Social Media Aggregator Tool – How to Choose the Best One?

“The tool that lets you collect, curate, and display content from various social media platforms via hashtags, profiles, etc. is known as Social Media Aggregator.”

However, the process is called Social media aggregation. It is often used to display user-generated content in real-time on a website.

What is the one thing that comes in your mind as soon as you wake up? Let us guess the answer for you!

Is it checking your social media accounts on your smartphones? 

Well, we can’t go wrong in guessing this, because social media is really becoming a crucial part of most people’s lives. 

Over the years, networking sites have become a global marketplace for brands and marketers. And hence we are witnessing tools like social media aggregators topping the charts as fruitful marketing weapon for brands. And as market have various such tools, it is important to choose best social media aggregator tool that provides desired results. We have some tips for you that can help you in selecting best social media aggregators. But before that lets first understand different types of Social Media Aggregators & how do they work.

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Types of Social Media Aggregators

1. Social Aggregator: 

Social media aggregators helps you accumulate social media feeds from various platforms. They are associated with various platforms, allowing you to display all types of content without hampering the speed and quality of your website.

2. Review Aggregator: 

With various review platforms, it has become easy for customers to know about any particular product and make their purchase decisions. Similarly, reviews play a vital role in building a brand reputation for businesses.

3. Stories Aggregator: 

Story features on various social media platforms are now a big part of social media marketing strategy for many brands. And to extract more benefits from this strategy, you can find various.

4. Hashtag Aggregator: 

Hashtags are the soul of social media platforms; it has completely revolutionized social media marketing. Many consumers even post images, videos, and more using hashtags, and with hashtag aggregators, you can accumulate all the content with your desired hashtags.

How Does Social Media Aggregator Work?

You might be aware of the impact of social media platforms on brands. Social media aggregators help you in extracting maximum benefits from social media. A social media aggregator is a platform that collects content from various social media platforms and displays it in a centralized location. 

It can be done through APIs, web scraping, or manual entry. The aggregated content may be filtered and organized based on specific criteria such as keywords, hashtags, location, or user profiles. The aggregated content can be displayed in real-time or at set intervals. Users can interact with the content by commenting, liking, or sharing it. The purpose of a social media aggregator is to provide a unified solution to access and manage social media presence. Hence, you can monitor and analyze their social media presence and engagement.

Social Media Aggregator Tools – Saviour for Businesses

There is a neck to neck competition going on between businesses. So, you might be looking for alternative marketing tactic to promote your social presence, right?

Social Media Aggregator tool can be of great help and that helps in the collection and curation of social media content into a single feed. This feed can then be embedded on websites. 

Social Media Aggregator tool

The feeds can be collected via hashtag, profile, channel, page, etc. Content aggregator tools allow you to even customize & moderate the content quality along with a lot more things.

On the other side, there are quite a few but major reasons such as building customer trust & loyalty, boost audience engagement, brand upliftment, boost conversion & sales, and more.  

8 Tips to Choose Best Social Media Aggregator Tool

Social media aggregator tools have innumerable features in-built in them, which can help you ease the process of collection & curation. 

Here are some of the fundamental factors you must look when selecting best social media aggregator tool:

#1 Responsive Design

Whether you showcase your live social feed on website or other screens, make sure it grabs the attention of audience. 

But for this, you need to have a mindblowing Social Media Wall. It is only possible by employing great design & layout, font size & color, background, advanced CSS changes, and more. 

Therefore, the first and foremost factor that you need to check before choosing a social media aggregator tool is the Responsive Design and Endless Display options. This feature helps you communicate with your audience effectively. 

But not all social media aggregators rank higher on this factor. So, it’s better to research first and then finalize the best social media aggregator tool for your business.

#2 Ease of Access to Various Social Media Networks

What does social media aggregator tools do?

They collect content from various social media platforms. Obviously!

Preferably, there should be more options so that you increase your brand reach and connect with more people.

best social media aggregator

Therefore, choose a social media aggregator tool that keeps updating the social media networks with the ongoing trend is all you need to do. But not many social media aggregators go beyond the most common social media sites. 

So what to do? You can’t just get stuck with an aggregator tool that is only restricted only to niche social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

For instance, just because you are not leveraging a specific social media platform, doesn’t mean you are competitors aren’t too. So, don’t let them procure all the benefits that you could get. 

