Top 7+ Negative Review Response Examples – Explore Them Now

We understand your problem but negative reviews donโ€™t need to be bad for you. Behind all those shining 5-star reviews there are still some negative ones. Start leveraging those negative reviews by giving them the best response. 

89% of the potential customers read the reviews before buying anything online and they are bound to land on some bad ones. 

You need to learn how smartly you can handle negative reviews so that they donโ€™t degrade your businessโ€™s positive image. The key to dealing with negative reviews is hidden in how you respond to them. Thus, the negative review response examples weโ€™ve provided will help you leverage bad reviews. 

Moreover, negative reviews are an opportunity for businesses to improve themselves. Responding to negative reviews by bringing changes in products and services impresses potential customers as well. 

Let’s see why businesses should respond to negative reviews and how smartly you can reply. Also, we are going to share some bad review response examples (industry-based). So, stay hooked!

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Why Must Businesses Reply To Negative Reviews?

Youโ€™re mistaken if you think that your negative reviews have no value in comparison to those positive 5-star reviews. Negative reviews require a little more attention than positive ones for various reasons. Let’s put light on those reasons. 

a). Humanizes your brand

Being a company doesn’t mean that you are error-free. Behind the functioning of a company, there lies a human that you must bring out. Responding to negative reviews helps you show the real person standing behind your brand. This technique lets you create a picture of your brand that is comfortable and trustworthy to your audience. 

b). Be vocal to everyone online

By replying to the negative reviews you are not only talking to your reviewers but to the whole online community. Reviews are checked by everyone online before making any online purchase. Thus, when your potential customers see good review responses from your side it will impress them. It shows that you care about your customers which helps to build trust in your company. 

c). Shows your concern 

Replying to negative reviews from your customers shows that you are concerned about what they have experienced. Additionally, it shows that you are dedicated to resolving their issues and the mistake would not repeat. Being mindful enough to solve the problem builds trust among your potential customers as well. 

d). Build a positive online reputation

Online reviews can be some of the most impactful social proof examples for your online business. So, if you want to build a good name for your business it is crucial to manage your online customer reviews. However, it doesnโ€™t mean to just focus on the positive reviews. It is very important to take charge of your negative reviews and manage them to build a positive picture of your business. 

e). Good for SEO

Online reviews play a crucial role from an SEO perspective also. Having a good rating of your business on online rating platforms can bring you to the first page of the search engine. However, having just a good review did not bring you to the first page. You must respond to the negative reviews professionally to bring your brand before potential customers. So, ignoring the negative reviews of online review websites is a big no-no. 

Best Types & Examples Of Negative Reviews:

What are negative reviews? These are the online feedbacks of the customers that can affect the good picture of your online business. Negative reviews can reveal the bad experience of the customers regarding your product quality, slow service, and more. 

Exploring online review platforms like Yelp, Facebook, Google, etc can show you plenty of such bad reviews. FYI all negative reviews are not the same and come in different forms. Negative reviews can be categorized into 2 types: good negative reviews and bad negative reviews. Both types require a different response and have different repercussions on your brand. These types have been explained to you for a better understanding. 

1. Good Negative Reviews

Good Negative Reviews

Good negative reviews are valuable for companies as they give a clearer picture of the issues. These reviews are written in detailed form, explaining the customers’ issues clearly. Customers go on to explain every little detail of the problems they have faced with your products. These kinds of negative reviews offer chances for improvement to businesses. Good negative reviews are easy to respond to, as businesses know where to improve and offer better service. 

2. Bad Negative Reviews

Bad Negative Reviews

Bad negative reviews can damage the reputation of your online business. In comparison to good negative reviews, bad negative reviews are not descriptive. They donโ€™t give any clearer picture of the issues which makes it a bit confusing to figure out. These customer reviews only show anger and disrespect to businesses and offer no chance of improvements.

Respond To Bad Reviews – How?

It’s always a good practice to ask customers for reviews, but it’s equally important to respond the these reviews as well. Responding to the reviews of mad customers can always be a challenging task. You only think a little while responding to positive reviews. However, getting back to the negative reviews needs extra precautions. While replying to negative reviews make sure to show your customers you care. Keep the best practices in mind that are explained below while replying to negative reviews. 

A). Negative reviews are not personal

You must keep in mind while replying to negative reviews that it has nothing to do with your emotions. Maintain a professional tone to keep the situation under control and avoid any arguments and further damage. Your customers donโ€™t see any real person replying to their negative reviews, you represent your brand. Carefully read the reviews, understand the concerns, and reply in a way that improves the relationship between the brand and the customer. 

B). Reply asap

In this fast-paced world, customers expect immediate responses to their concerns and complaints. A quick response to customer concerns shows your dedication. Thus, be responsible and reply to the negative reviews ASAP. This is important to build a good reputation for your business. 

