How To Create A Video Marketing Strategy To Boost Sales

What would you prefer? 

Watching a fierce kick by Declan Rice or reading about it? 

We are sure, most of us would prefer watching a video, right?

Videos connect the audience to the content, trigger an emotion, and bring life to the action. 

With its ability to convey messages, emotions, and information in an engaging and visually appealing manner, videos in marketing have proven tool for increase sales. You just need to understand how create a powerful video marketing strategy to boost sales.

As a matter of fact, as revealed by Statista, “online video consumption has been high with the current average viewer spending 17 hours a week watching videos in 2023.” 

And owing to the statistics, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to capture the attention of their target audience and drive sales. One highly effective strategy that has emerged as a game-changer is video marketing. If you are someone who is still in a dilemma about how to use Video in marketing to increase sales, we are here to help.

In this blog, we will reveal all the video marketing strategies that you can use to create to boost your sales. But before that, we will also take you through why video marketing is important for your business.

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Importance of Video Marketing Strategy To Boost Sales

Attention spans are shrinking and competition is fierce, which is why businesses are continuously seeking innovative ways to connect with their target audience and drive sales. 

Video marketing has emerged as a potent solution, holding the potential to not only captivate viewers but also significantly boost sales.

If you are still hung upon the importance of video marketing strategy to increase sales, we will give you four reasons why video marketing strategy is crucial for enhancing sales and achieving broader marketing goals. Take a walk with us. 

1. Higher Engagement and Attention  

As a business owner, it is obvious to need more engagement and attention toward your business. And since videos have a unique ability to capture attention and convey information quickly. The combination of visual and auditory elements makes it easier for viewers to absorb and retain information compared to text-based content.

As per the recent study by Wyzol, Nearly 91% of consumers want to see more online video content from brands. And the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, increasing engagement with video content.

2. Conveying Complex Information Easily  

Explaining intricate concepts or showcasing the benefits of a product can be challenging through text alone. 

Videos allow you to visually demonstrate these concepts, making it easier for your audience to understand and appreciate the value you offer. 

Whether it’s a product demo or an animated explainer video, visual aids simplify complex information. Additionally, you can convert JPG to PDF for easier sharing and consolidation of visual information.

3. Building Emotional Connections  

Videos have the power to evoke emotions, and emotions drive purchasing decisions. Through storytelling, visuals, music, and narration, you can create an emotional connection with your audience. 

This connection fosters brand loyalty, as customers are more likely to support brands they feel a strong relationship with.

4. Boosting Trust and Credibility  

Trust is the foundation of successful sales. Video marketing provides an opportunity to humanize your brand by showcasing real people behind your products or services. 

Customer testimonials, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and employee spotlights all contribute to building authenticity and credibility, which are essential for converting prospects into customers.

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Understanding The Different Specifications To Create Video Marketing Strategy

Now that you are aware of the significance of video marketing to boost sales, you might think all you have to do is create video content. Sounds easy, right? But it is not as easy as it seems. Every type and every style of video is designed for a specific platform. In fact, you need to have a video marketing strategy laid out. This will help you reach out to the right audience. 

Keeping that in mind, let’s walk you through all the specifications that you need to know while creating video content for different platforms. 

a.) Industry Standards

While you creating content you need to know, your target audience. Start with creating a customer’s persona. Research what video formats are commonly used in your industry. For example, fashion and beauty brands often rely on visually stunning and highly polished videos, while tech companies might use more technical and in-depth formats.

b.) Audience Preferences

Once you know the target audience, consider their preferences. Pay attention to the demographics, like what type of audience are your ideal customers. Younger audiences might prefer short, snappy videos on platforms like TikTok, while B2B audiences might appreciate longer, more informative videos on platforms like LinkedIn or YouTube.

c.) Content Goals 

Goal setting is one of the most important pieces of video content strategy. Match your video format to your content goals. If you want to build brand awareness, storytelling videos or behind-the-scenes glimpses might be effective. If you’re aiming for conversions, product demos or customer testimonials could work better.

Types Of Videos You Should Create For Your Business

Creating video marketing strategy for various formats can help you build brand awareness and brand identity. Video creation is one of the best ways of information sharing, which is why we have created a list of essential types of videos you can create for your business.

#1. Explainer Videos:

These types of videos are concise, engaging videos. As the name suggests, the explainer videos  that clarify the complex idea, product, or service in a simple and understandable manner. They often use animations or graphics to illustrate concepts. Explainer videos are valuable for introducing your brand or clarifying how your products work.

