15 Best Website Widgets to Supercharge Your Brand in 2024

A recent study by Socialbakers found that websites with social media integration see a 20% increase in engagement. 

That’s like adding a jetpack to your website, propelling you towards higher engagement, brand awareness, and ultimately, more conversions (cha-ching!).

But with a plethora of widgets out there, choosing the right ones can feel like navigating a social media minefield.  

We’ve compiled a list of 15 best widget for website that will have your website singing like a social media rockstar in no time.

So, grab your metaphorical toolbelt, and let’s dive in!

From Basic to Badass: Best Widget for Website

There’s more to the website widgets world than meets the eye. Let’s explore some advanced options that will truly set your website apart:

1. Facebook Like & Share Buttons Website Widget

These social media staples are like the dynamic duo of website engagement. Imagine the “Like” button as the creamy peanut butter, spreading awareness across networks, and the “Share” button as the sweet jelly, sparking conversations and amplifying your reach. 

Did you know websites with Facebook Like buttons see a 42% increase in traffic? That’s some serious traffic magic! But don’t just sprinkle them randomly. 

Strategically place them near captivating content, analyze results, and watch your social proof soar!

That’s where tools like Tagembed and EmbedSocial come in. These platforms offer a wide range of social media widget and review widget solutions, making it easy to find the ones that perfectly fit your needs and goals. 

2. Instagram Feed Website Widget

Let’s face it, Instagram is the king (or queen?) of visual storytelling. With an Instagram feed widget, you can showcase your brand’s personality and stunning visuals directly on your website, captivating eyeballs and attracting potential customers. 

Remember, Instagram boasts over 2 billion monthly active users – a massive audience waiting to be wowed by your visual prowess! 

Don’t just display your entire feed; curate it with care, choosing posts that reflect your brand and resonate with your audience.

Best tools for Instagram feed website widgets are Tagembed, Powr.io and Elfsight.

3. Twitter Feed Website Widget

Think of Twitter as the ultimate source of real-time updates and industry insights. A Twitter feed widget is the best widget for website that keeps your website visitors engaged with your latest tweets, fostering a sense of community and encouraging them to come back for more.Β 

Plus, Twitter users are 26% more likely to convert than non-users– that’s some serious conversion power! 

Transform your website widgets into a real-time hub by using relevant hashtags, pinning important tweets, and even running Twitter contests directly on your website to boost engagement and attract new followers.

For Twitter feed website widgets, consider: Tagembed (curates social content, social walls, reviews), Flockler (aggregates & displays social media feeds, various platforms), and Twitter Widgets (official tool, simple set up, limited customization).

4. YouTube Video Widget

Videos are the undisputed rulers of engagement, and YouTube is the undisputed ruler of the video kingdom. 

By embedding YouTube videos directly on your website, you can showcase your products, explain complex concepts, or simply entertain your visitors, all while keeping them glued to your page. 

Stats don’t lie: videos increase website conversions by 86%. Now that’s some serious conversion magic! But don’t just embed any video. 

Choose high-quality, informative, and engaging videos that resonate with your audience and align with your brand message. 

Don’t forget to add clear calls to action at the end, urging viewers to subscribe, visit your website, or make a purchase.

Tagembed, Juicer and Embedsocial reign supreme in this category.

5. Social Media Follow Buttons Website Widget

Make it easy for visitors to become part of your social media tribe with these handy follow buttons. 

Remember, every follower is a potential customer, so make it easy for them to connect with you! But don’t just stick to the usual suspects like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Consider platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, or YouTube depending on your audience and content focus. 

Experiment with placement on your website (header, sidebar, etc.) and personalize the invitation messages to encourage clicks and build your social following.

Turn to Social Warfare, Smashballoon and AddThis for adding social media follow buttons widget to your website.

6. Social Media Wall Website Widget

Imagine a vibrant tapestry woven from your brand’s social media presence. That’s what a social media wall widget does! 

It aggregates your content from various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, creating a dynamic and engaging display on your website. 

This not only showcases your social media activity but also encourages visitors to interact and join the conversation. 

Social media walls can increase website engagement by 200%. Talk about boosting engagement!

Tagbox, Tint & Walls.io are your three go-to tools when it comes to creating social media wall widgets.

7. Shoppable Social Posts Widget

Gone are the days of simply browsing social media posts. With a shoppable social posts widget, you can transform those enticing product photos on Instagram or enticing tweets about your latest collection into clickable links that lead directly to your online store. 

Think of it like magic! Users see something they love, click, and voila, they’re on their way to purchasing it. 

Tagshop, Foursixty and Yotpo provide a range of features to make your social media posts shoppable. Enhancing the overall shopping experience for your audience.

8. Social Media Contests & Giveaways Widget

Who doesn’t love a good giveaway? Social media contests and giveaways are a surefire way to boost engagement, attract new followers, and generate excitement around your brand. 

A dedicated best widget for website that displaying your contests and giveaways on website makes it easy for visitors to participate and keeps them coming back for more.Β 

Social media contests can increase brand awareness by 65%. Now that’s some brand awareness boom!