In short, go through the websites of social media aggregators to find out the list of social media platforms they are associated with.

#3 Real-time Updates

Have you ever seen a real-time social wall on a website? 

Real-time content is updated automatically, making the display of content more fun and engaging for the audience. 

And social media is all about engagement, which is why brands must look for social media aggregators offering real-time updates. 

For example, if you are running a social media campaign, and you want the audience to use your hashtag, then real-time updates are the need of the hour. 

The benefits that come handy with real-time updates are as follows;

  • Boost audience engagement by allowing you to hold real-time conversations about your brand. 
  • Increase word-of-mouth about your brand beyond your fan base.
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#4 Advanced Moderation Panel

Imagine being rolled by someone who is using your brand’s hashtag. 

And now imagine having a moderation panel that filters out all the unwanted and unnecessary comments on your feeds. 

Sounds great, right!

Well, social media is open for anyone and everyone. It’s quite easy to access the various social media platforms, which is why there are more chances of its misuse. 

One of the biggest hate trends that people are following online is Trolling, and they don’t miss any chance of trolling a brand, celebrity, or any famous personality. 

This brings us to the concept of the Moderation Panel, which lets you control any sort of spamming, offensive, or vulgar content on your feed real-time.

If given the opportunity, would you mind leveraging the benefits offered by a moderation panel? No, right!

So start curating and moderating your social media feed to showcase only compelling & effective content. 

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#5 Ideal Customization 

You can’t just embed raw content on your website. So what can you do to make your social media feed more creatively engaging?

The solution for this is ‘Customization’ of content as it invokes a sense of connectivity amongst the audience with the brand. 

The more engaging & interactive website will look, the higher conversion rates & sales a brand will enjoy. 

You need to choose best social media aggregator tool that offering a wide range of customization elements including;

  • Beautiful in-build themes & layouts to help you display your content in several ways.
  • Fonts & colors to make your content look colorful.
  • Different backgrounds and banners to make your content look more exciting.
  • Other customization features like Custom CSS, Hashtag Highlighter, Content Play, etc.  

#6 Mobile Friendliness

With the advancement of technology, the number of smartphone users has increased as it has made everything very easily accessible online. 

A good social media aggregator must allow a responsive design on smartphones to maximize the influence of your aggregated feeds on your audience. 

#7 Insightful Analytics

A social media aggregator is much more than just collecting, curating, and embedding social media feeds on a website

A robust feature i.e., Analytics offered by almost every social media aggregator, gives you the power to monitor the performance of your content and marketing strategy in the digital world. 

The performance for both content & marketing strategy is mainly depicted via stats showcasing growth, follower retention, impressions, and engagement specifically.

Analyzing the statistics provided by the Analytics feature also help a brand in identifying their most and least popular content.

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#8 Pricing Plans

Even if you get all the above-mentioned features in the same social media aggregator tool, still the one factor that might affect your decision is the ‘Pricing.’ 

The financial budget may vary from business to business in terms of its size and requirements. Therefore, picking up a best social media aggregator tool that is budget-friendly is quite important. 

However, you can leverage the Free Trial plan offered by certain aggregator tools for a limited period by evaluating their features. 

Also, free trial lets you have a better understanding of whether the particular aggregator tool is worth your time and money or not. 

While several aggregator tools offer a good discount but only if you pay for their annual subscription.

Once you are done with all your budget-related factors, you can go ahead for the selection of the best social media aggregator tool accordingly.

Best Social Media Aggregator Tool FREE – TAGEMBED

In the fast-paced digital world where trends keep changing now and then, social media aggregator tools are of great help for businesses and brands. 

One of the best social media aggregator tools- Tagembed aims to benefit marketers by boosting their brand awareness, building trust & loyalty, amplifying sales & revenue, and more


Offering a plethora of opportunities to the businesses, Tagembed helps in collecting and curating social media content from various social media platforms

These feeds are then combined into a single feed (Social Wall), which is embedded/displayed on a website

FYI, the content is aggregated in real-time via hashtags, mentions, handles, URLs, etc. which can be used as a crucial part of your brand’s marketing & promotions.

The best thing is all the factors that we have mentioned above that are associated with the choice of a great social media aggregator tool are served by Tagembed. Isn’t it awesome?

