Master Hotel Reviews: 6 Examples & Best Practices To Wow Guests

Online reviews are digital word-of-mouth for hotels in this internet-driven world. You’ll find hundreds of review examples that can change a perception of the place. Hotel reviews are powerful, impacting booking decisions by shaping guest expectations. 

Over 93% of travelers check online hotel reviews before deciding on accommodation. Positive reviews can boost bookings, while negative reviews can deter potential guests making reviews a double-edged sword. How do you steer this landscape? 

From responding to shining reviews to handling constructive criticism, you’ll learn best practices for turning guest feedback into magic. Learn how to leverage hotel feedback to identify areas of improvement and create a hotel experience that will delight guests. Follow this blog to take control of your hotel review management and see your bookings flourish!

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Understanding About Hotel Reviews:

Hotel reviews are feedback or assessments provided by the guests after their stay. It can be in the form of text and video. Hotel reviews can be published across different platforms like blogs, social media sites, booking websites, online travel agencies, and other online review management platforms

A traveler or guest may assess the quality of hotel rooms, location, facilities, or staff in hotel reviews examples. Whether positive or negative, the primary purpose of reviews is to provide feedback to hotels. The reviews will also function as a form of recommendation for other guests. 

Why Are Hotel Reviews Crucial?

In the modern hospitality industry, the importance of hotel reviews can’t be overestimated. Before booking a hotel, a large number of guests now actively seek out hotel reviews examples. Hotels can easily attract positive reviews if they provide clean rooms, nice food, excellent service, and other amenities. With a hotel’s wider reach, the quality of good reviews examples often goes hand-in-hand. Here are some prominent benefits: 

1. Trust And Credibility 

As authentic endorsements of the hotel’s quality, potential guests trust peer reviews. Working on hotel feedback develops trust with prospective guests and makes them more likely to select the hotel. This means guests are relying on other people’s opinions while making decisions. 

2. Online Visibility And SEO 

On review platforms and search engines, positive reviews boost the rankings of your hotel. Higher visibility generates increased traffic to the hotel’s website and potential bookings. 

3. Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty 

Addressing customer feedback in reviews depicts that the hotel values guest input. It also shows that the hotel aims to provide excellent service, such as implementing a VoIP phone service for better communication. By making your guests feel valued and heard, hotels can win their loyalty. This will increase the chances of repeat stays. 

4. Feedback Loop For Improvement 

Receiving direct feedback from your customers will help you find out how to improve your business. So don’t forget collecting feedback, saving them in your management system, and analyzing them for business improvements. This feedback will help you create better experiences and a place where people will love to come back again and again. 

5. More Bookings And Increased Revenue

Positive hotel review examples can directly impact booking decisions. It also affects revenue and occupancy rates. Higher online rating platforms always give you increased bookings and chances to charge higher rates. 

Ideal Practices For Hotel Reviews Examples Management: 

To keep operations running swiftly, social proof examples positive, and guests happy, learn some practices that hotel management can use. Let’s take a sneak peek at them below:

Gather Hotel Reviews By Creating Profiles On Top 7 Websites 

When prospective guests are looking to book hotels they’ll do thorough online research and check hotel booking sites. The prospective guests will read feedback from other people on online reviews websites like Tripadvisor, Trustpilot, Yelp, etc. Take a look at below listed top 7 websites to build listings and ask guests to leave reviews. 

1. has the largest hotels, homes, rentals, and staycations listings. Apart from being a booking platform, incorporates a section with extended guest reviews. This is an amazing feature for travelers looking to book hotels globally. 

2. Tripadvisor 

This is a great platform for leaving and collecting reviews for restaurants, staycations, attractions, etc. besides offering hotel booking. It also provides forms and travel guides for travelers. Tripadvisor helps you keep transparency in your hotel reviews with potential customers. 

3. Yelp

For restaurants, Yelp offers a unique platform to show their offerings to attract new customers. Yelp reviews are helpful for travelers who are searching for a place to stay. By leveraging positive reviews, Yelp’s features permit restaurant or hotel businesses to fuel their success in many ways. 

4. Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the leading platforms not only for private accommodations but for hotels also that want to fetch more guests. These guests can check customer reviews and services on the Airbnb platform. Guests can make decisions according to Airbnb reviews and great hotels can stand on their expectations. As a hotel manager, you can create a listing on the platform. 

5. Google Maps

You’ll require a Google Business Profile to start receiving Google Reviews and star ratings for your hotel from guests. Your prospective customers will find your hotel this way on Google Maps. To start adding reviews to your listing, you can also navigate satisfied customers. 

6. Facebook

For your hotel, you need to create a robust Facebook profile to collect valuable reviews from guests. A well-designed Facebook presence boosts your visibility along with your online reputation among prospective customers. 

