How To Increase Google Reviews For My Business [2024-Version]

We have said it before and we can say a hundred times that Google reviews can make or break a business. Google reviews are the modern-day word-of-mouth recommendations that potential customers rely on when making purchasing decisions. As a result, business owners are pondering over questions like how to increase Google reviews. 

We understand their concern. This is why we are here to answer your questions related to how to increase Google reviews for your business.Β 

In this blog we will take a deep dive into increasing the reviews on Google Business and why Google reviews hold a great place in the e-commerce realm. 

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Understand Why Google Reviews Are Important For Your Business: 

Needless to say, Google Reviews is one of the top review sites that customers go to check the authenticity of products and services. Asking questions like How to increase Google reviews is obvious.  But this does not end here, Google also loves it when you use its products. So when you use Google reviews, Google sees it as a trust indicator; eventually helping you to rank higher. 

Take a look at the statistics that will help you understand the importance of Google Reviews for your business. 

  • Research suggests that 81% of consumers are likely to check Google reviews before they make a purchase. 
  • Google is also the number one site for online reviews, with a 73% share of all reviews, leaving Facebook behind. 
  • As per the statistics by Reviews 42, almost 227 million users make about 5.4 billion Google searches per day. Imagine the impact on your business, when you are Google Review-ready!

How To Increase Google Reviews: 5 Genius Tips And Tricks 

While Google Reviews is one of the most trustworthy review platforms, it can be a bit tricky to pick up on Google Review trends. This means that as a business owner, you have to be aware of how you can increase the Google reviews for your business. Take a look as we unfold the secrets of how to increase Google reviews for your business. 

A). Optimize Your Google My Business Profile: 

To start with, it’s important to optimize your Google Business page to rank higher in the Google search engine and increase the number of reviews. This can be easily achieved by properly filling out your account information. Often, businesses do not provide a detailed business description and relevant keywords, which later turns out to be their gravest mistake. 

Optimizing your Google My Business Profile is crucial to establishing a strong online presence. Here are some key areas that you should do while optimizing your GMB profile. 

1. Profile Information

This is a crucial step in increasing reviews on Google. Once you’ve selected your business in the Google dashboard, make sure to fill out all the necessary information including the business name, categories, description with relevant keywords, and contact information such as phone number and website, location, and business hours. This will provide enough information to your potential customers and help establish your position in the business ranking of the same category on Google. In case you are facing issues while setting up your Google My Business account, you can read the linked blog for a detailed explanation.

2. Regular Updates About Your Business 

As a business, you should never run away from posting updates about your business. Make it a habit to update your account regularly by increasing the number of posts with photos. Talk about the recent sale or discount you are having in-store, online, or offline. Ask for Google reviews through these posts. This will keep your page fresh and help you promote your business to your potential customers. The more you post about your business on Google listing, the more Google reviews you get. This is because all these posts will make you seem like a proactive business, that is ready to listen and take action. 

3. Product and Service Details 

Add all the services or products your business offers to the market. Sort the prices and images and complete the description with the necessary information and characteristics. This will help you to increase the page quality. This will help potential customers make informed decisions about your products/services. 

While all of these steps might at first seem superficial, with time you will realize how they helped you to interact with your potential customers while you were taking a nap. Remember that, the more you answer your potential customers’ questions, the more likely they will stay with you. 

B). Respond To Your Existing Google Reviews

When you are pondering over how to increase Google reviews for your business, you should know that the answer lies in being humble. This means that to get more Google reviews for your business, you have to respond to the existing ones. When you respond to the existing Google reviews, it makes the customers feel valuable and being heard. Along with that, for potential customers, you seem approachable. 

The thumb rule for responding to Google reviews is to express gratitude. When you are jotting down a note on how to respond to positive Google reviews, make sure that you have read the feedback. Thank your customers for taking the time and leave a Google review for your business. Make sure to acknowledge the specific compliments they have mentioned in their Google reviews. This makes them feel that you have read their feedback and value their opinion. 

This goes without saying that, you also have to respond to negative in the same manner. Sometimes you must be extra cautious while responding to a negative Google review. One of the safest ways to respond to negative Google Reviews is to stay calm and professional. No matter how rude and harsh the reviews are, as a business owner, you have to maintain your sanity. 

C). Ask For a Google Review In Person 

Always remember the power of talking to your customers directly. Most of the business owners commit this grave mistake of shying away from their customers. 

As a business owner, you know the importance of positive reviews on your Google listing. But how can you encourage your customers to leave feedback? Well thankfully, it is not as tough as it may sound. Here are the two effective ways you can ask for Google reviews in person from your customers. 

  • Personally remind your customers about leaving a review on Google. A friendly phone call or face-to-face conversation can help you encourage customers to share their feedback. While these methods can help you increase the number of reviews, keep in mind that authenticity is key. Focus on providing excellent service and the reviews will come naturally. Train your professionals to treat the clients well. 
  • Reach out directly to your customers via email or SMS, providing them with a link to your Google page and clear instructions on how to leave a review. This shows your customers that you value their opinions and makes it easy for them to share their thoughts. You can also send them a Google review link to make the process easier. 

D). Show Google Reviews On The Website 

Your website is the first touchpoint of sales. If it does not gain enough confidence in the eyes of your visitors, the bad news is, you might not make a sale. You see, trust breeds trust. 

So, one of the potential answers to how to increase Google reviews for your business is to embed Google Reviews on your website. A Google review widget on the website sparks the conversation among the customers about how you value your customers’ opinions. The Google review widget will act as a hall of fame for potential customers and help them jump on the bandwagon. The more Google reviews they will see on your website, the more convinced other customers will be to leave Google feedback for you. 

Talking about how to embed Google reviews on a website, you can always get help from Review aggregator tools. These tools follow copy-paste-like simplicity to show Google reviews on the website. Not only that, these tools also make sure that the Google review widget matches the vibes of your website. Eventually making it look visually appealing.

E). Use Email And Newsletter To Ask For Reviews 

When it comes to acquiring more Google reviews, having a smooth method is the safest bet. Since email and newsletters are a great way to friendly banter with your customers, you can use them to ask for more Google Reviews for your business. 

Start by telling them about your recent sale, ask them if they visited and how was their experience. Take a look at the template you can use to ask for Google Reviews through email. 

Hello Customer,Β 
We’re so glad you visited our recent Garage sale. If you have a moment, we would love to know your thoughts on the Garage sale we had. Go through this Google Review link and send us your feedback.Β 
Thank you.Β 

Here is a side note, always tell your customers what link they are clicking on. This aids the trust between you and them. Apart from that, if you want to send emails and newsletters to your customers, ask for their email address and permission. 

The Final Call 

Well, as we conclude, we have provided you with the best answers to how to increase Google Reviews for your business. The art of asking for Google reviews lies in being bold and active. 

Google reviews are important for any business that wants to establish a strong online presence in the industry.  

When you optimize your Google reviews for your business, you build trust with your customers on the platform. Remember to always express gratitude and acknowledge the effort to leave a Google review. 

With the above-given tips and tricks, you can easily increase the number of Google Reviews for your business. 

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, use the tips, and gain the highest number of Google reviews for your business.

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