How To Respond To Negative Reviews on Facebook Business Page?

For businesses, Facebook is essential in their online marketing strategies. Facebook reviews on your business page are an amazing way to convert your audience into customers. But if your business is getting bad or negative reviews on its Facebook business page, it can hurt your business. You must learn how to respond to negative Facebook reviews to tackle all bad reviews and grow your business.

Why do customers choose to post reviews on your Facebook page? Well, there are plenty of reasons for it. Many businesses choose not to respond to customer reviews on their Facebook business page regardless of their sentiments. Responding to every review is an opportunity to build trust with your customers. In this post, we will take you through how to deal with negative reviews on your Facebook business page. Letโ€™s walk in! 

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Influence of Online Reviews – Amazing Statistics 

The impact of online customer reviews on your business is vital. Take a glance at these remarkable statistics. 

  • As per the research of BrightLocal, to determine the quality of a local business, 88% of people read online customer reviews. 
  • According to a survey conducted by ReviewTrackers, within 7 days of leaving an online review, especially a negative one, 52% of customers want to hear back from businesses. 
  • More than 45% of customers say they will be more likely to visit a business that responds to negative reviews. 
  • A business needs a rating of 3-5 stars before they will use them, 87% of people consider it as per the Search Engine Land reports. 
  • When a business responds to a negative review on its Facebook Business Page, 65% of customers turn into brand loyal, and 25% of customers are less likely to post negative reviews. 
  • Before selecting a product, approximately 9 out of 10 customers read online product reviews before they make buying decisions. 

These amazing numbers show the influence of online customer reviews in making or breaking a business. Businesses must respond to online reviews on their Facebook Business page to foster relationships and retain their customers. 

What are the Reasons for Negative Reviews on the Facebook Business Page?

For businesses, understanding the reasons is crucial negative Facebook reviews can occur due to various reasons. But before learning how to respond to negative Facebook reviews, take a glimpse at the reasons for negative reasons here.

  • If customers encounter problems with the quality, performance, and functionality of a product, they may leave reviews on their Facebook page. 
  • Sometimes your customers may leave negative Facebook reviews on your business page due to negative experiences with customer service, long response times, and ineffective problem solutions. 
  • A lack of transparency regarding prices, policies, or terms can result in customer frustration and may also lead to negative reviews on the Facebook Business page. 
  • In the form of online reviews, customers who feel their issues or complaints arenโ€™t resolved may share their dissatisfaction publicly. 
  • If a brand or business is involved in a controversy or crisis, it can result in negative reviews from customers. 

To create a positive online reputation, a brand needs to understand the root cause of negative reviews on Facebook business pages to address particular issues, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve processes. 

How To Respond To Negative Facebook Reviews?

While Facebook reviews provide benefits, handling negative Facebook reviews can be challenging and it is also an opportunity to display your commitment to customer satisfaction. In terms of repurchasing and recommending your products, remember that how to respond to negative Facebook reviews is highly linked to customer behavior. Here are some tips & tricks listed below: 

1. Stay Calm And Acknowledge The Review 

Just take a quick moment to calm yourself down before you read that review or write down your response. Responding with composure and avoiding emotional responses is vital. This helps to reduce potential conflicts. 

By acknowledging the customerโ€™s review with respect, start your response and show gratitude for their time in sharing their feedback. It shows your commitment to open communication and also sets a positive tone for the interaction.ย 

Always keep in mind that the goal is to convert the negative review into an opportunity to display your dedication to constructive problem-solving and customer satisfaction. Here is a response template. 

Dear (Customer Name), 
Thank you for the feedback you have given. We value your honest feedback. 
Weโ€™re very sorry to hear about your experience. This is not the standard of service weโ€™re best known for. 
We want to express our sincere apologies and we can resolve this issue for you as soon as possible. 

2. Respond To Negative Review 

When your business gets negative feedback from customers then they will expect your response. If you received a negative review on your Facebook Business Page then the best option is to respond to it professionally and respectfully. 