7. Trustpilot

To collect authentic hotel feedback, you need to establish a strong presence on the Trustpilot platform. Trustpilot is one of the leading customer review sites to collect and showcase reviews by developing trust among potential customers. 

Tips To Ask For Hotel Reviews From Customers 

Getting more Google reviews or feedback on important review platforms like Tripadvisor, Yelp, Trustpilot, etc. can boost your hotel business. Here are a few ways through which you can ask customer for reviews to improve your hotel’s online presence and credibility. 

1. Ask Through Emails 

After the stay of your guests ends, stay connected with them. Send them a personalized email that explains why and how they should leave a review about their experience at the hotel. Link this feedback directly to your website’s review page. People provide honest feedback through emails as they feel anonymous. 

2. Ask In Person 

One of the simplest ways to ask for reviews is to ask your guests in person. You can ask them at the time of checkout at the hotel. Ask them what they thoroughly enjoyed and why at your hotel. Ensure that their feedback is invaluable for you and your business growth. 

3. By Using QR Codes 

Create unique QR codes and place them in visible places of the hotel on top of asking them in person. You can place the QR code at a restaurant, room, gym, or near the hotel garden. For customers who want to leave reviews or feedback, this will be a quick and effective shortcut. 

4. On Social Media 

Reviews are no longer texts written on your website or Google Review page. A review can be in the form of a picture, a short video, or a long-form video. Provide your social media handles to your guests so they can mention you in their stories or posts. You can repost the story or the post on your social media channel and thank the customer. 

5. Embed Reviews On Website 

When your guests leave reviews or feedback to third-party apps like Trustpilot, Tripadvisor, Google Reviews, Facebook, etc. You can embed customer reviews on your website with the help of a review aggregator tool. They will help you embed customer reviews on your website by collecting from multiple platforms just like Tagembed. 

Pinpoint Areas For Improvement Through Your Hotel Reviews: 

Analyzing the feedback to improve your service and guest experience is essential. Collecting customer reviews is not the only thing you have to do. Read below further: 

1. Frequent Review Audits 

To uncover valuable insights, scheduling audits monthly or once every quarter is another great way. When you go through your collected customer reviews, it helps you keep track of new trends and changes in guest feedback.

2. Feedback Categorization 

You can divide collected reviews manually into different categories like service, location, cleanliness, and amenities. You’ll get to know about the aspects in which you excel and also the aspects you need to improve.  

3. Utilize The Review Management Tool 

One of the efficient methods to find areas for improvement is utilizing a review management tool. You can use these tools to manage and analyze your hotel reviews. These tools enable you to export all your customer reviews for in-depth analysis. An efficient review management tool will help you categorize reviews by dates, source, names, keywords, star ratings, etc.

Tagembed Review Hub – Smartly Collect Customer Reviews: 

One of the smartest decisions you could make for your hospitality business to add Hotel review examples is by getting Tagembed’s Review Hub. The Review Hub collects your customer reviews through the QR codes and displays them on your hotel’s website effortlessly. So bid adieu to the time when you had to plea customers for reviews in person. 

Strategically place the QR code at your hotel so your customers can easily scan and leave reviews for your hotel. This approach not only removes the complexity barrier but also capitalizes on the enthusiasm of satisfied customers. 

Best Responses For Positive And Negative Hotel Reviews Examples: 

According to a study by BrightLocal, over 88% of customers say they would like to use a business that responds to both positive and negative reviews. Check out these do’s and dont’s of responding to reviews: 

Do’s Of Responding To Hotel Reviews Examples:

1. Personalize Your Response- You can use the reviewer’s name and mention particular details of their stay at your hotel. Personalized responses show genuine care and attention. It also reflects a positive image of the hotel. 

2. Address Issues Quickly- Address your complaints head-on in your responses. To show your willingness to improve and resolve guest concerns, offer them explanations and solutions. 

3. Show Gratitude- Always show gratitude towards the reviewer by thanking them. Acknowledge both the positive and negative feedback from them. This depicts appreciation for their input and reinforces their commitment to guest satisfaction. 

4. Motivate Customers For Future Stay- Always encourage and invite your customers for future stays. Ensure they believe in your hotel’s abilities to deliver better experiences in the future. This will convert your one-time guest into a loyal customer. 

5. Use A Review Response Generator- To efficiently draft responses, leverage an AI review response generator for common issues. You need to customize AI-generated responses to make sure they resonate with each particular piece of feedback. 

Dont’s Of Responding To Hotel Reviews Examples: 

1. Don’t Ignore Negative Reviews- When you respond to hotel feedback example reviews, your reviewer feels valued. It also depicts that you are committed to improvement. 

2. Avoid Same Responses- Don’t respond to all reviews in the same manner and similar tone. Make sure you customize and personalize your responses according to reviewers. 