C). Maintain dignity- be calm

Maintaining dignity and keeping your cool while replying to negative customer reviews is very important to ensure you craft the best response. Good customer service will impress the customers and compel them to return. Try to stay calm and understand carefully what your customer is trying to say. Then think of the solution you can provide and reply accordingly. 

d). Customize your reply

There are a lot of online negative review response examples given online that people use to respond to their customers but personalized messages have their charm. You can follow the online templates but be sure to customize your reply like a personal message. Your reply must address the concerns of your customers and provide resolutions. 

e). Show your gratitude

Donโ€™t get upset with customers’ negative reviews, be kind and empathic toward them while crafting a response. Appreciate your customers for raising the issue and bringing the fault to your attention. This shows your dedication to improving. Further, apologize for giving them a bad experience. 

Top 7+ Negative Review Response Examples (With Industry Wise Templates):

Negative reviews are sensitive and responding to them is a challenging task. A little mistake can badly affect your business reputation which you donโ€™t wish for. Here we have compiled a list of Negative review response examples that might help you to maintain a professional demeanor in your reply. 

1. Bad review response examples for fashion brands:

Complaint: I placed my order with you last Friday which has not been delivered yet and I paid for it already. Now, no one is communicating with me, I’m very disappointed. Didn’t expect this kind of behavior. 

Response: (Customer name), we are sorry to hear about the unpleasant experience regarding your order with us. Our team works hard to complete our customerโ€™s orders even after being a very small team. Please submit your order details to us so that we can check and take the necessary action. Please follow the link below and submit your details & (link).

2. Bad review response examples for healthcare:

Complaint: It is very disappointing to see patients wait for their turn even after an appointment. Every time I came for a checkup I had to wait for more than one hour with an appointment. I made an appointment yesterday for 3:00 PM and here I haven’t seen the doctor till now it’s 5:00 PM now. 

Response: We are sorry for your inconvenience, (customer name). We always try our best to provide you with the best service so that you donโ€™t have to wait. However, sometimes due to some emergencies, more time is needed for a patient. We will try our best so you don’t face such inconvenience further. 

3. Negative review response examples for travel companies:

Complaint: Raya is such an unprofessional travel agent. After taking the booking she never showed up nor did she pick up my call. Donโ€™t fall for her trap, look for other travel agents. 

Response: Dear (customer name), Thank you for sharing with us. We apologize on behalf of our employees for such treatment. This behavior is disappointing and should not be entertained. Be assured we will look into this matter and take needed action. We will take care of your feedback and will further work on improving our services. We hope next time you will have the best experience with us.

4. Negative review response examples for the restaurant:

Complaint: Ordered a double patty chicken burger today. After receiving the order, I found out there was no lettuce, sauce, or any pickle, no extra seasoning, it was so disappointing. I didn’t expect that. 

Response: Your feedback means a lot (customer name). Sorry to hear about your disappointment with our food. We try to provide the best to our customers but sometimes it’s not under our control. Please let us know if you have anything else to say. 

5. Bad review response examples for legal companies:

Complaint: Worst law firm, poor service, zero responsiveness. The attorney assigned to me has no manners, does not answer my call, and is not at all professional. 

Response: Dear (customer name), we are thankful for your feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience you face due to our attorney and that he didn’t meet your expectations. And we take your complaint seriously and will directly talk on this matter with him. We are very dedicated to providing our clients with the best service. Please drop us an email at (email id) so that we can assign you another attorney. Our customer service is available 24/7 so feel free to contact us at any time. 

6. Bad review response examples for home service:

Complaint: Showed up late, with an unexpected price plan which is 50% more than what they had quoted over the call. The service was about replacing my water heater. The technician was skilled but the overpay was not expected. 

Response: We appreciate your review, (customer name). We are sorry for what you experienced with our technician. We are known for our fast and friendly service. And we don’t appreciate the miscommunication with the price and will take a needed step for that. We will take this feedback seriously and forward this concern to our team so that the right action can be taken.

7. Negative review response examples for the car dealerships:

Complaint: If you are looking for a quality car then you must avoid this place. They are hiding something and are not transparent about a few things.

Response: Hello (customer name), we are sorry for the negative experience with us. We try to provide our customers with the best service possible and work hard for that. There must be some miscommunication happening with our staff. It’s our goal to feel our customers valued and respected. Please give us a chance to rectify our mistakes. Please contact on (number) for further one-to-one discussion.

8. Negative review response examples for wellness & spa:

Complaint: We visited your spa for full services and were treated very badly. The staff was very unprofessional and refused initially to provide service. The treatment which would last for at least 45 minutes they wrap up in 25 minutes. Worst experience ever. 

Response: We appreciate that you take time to share your experience with us, (customer name). We are sorry for your bad experience with our spa. And we are dedicated to making every customer feel the best at our spa. We will take this concern seriously and will talk with our staff. You can expect a better experience in the future for sure. 


How you respond to your customers and the quality service you offer should be much louder than the negative reviews you get. The tone of responding to negative reviews heavily affects how your potential customers perceive your business.ย 

You always have the option to embed positive reviews on the website via Tagembed, but now you know what to do with negative reviews as well.

Negative reviews of unsatisfied customers should not affect your business. Learn to deal with them now with the best negative review response examples.

Donโ€™t let negative reviews affect your business reputation, handle them smartly. 

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