Benefits of Social Media Aggregator for Websites In 2023

Give a quick read to explore the amazing benefits of social media aggregator.

Displaying Social Media Content on websites from hashtag campaigns, Pinboards, tagged posts, etc. is booming in the marketing world. As the reach of social media is exponentially increasing among people worldwide, brands and marketers are trying to leverage every possible benefit from Social Media & its content.  

Hence, to integrate social media content into your website to boost your marketing campaign, you need to use a Social Media Aggregator that efficiently collects relevant social media content from diverse channels to meet your marketing needs. 

But what is it and what benefits can you drive from it? Is this the same question raising in your mind? If yes, then stick to this blog till the end and discover the enormous benefits of using a social aggregator for your business. 

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What Is Social Media Aggregator?

In simple words, it is a tool or platform that aggregates social media content from diverse sources to display on a website. 

It is a UGC aggregator tool that allows brands, businesses, and marketers to easily incorporate content from social media into their marketing campaigns. 

It gives multiple benefits like rich content, audience engagement, social proof, increase in sales and revenue and many more of such benefits.

You can create alluring Social Media Feeds to enhance your brand marketing touchpoints like websites, emails, events, digital signages, campaigns etc.Β 

From hashtags to user-generated content, these aggregators boost customer engagement with entertaining, trustworthy, and realistic content. 

Let’s explore the more benefits of social media aggregator for your business and marketing.

See Benefits of Social Media Aggregator Tool for Your Website & Business

Not only amazing features but social media aggregator tools comes with mind-blowing benefits that can lift your business in a positive way. 

Social Wall

Mentioned below is a comprehensive guide of the benefits of social media aggregator tools. So let’s get started!

#1 Support Multiple Social Networking Platforms 

Making content aggregation simpler for brands & business, various social media aggregators help in bringing together the amazing online content from networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more under one roof.

In this way, they get countless opportunities for the brands to reach out to a wider audience.

#2 Showcase Appealing User-Generated Content

A social media aggregator tool has the superpower to aggregate, curate & display user-generated content (images, videos, etc) on the website. 

Said to be the most authentic & trustworthy form of content, UGC helps in gaining the trust of the customers. 

Not only this but the charm of user-generated content gets the attention of the customers quickly as compared to branded content. 

It encourage your customers to create fresh content so that you can update it on your website.

#3 Express a Sense of Social Proof

Another benefit of displaying user-generated content on site is that it creates a sense of social proof amongst your potential customers. 

For instance, when customers will see user reviews like Facebook review, & other reviews i.e. someone else’s recommendation about your products/ services, they enjoy them more.

Try Best Social Media Aggregator

Boost Engagagement, Traffic & Conversion By Embedding Social Media Feed On Your Website

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#4 Affects Buying Decisions of Customers

Display of user-generated content with the help of social content aggregator tools influences the buying decisions of the customer and makes them more inclined to purchase by gaining trust easily.

#5 Enhance Dwell Time on Site

As a social media aggregator, tools help in embedding social media feeds on your homepage and the news section increases the time spent on your website. 

The freshness of user-generated social media contents to keep visitors engaged with your site longer. 

If simply put, displaying social media posts attract the right type of audience and gives your site visitors a reason to keep browsing.

#6 Time and Money Saver

Budget is one of the major components of every business. Businesses often indulge in marketing activities that involve huge capital investment. But that is not the case with social media aggregators.

These tools fit in any social media marketing budget and provide great ROI. And when it comes to social media aggregation tools, get you through labor-intensive jobs within a short period of time & in a small amount of budget.

#7 Content Customization & Moderation

A great content aggregator tool helps in curating quality content with its moderation features. It enables you to gather content relevant to specific topics or areas of interest. 

Along with that, these tools also offer customization elements like creative themes, layouts, font sizes & colors, backgrounds, banners, etc. to help you create beautiful & eye-catching feeds. 

#8 Monitor & Stay Ahead of the Competitors

Every day in the online world, plenty of brands & businesses gets launched which makes it harder for the existing marketers to survive the tough competition. 

Surely your competitors have their own unique marketing strategy, newsletter campaigns and slightly different from them.

But when brands take the benefits of the social media aggregator tool they not only get to track the competitor’s social media content but also & compare your social media posts.

Best Social Media Aggregator Tool- Tagembed

With a lot of features & functionalities, Tagembed, one of the best reliable social media platforms.


It helps brands to collect, curate & embed social media feeds on websites, display social walls in various events, create digital signage for stores, and more.

Also, it gives users a smooth experience to integrate social media in different ways. 

Speaking of the features offered by Tagembed are mentioned below:

  • Classy Customization- Apply personalized themes, fonts, backgrounds, layouts, banners, etc. to change the look of your social media feeds.
  • Advanced Moderation Panel- You can filter out irrelevant & filthy content from your feeds to make them look clean.
  • Compatible with Various Website Building Platforms- You can embed your social media content like Facebook, Twitter, and, Instagram feed on website using Tagembed on various website builders such as WordPress, Wix, HTML, Weebly Shopify, & so on.
  • Real-time Update- Automatically update your social media feeds on your website to let you showcase unique and fresh content every time.
  • Insightful Analytics- Track the performance of your social media feeds in terms of user insights, click-through rates, impressions, etc.

Apart from that, as a social media aggregator tool, Tagembed allows easy integration processes with a single code. As well as offer a FOREVER FREE plan for the users.

Hence it fits perfectly & is a smart choice for the brands looking to leverage modern marketing tactics,  for the brand.


Don’t wait to level up your marketing game and to make your website work much harder for you with the help of the ideal social aggregator that works best for you.

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social media aggregator, Tagembed
Free Social Media Aggregator

Embed social feed from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter on your website, like a PRO

tagembed No Credit Card Required
social media aggregator, Tagembed
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