Rafflecopter, Gleam and Wishpond comes with features like entry tracking, social sharing options, and seamless integration, making it easier for you to organize and manage your social media contests and giveaways.

9. Social Media Polling & Quiz Widget

Want to keep your audience engaged and gather valuable insights at the same time? 

A social media polling & quiz widget lets you create interactive polls and quizzes that your visitors can participate in directly on your website. 

This not only provides you with valuable data about their preferences and interests but also keeps them entertained and interacting with your brand. 

Interactive content can increase website conversion rates by 2x.

Poll everywhere, Quizizz and Crowd Signal offer interactive and engaging ways to gather insights, opinions, and feedback from your audience through polls and quizzes on social media.

10. Review Widgets

Reviews are the modern-day word-of-mouth, and showcasing positive reviews on your website builds trust and credibility with potential customers. 

Review widgets aggregate your reviews from various platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook, presenting them in a visually appealing and easily digestible format on your website. 

Remember, 93% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase. That’s the power of social proof!

Tagembed, Yotpo and EmbedSocial come with various features to suit different needs, from customization to moderation, helping businesses effectively showcase user reviews on their websites.

11. Personalized Recommendations Widget

Think Netflix, but for your website! Personalized recommendations widgets leverage AI and machine learning to suggest relevant content, products, or services to each individual visitor based on their browsing behavior and past interactions. 

This creates a more personalized and engaging experience, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates. Personalized recommendations can increase conversion rates by 70%.

Now that’s some personalization power!

Barilliance, Everagage and Dynamic Field enable businesses to deliver tailored content and recommendations to their users, enhancing engagement and providing a more personalized online experience.

12. Social Customer Support Widget

Imagine offering instant customer support directly on your website, fostering stronger relationships and resolving issues in real-time. 

That’s the magic of a social customer support widget! 

Integrate popular platforms like Zendesk or LiveChat to enable visitors to chat with your support team directly on your site, boosting satisfaction and building trust. 

13. Social Media Listening Widget

Ever wished you could eavesdrop on conversations about your brand on social media? Well, with a social media listening widget for website, you practically can!Β 

These tools aggregate mentions of your brand or relevant keywords from various platforms, providing valuable insights into customer sentiment, brand perception, and industry trends. 

This knowledge empowers you to make data-driven decisions and tailor your brand strategy accordingly. 

Remember, social listening can help you identify brand advocates and potential influencers, opening doors to exciting collaborations.

Brandwatch, Talkwalker and Hootsuite Insights empower businesses to actively listen to what their audience is saying on social media, allowing for informed decision-making and proactive engagement.

14. Social Gamification Widget for Website

Gamification isn’t just for mobile apps anymore! 

Social gamification widgets allow you to incorporate game mechanics like points, badges, and leaderboards into your website, incentivizing visitors to interact, participate in challenges, and share your content. 

This not only boosts engagement but also fosters a sense of community and encourages brand loyalty. 

Gamification has been shown to increase customer acquisitions by as much as 700%. Now that’s some traffic-boosting fun!

Badgeville, Gigya, and Bunchball offer businesses the ability to incorporate gamification elements into their websites, fostering user engagement and creating interactive and enjoyable experiences for visitors.

15. Social Media Scheduler Widget for Website

Planning and scheduling your social media posts in advance is crucial for maintaining a consistent online presence. 

But what if you could schedule those posts directly from your website? Social media scheduler widgets allow you to do just that, seamlessly integrating with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

This saves you time, ensures consistent posting, and even lets you preview your content before it goes live. 

Remember, consistency is key in social media, and scheduler widgets help you achieve it effortlessly.

Buffer, Hootstuite & CoSchdeule empower you to efficiently manage your social media presence by scheduling posts ahead of time, optimizing your content strategy, and maintaining a consistent online presence.

What’s stopping you?

Maybe it’s the sheer number of options, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Don’t fret! This is where your journey to social media mastery begins:

1. Embrace the Experimentation Mindset: There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Dive into different website widgets, test their impact on your audience, and track the results. Data is your friend, guiding you towards the perfect social media mix for your website.

2. Break Free from the Comfort Zone: Don’t just stick to the basic “Like” and “Share” buttons. Explore the world of social customer support widgets, gamification tools, and social listening platforms. Every interaction is an opportunity to connect and build a loyal community.

3. Personalization is Key: Treat your visitors like VIPs. Leverage the power of personalized recommendations to suggest content, products, or services that truly resonate with each individual. Remember, relevance is the key to engagement and conversions.

4. Make it Easy to Connect: Guide visitors towards your social haven! Place follow buttons strategically, experiment with different placements, and personalize invitation messages to encourage connections. Remember, every follower represents a potential customer and brand advocate.

Now, the question remains: Which website widgets will you choose to ignite your website’s social presence?


By integrating these 15 website widgets into your online space, you can elevate user engagement, enhance visual appeal, and stay at the forefront of digital trends in 2024. 

From social media aggregation to personalized recommendations, these website widgets transform static web pages into interactive experiences. So, venture beyond the ordinary, invite your audience to interact, and create a virtual environment that captivates. 

The best widget for website revolution is here, and by harnessing its potential, your website can become a thriving hub of connectivity and innovation.

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