words of other customers and perceive them as more trustworthy than any advertisement. Hence, to enhance the authenticity of their words, brands are now using user-generated content. 

One of its best ways is to use Shoppable videos on Shopify. This approach provides customers with real and trustworthy videos of the product. It further adds credibility to the brand, creates social proof, and ultimately leads to increased sales.

Wrapping Up 

Shoppable videos on Shopify are a powerful tool that can help businesses increase their sales and conversion rates. With the help of third-party Shopify apps like Tagshop, it is easy to create a Shoppable video gallery and integrate it into your Shopify store. 

It helps you to provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience that allows them to explore products and make purchase decisions with just a few clicks. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Start leveraging the power of shoppable videos on Shopify today and take your business to new heights! 


Shoppable videos on Shopify are video content that allows viewers to click on products featured within the video and take them directly to their product pages or add them to their cart.Β 

They work on Shopify by integrating with third-party apps like Tagshop that connect to your store and enable you to create interactive buying experiences.

Shoppable videos on Shopify offer several benefits. One of its standout benefits is that it allows the visitors to seamlessly purchase directly from the video and eventually remove the friction points in the buying journey.Β 

One of the best ways to integrate shoppable videos into existing marketing strategy is to embed Shoppable videos on Shopify product pages. It helps to showcase the product in action and encourage immediate purchases.

Tagshop is a crucial shoppable video platform that offers shoppable video features. With a user-friendly interface, Tagshop eases the process of creating shoppable video galleries.Β 

Tagshop has a powerful analytics tool that helps to measure all the metrics, like click-through rates, total post clicks, total assisted revenue, etc, for the shoppable video campaigns.Β 

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