3. Don’t Delay Responding- Fast replies are essential. According to a BrightLocal study, over 50% of customers expect a business to reply or respond a reviews within three days of posting it. This type of fast response shows that you are attentive and eager to address their concerns quickly. 

4. Ignoring Negative Feedback- Ignoring negative reviews can signal indifference. To improve your offering, addressing feedback is the best way. 

5. Overpromising And Underdelivering- To guest complaints, be realistic in your responses. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, that could lead to erosion of trust. 

Positive Hotel Reviews Examples Templates: 

Here are some of the common positive hotel review examples that a customer might leave for your brand.

Now that you’ve seen some positive hotel review examples, let’s see how you can respond to them. You should stress on the point that you are grateful for the feedback when responding to positive hotel feedback. Check below the templates for positive review response examples

1. About The Staff Interaction 

Regarding staff interaction and service, feedback is very common. For positive comments, always express gratitude. Assure them of your commitment to high standards. 

Dear [Customer Name], 
We’re happy to hear that our staff did a great job with their attentive and friendly service. Your kind words will be shared with the team and it will inspire them to keep the hard work going. 
We would be very pleased to host you again.  
Best regards,
[Manager Name/ Your Name] 

2. About Location 

One of the most frequent topics is the location of the hotel and its distance to the attractions, dining, and transportation. You can thank the customers for highlighting the advantages of your location or suggest alternatives to better navigate guests in the future. 

Dear [Customer Name], 
Thank you very much for taking the time to share your feedback about your recent visit to our hotel [Hotel Name]. 
It’s amazing to hear that our hotel location served you well during your stay. Our guests often appreciate the closeness of our hotel to local attractions and transportation links. We are glad it was also the case for you. 
We look forward to welcoming you again for your next stay very soon. 
Best regards, 
[Manager Name/ Your Name] 

3. Food And Beverage 

For a hotel, dining experiences including room services, restaurants, and bars are majorly reviewed by guests. Address any particular concern raised, thank the reviewer, and highlight any improvements being made. 

Dear [Customer Name], 
Thank you for sharing your experience with us. 
On our restaurant and bar, your positive feedback is greatly appreciated. We are glad to see that you found the food at [Hotel Name], our restaurant, and our drinks to your liking. 
We hope to welcome you back for another delightful experience. 
Yours Sincerely, 
[Manager Name/ Your Name] 

Negative Hotel Reviews Examples Templates:

Whenever a customer is checking out reviews for a brand, they are most likely to actively search for negative reviews, which makes responding to them appropriately even more important. Here are some common negative hotel feedback examples that you might have to deal with in the future.

After understanding the hotel review examples for customers, it’s time to deal with the way you respond. You should be more tactful with your responses, show remorse, and promise that you will fix things while responding to negative feedback. Read below the negative review response examples

1. About Cleanliness And Hygiene 

For guests, cleanliness and hygiene is always a top priority. Acknowledge the feedback of the guests when they comment on the cleanliness and lack of hygiene. Thank your reviewer for bringing any issues to your attention and mentioning the steps you are taking to address the concern. 

Dear [Customer Name], 
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you experienced during your stay due to the cleanliness and hygiene. To ensure it is an isolated incident, we have addressed this with our housekeeping team. 
Thank you for bringing our attention to this concern. We would be very delighted to see you again.  
Best regards,
[Manager Name/ Your Name] 

2. About Bad Service 

Receiving negative feedback from your guests for the service is a usual thing. Immediately apologize for the shortfall in service. Ensure you reach out to your guests and let them know about the measures being implemented to improve the service. 

Dear [Customer’s Name], 
Thank you for taking the time to give us your valuable feedback. 
I am very sorry to hear that the service was not up to the mark. We try our best daily so that the customers leave satisfied. We have implemented measures to raise the standards of our service. 
Come soon and have a great experience. 
[Manager Name/ Your Name]

3. About The Loud Environment 

The hotel atmosphere with loud noises can ruin one’s sleep experience. These noises can be from busy lobbies, noisy parties, and thin walls, that can make your guests uncomfortable. 

Dear [Customer Name], 
Thank you very much for your feedback. 
We are very sorry that your experience was ruined at our hotel [hotel name] due to parties and noisy guests at the hotel. Sometimes this type of situation occurs otherwise we maintain order and rest. 
We are very hopeful that you will choose to stay here on your next visit. 
[Manager Name/ Your Name]

Final Note!

By leveraging online reviews of their customers, hotels acquire an invaluable feedback channel to enhance their offerings and online reputation. You need to get as much feedback from all your guests as if you’re looking to improve your guest’s experience. The aforementioned examples and practices we mentioned will help you get the most out of your online reviews. This will help you provide the best experience to your guests.

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