#2. Tutorials/How To Videos:

Another great type of videos you might want to try your hands on is the tutorial or the How to videos. These videos provide step-by-step instructions on how to do something. They can range from makeup tutorials to DIY home improvement guides, and they can be incredibly beneficial if you’re looking to learn how to add voiceover to iMovie on a Macbook or an iPhone.

#3. User Generated Videos:

Any business runs on how the customers responds to its presence in the industry. As a business owner, you can ask your users to create video based content for your brand. In case they have already created videos for your brand, you can take their permission and use it for marketing purposes. 

These videos can be  product reviews, testimonials, or content generated as part of user challenges or campaigns. User generated content can build trust and authenticity around your brand. 

Use an AI voice generator for seamless and engaging narration to further enhance the impact of user-generated videos. This technology can provide a professional touch, ensuring that your brand’s message is not only visually compelling but also audibly impressive, creating a more immersive and memorable experience for your audience.

Boost Marketing Strategy By Video Integration

Boost Engagagement, Traffic & Conversion By Embedding Social Media Feeds On Your Website

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Specific Ways To Use Videos For Boosting Sales With Different Platforms

While you are creating video content marketing strategies, it is also important to know what type of video content will work on which platform. Take a look at the platforms you will need in this journey and with that in mind, we have also jotted down the ways you can use them for marketing purposes. 

YouTube Videos And Shorts 

YouTube has a viewership of nearly 2.70 billion. Imagine the amount of footfall YouTube along with YouTube Shorts can bring to your business. The best part about using YouTube is that it supports long form as well as short form videos. Take a look at how you can enhance your video marketing strategy with YouTube. Using YouTube videos for marketing purposes can be confusing sometimes. However, the right YouTube video marketing strategy can ease the entire process. 

  • Create Tutorials about Your Product: YouTube is ideal for hosting longer, in-depth content like tutorials, product reviews, and educational videos. You can use them to create a bridge between the customers and you. These tutorials and product reviews will assist you in marketing your products. 

YouTube is also a  powerful search engine, so while you are writing the description or title of the video, make sure to use SEO when posting.

  • Embed YouTube Widget: YouTube content is watched by billions of people. Imagine the traction it will bring to your website. Keeping that in mind you can embed a YouTube widget on website. Embedded videos on your website for product demonstrations, customer testimonials, or to enhance your content. This can boost user engagement and dwell time on the website. 

More Video Platforms: TikTok, IG Reels & Facebook 

People love watching videos on social media platforms. As a result, buying behavior is constantly changing. Remember that, social media platforms are not just made for entertainment, but it is now more of a communication tool. And through videos on social media platforms, you can easily attract the attention you are looking for. 

One of the primary things that you need to take care of before starting out posting video content on these social media platforms is what type of audience you are trying to target. For example, as per the reports by Oberlo, “TikTok has a younger audience who are Gen Z, as compared to Instagram Reels which belong to millennials.” These platforms are great for short, visually appealing videos aimed at building quick brand awareness. While you are working on TikTok and Instagram reels, make sure that you are working on elements like hooks in the videos. 

Now, Facebook and Twitter are versatile for sharing different video types. However, using these two platforms you can target different demographics. 

Strategies To Use Other Social Media Platforms To Increase Sales

TikTok and Instagram Reels are great for short, snappy tips and life hacks related to your product or industry. 

  • Behind the Scenes: Show the human side of your brand with behind-the-scenes glimpses, which resonate well on TikTok and Instagram Reels. You can also incorporate a platform takeover by a celebrity who resonates with your brand. One famous example of this tactic is when Ketty Perry took over Spotify’s Instagram account. In this segment, Ketty Perry talked about her daily life. This spiked the interest of the target audience on Spotify. You can use session replay tools to see which behind-the-scenes videos are most engaging to your audience.
  • User-Generated Content: Instagram is perfect for visually engaging content like Stories and reels, and IGTV is for storytelling and showcasing products. You can also encourage customers to create and share content related to your brand on their profiles. 
  • Engaging Element: Talking about Facebook, you can use Facebook Live for real-time engagement, and Q&A sessions about your brand. You can also use this feature for product launches, and updates. You can also post longer, educational videos as part of a series on your Facebook page to build a loyal audience.

The Final Note  

We understand that as much as video marketing is important for boosting sales and conversions; We can also not overlook the fact that planning a video marketing strategy can be difficult. As a business owner, no matter how big or small, you have to pay attention to what your customers are looking for. Remember, it’s essential to analyze the performance of your videos on different platforms and adjust your strategy accordingly.

The right video format and platform should align with your marketing goals and resonate with your target audience to maximize the impact of your video marketing efforts.

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