Compatible with 50+ website building platforms, including WordPress, Weebly, Wix, etc., Tagembed offers a pool of features that are mentioned below!

  • Customization – Apply beautiful layouts & themes, banners, background, font color & size, and more to make the aggregated content look more appealing.
  • Moderation Panel – This feature has an in-build Profanity Filter with the help of which you can filter out all the unwanted & irrelevant content from the feeds. In short, you can keep your social wall clean. 
  • Insightful Analytics – You can also monitor the performance of your social media feeds by checking the total impression, clicks, and more after you embed the feeds on your website.
  • More –  Other features offered by Tagembed are Custom CSS, Content Play, Hashtag Highlighter, Ticker, UGC Rights Management, etc. 

All features can be leveraged under Tagembed’s Free Plan, which is the highlight of this amazing social media aggregator tool. 

4 Other Social Media Aggregator Tools

1. Elfsight: 

Elfsight is another well-renowned social media aggregator platform that offers users to make social media feeds, contact forms, image and video galleries, and product catalogs for their websites. The platform provides a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for users to create and customize widgets without requiring any coding knowledge. The widgets can be embedded into websites using a simple code snippet and can be updated and managed through Elfsight’s platform.

2. is a user-friendly social media aggregator tool that makes it easy to create and customize social media feeds and add them to the website. The tool’s features include forms, galleries, social media feeds, and e-commerce tools. The platform is designed to work with various website builders and platforms, including Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify. Once a widget or app is built, it can be added to a website with a simple code snippet and updated and managed through the platform. The goal of is to provide businesses and individuals with a powerful and flexible tool for enhancing their websites and improving user experience.


It allows users to gather content from various sources, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and display it on their websites or social media channels. The platform provides a simple drag-and-drop interface for building and customizing content feeds. It also includes moderation tools, analytics, and scheduling content. With, businesses, and individuals can create engaging and dynamic content feeds that showcase their social media presence and drive engagement and traffic to their website. The platform is designed to be flexible and scalable. It can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as social media marketing, event promotion, and online brand building.


With, businesses and individuals can easily create dynamic social media feeds that showcase their brand, increase engagement and traffic, and provide valuable insights into their audience. The platform is designed to be flexible and scalable, and it can be used for various purposes, such as social media marketing, event promotion, and online brand building. Whether you’re looking to build a social media wall for your website, create a marketing campaign, or just showcase your brand’s social media presence, provides the tools and resources you need to succeed.

These are some of the best social media aggregator tools available in the market. Each of these platforms offers unique features and capabilities, and the right one for you will depend on your specific needs and requirements. When choosing a social media aggregator, you must consider the social media networks you want to integrate with, the features you need, and your budget.

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Benefits of Using Best Social Media Aggregators

1. Makes website engaging: 

Social media aggregator tools help combine social media feeds from desired sources and add them to the website, helping users make the website more engaging. Content from social media tends to engage website visitors for a long time, helping add that element to the website.

2. Adds charm to the website: 

We all can agree that social media content has the potential to hold onto viewers for long periods, all because of its beauty and charm. With social media aggregators, you can bring the same vibe and magic to your website. In short social media aggregators help you in making your website more charming.

3. Introduces social media presence: 

With social media feed on website, brands often introduce their social media presence to their website visitors, and if viewers like the content, they even have the option to follow them on social media, and eventually, brands can strengthen their online presence.

4. Analytics and Insights: 

Many social media aggregator tools provide real-time analytics and insights into the performance of your social media feed on your website. It can help businesses and individuals understand the impact of their social media efforts, identify trends and patterns, and make data-driven decisions to improve their websites.

5. Better Insights into Competitor Activity: 

By adding mentions, hashtags, and keyword-related feeds, businesses can gain valuable insights into social media activity and improve their social media presence.

These are some of the key benefits of using social media aggregator tools. Social media aggregator tools can help businesses and individuals save time, increase efficiency, and improve their social media presence by streamlining and automating many of the tasks associated with social media management.


With this easy to access guide you can easily take decision to selecting best social media aggregator tool for your business. As we all know the presence of social media is everywhere at this time & every businesses consumer is consuming social media. So the best social media aggregator tool can helps you to drive visitors from social media to your website.

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Free Social Media Aggregator

Embed social feed from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter on your website, like a PRO

tagembed No Credit Card Required
social media aggregator, Tagembed
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