Halloween Social Media Marketing Content Ideas For Business

Are you experiencing the buzz in the atmosphere? Yes? Well, the fall is here, and pumpkins are everywhere. And that simply means Halloween is here. Halloween is the perfect time for businesses to work on their marketing plans and strategies, as Halloween is followed by thanksgiving and the holiday season that follows.

Halloween is not just about trick or treat, spreading horror in the air; this, in fact, is one of the best opportunities for businesses to capture the audience. As per the stats from NRF and Prosper Insights & Analytics, in 2021, consumers spent $10.1 billion on Halloween.

So, suppose you are considering Halloween as another occasion to woo consumers. In that case, you are highly mistaken because this is the perfect time to unleash your creativity and generate marketing ideas to capture the world’s attention.

What are you waiting for? Pick up your costume and your pumpkin and login into your social media accounts to start posting, as we have filtered some of the most clever and creative social media marketing.

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Social Media Marketing Tips – Halloween Special 

With social media becoming a daily affair for individuals and brands banking a lot on their social media skills, Halloween comes as a perfect excuse for showcasing your social media skills with creative, spooky, and impressive Halloween social media campaigns. Social media will be filled with posts and content related to Halloween, and you must play your card right to extract the most from this occasion. So, check out these smart Halloween marketing strategies that can turn you into a social media hero this Halloween.

1. Run a Contest

Run A Contest

Halloween can be a great time to run a specular contest or, should we say, spooktacular contest. Well, wordplay captions can be a great way to grab attention, and we will discuss about it in the next point; for now, let’s focus on the topic at hand – Running contests.

We all know that people tend to scroll their social media during festivals, holidays, and occasions, and this would be the right time to run any content. After all, who won’t like to win any gifts during the holiday season?

You can organize a giveaway or contest with the terms such as one should like the post, make a comment, share the post etc. It will provide a tremendous reach to your content and can also help build a better relationship with customers and assist you in building a brand reputation on the social media landscape.

2. Celebrate with all Halloween Content on Social Media

Halloween Content on Social Media

Your social media pages are like your representatives; think like this, if you are running a brick-and-mortar shop, then you would have decorated the shop as per occasion, right? Similarly, decorate your social media pages, and the only practical way to do it is through posts. 

While posting, choose images and posts that align with the occasion and your brand. For example, you can choose to post about limited addition costumes for Halloween if you are into the clothing industry. It will keep up with the occasion and help generate sales for your brand.

You can even post pics related to Halloween and use some smart captions that could be related to your brand. For example, you can use the caption “Eat, drink and be scary” for your food industry business.

3. Run a Hashtag Campaign

Hashtag Campaign

There couldn’t be any marketing social media campaign without mentioning hashtag campaigns. Hashtags are like soul for any social media platforms and a booster for any marketing campaign.

To make the most of the occasion, you can launch a particular contest where people would use your hashtags, provide the hashtag the needed boosts and get more attention. Moreover, hashtags are easily remembered.

Crest, the toothpaste brand, launched its hashtag campaign #BringOnTheCandy during Halloween, where they were distributing limited addition safe to lucky winners, but for that, they need to post pictures using the hashtag. 

You can also use the hashtag to push the user-generated content related to your brand. Take M&M, for example; they launched #MMSkeletonWarContest, where they asked people to post their skeleton-themed pictures or videos, and in return, they got a mention on M&M’s page, and lucky winners had a chance to win a Treasure chest from M&M, they received a significant amount of entries for this, and certainly helped them to have an edge in the marketing game.

4. Embed Social Media Feeds on Website

Embed Social Media Feeds

We all know that having an online presence can make a huge difference for a brand, but merely having a website is not enough in this competitive world. One needs to keep the website up to date and lively to leave an impression in the minds of consumers.

You are already using social media to post content and keep the festival’s spirit alive. Hershey, the chocolate brand, designs their home pages and website with an accent of orange and spooky elements during the time leading up to Halloween. 

Changing the website color and theme might be difficult and time-consuming for you; hence you can use your social media for that. Using the best social media aggregator tool i.e. Tagembed, you can embed social media feed on the website. You can choose the content from your own handle, display the content from other users who are using your hashtags, or simply collect feeds from Halloween hashtags and exhibit on your website, keeping your website Halloween-themed.

5. Share Halloween Ideas 

Share Halloween Ideas

Halloween is the occasion when people look for ideas that add more happiness to their celebrations. You can share different ideas for the event on your social media platforms. These ideas could be anything related to Halloween and related to your business.

Like you can share decoration ideas, as many would like to know more about different decoration ideas for their home. Or you can even share ideas for themed parties or recipes for the occasion. As these contents are related to the occasion, there are chances users will share your content as well, and you get better recognition on the social media landscape. But keep in mind that, you do relate it to your business. So that while providing the ideas, you also promote your brand and catch the attention of your target audience. 

The opportunities are endless, and you can extract great benefits from the tendency of people to scroll social media during festivals and occasions. Sharing ideas can help you gain more traffic on your social media platforms and might help in getting more followers and visibility.

To Bring Things To A Close

There you have it, these were some smart and clever ways to use Halloween to upgrade your social media game. Afterall having a strong social media game can fo wonders for your business, so what are you waiting for? Try these tactics now and achieve your marketing goals.

And also, before we forget!

Happy Halloween!!

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