Customers can wait for 4 hours to get a response for their review and sometimes businesses respond in 10 hours also as per the study conducted by Sprout Social. 

Not sure how to respond to negative Facebook reviews? Start by addressing your customerโ€™s concern about responding to a bad review on your Facebook Business Page and apologize for the problem by sympathizing with the reviewer. 

Make sure to respond empathetically to make your customers feel seen and heard when replying to a negative review. Businesses can turn a negative experience into a positive narrative by doing so and ensuring a more favorable online presence. 

3. Apologize To Customer 

Remember the motto given by successful retailer Harry Gordon Selfridge – โ€œThe customer is always rightโ€. You should always remember to take the high road and apologize to your customers even if you know the buyer is wrong. Because your customers do not know your side of the story. 

It will show all the other buyers that you do care about offering high-quality services apart from appeasing the customer. As per the survey reports, more than 40% of customers only want an apology from the manufacturer or business and nothing else. 

Facebook reviews shape consumer decisions, so try to make your apology short and straight to the point. To show a commitment to resolving issues personally, try to invite further communication. Here are a few examples: 

  • โ€œWe are sorry that during your visit we faced some technical challenges. Due to this, your overall expectations didnโ€™t match and we sincerely apologize for that experience.โ€
  • โ€œWeโ€™re sorry that you are unhappy with our service. We apologize for our mistake, letโ€™s make it right.โ€

4. Offer A Solution By Committing To Improve 

When you think about how to respond to negative Facebook reviews, offering a solution is one of the most important things. Another key method to respond to bad reviews on your Facebook business Page is by committing to improve your service or your business. 

Try to use this chance to turn your customers into your best supporters rather than losing them to a single negative experience. Showcase your dedication to customer satisfaction and emphasize that their feedback is important for your continued success and improvement. 

Prospective customers often look at how businesses handle negative feedback or reviews so turning a negative review into an opportunity to display your commitment to customer satisfaction will boost your online reputation. 

5. Showcase Positive Facebook Reviews on Your Website 

You can display your business in a more positive light by managing the FB reviews you show on your brandโ€™s website because you canโ€™t completely control the negative reviews you display on your Facebook Business Page. 

To improve your brand’s positive reputation, you can embed Facebook reviews on your website to develop confidence in your business. By doing it you can convert the audience into customers. To automatically display your best Facebook reviews, you can use the best review aggregator tool – Tagembed. 

Benefits of Responding To Negative Facebook Reviews: 

Negative reviews are always an inevitable part of running a business, there are several benefits of them by showing on Facebook business Page. Check out the benefits mentioned below: 

1. Show Customers You Offer Excellent Customer Service 

When you respond to negative Facebook reviews on your Facebook Business Page, it shows other customers that you care about them and do listen to their problems. Customers want to be heard and acknowledged in this e-commerce landscape. This will help you get more trust in your business from customers and generate more customer reviews. 

2. Convert Negative Reviews Into Repeat Business 

How to respond to negative Facebook reviews will greatly affect your loyalty rate. The customers who are disappointed with your business and post negative reviews will provide you the chance to win them back. 

When a customer posts a bad or negative review on your Facebook Business Page, they should receive a proper apology, a solution, or sometimes even compensation for their inconvenience. When your business receives a negative review next time, see it as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. 

3. Negative Feedback Gives Credibility To Positive Reviews

When there are no negative reviews on a business, more than 30% of customers think that the reviews are fake as per the research of High-Level Marketing. In terms of confidence in objectivity, this is where negative feedback plays an important role. It shows that your business is authentic and not manipulating online opinions. 

Over To You! 

Knowing how to respond to negative Facebook reviews is extremely important for the success of your business. Through the power of online word-of-mouth, develop trust with your future customers. Always respond to negative reviews empathetically and professionally in quick time. Acknowledge the issue of the customer, give your sincere apology, provide a solution, and offer to discuss it offline if required. 

To improve your business and show your commitment to customer service, utilize the customer feedback at your best! 

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