How To Get Facebook Review Link For SEO Success?

If you are assuming how to get Facebook review link, you have arrived at the right place. Read this blog till last and learn more about it. 

Online reviews are the currency of credibility in today’s digital age for businesses worldwide. Positive reviews on big platforms like Facebook can enormously influence the brand reputation and bottom line whether you’re a service provider, an online retailer, or a local business. With its vast user base and impactful social network, Facebook is a prime platform for gathering and displaying reviews. 

Yet, many businesses struggle with the logistics of requesting reviews from satisfied customers. To make it easy for customers to leave feedback, providing a direct link to your Facebook Business Page is one effective answer. In this blog, we will take you through the simple steps to get Facebook review link and leverage it to boost your online presence.

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Understanding A Facebook Review Link

A custom or unique URL you design to simplify the process for customers to leave reviews on your Facebook Business Page is termed a Facebook Review Link. 

This link straightaway directs your customers to the review form on your page, improving ease of use and helping you keep track of reviews. Creating a Facebook review link requires expertise because it isn’t as simple as creating a Google Review Link where you simply copy a direct link. 

Before we proceed to create a Facebook Review Link, ensure you have a Reviews Tab on your business account. If not, proceed to the About tab available on the left side, press on Edit Page, Info, scroll down, and add a Reviews tab from the available list of tabs. 

Once you get the Reviews Tab, you’re ready to create a Facebook Review Link. 

How To Get Facebook Review Link?

With your current customers, website visitors, and email subscribers,  you can establish a direct connection effortlessly. It’s necessary to make writing reviews as easy as possible to get more Facebook reviews from your customers. 

Creating a Facebook review link is a better choice compared to using the URL of your Facebook Business Review Page. To create a Facebook review link, you need to simply follow three steps: 

  • Create Your Facebook Login URL
  • Customize the URL to redirect customers after logging in 
  • Add your business name to the URL you’ve created 

#Step 1- Create Your Facebook Login URL 

Without logging into Facebook first, your customers can’t post a Facebook review for your business. Most Facebook users will know how to log in but those who don’t know can simply use this link. 

#Step 2- Customize The URL To Redirect Customers After Login 

Ensure that the customer will be taken to your Facebook Business Page not to the Facebook News Feed after the customer logs in. This URL will ensure that the customer won’t have to search for your business or enter the Facebook Business Page URL, a second time. 

Simply add “?next=” in the last of the Facebook URL created in Step 1. 

#Step 3- Insert Your Business Name Into the URL 

In the final step, add 

  • Replace “business name here” with your company name as it reads in the URL of your Facebook Page. 
  • Press ‘Save’ and your new URL will be ready to share with others. 

Importance Of Facebook Reviews Link: Why They Matter

For reputation and success, ignoring the power of Facebook Reviews is a big risk that no business wants to take. But what makes the Facebook Reviews Link so special? Have a look: 

1. Generates Social Proof

In today’s digital world, this is an important factor to consider. Facebook reviews play a pivotal role for businesses as social proof is paramount. When a Facebook user reads a review or recommendation from their peers or friends, it impacts them with more weight than any anonymous review. 

The bandwagon effect plays a major role that simply means if other people are doing something then the majority will also do it. The psychological influence is essential to let people know their social circles have positive experiences with a business cannot be overstated. 

2. Builds Credibility And Trust 

Building trust with Facebook reviews by gathering positive reviews can create a ripple of confidence in prospective customers. In the journey of business owners, existing customers’ recommendations stand as a landmark that illuminates the quality of a product or service. If a business has more collection of positive reviews and testimonials then customers are likely to trust it more. According to a recent study, over 92% of customers are more likely to purchase from companies that have online reviews compared to those that don’t have reviews. 

3. Attracts More Customers 

Facebook Reviews can help you identify opportunities to improve your customer service. When you see a trend of negative reviews, you must make some changes. Facebook reviews are two-way roads they aren’t one-way streets for direct customer-business interactions. Whether to praise or concerns, quick responses demonstrate a commitment to satisfaction. 

4. Collects Valuable Customer Insights 

Reviews provide a direct line to customer feedback. You gain valuable insights into customer satisfaction, pinpoint opportunities for improvement, and identify areas of improvement by analyzing the reviews. This Facebook Review link eases the process of taking feedback and enables you to refine your offerings and boost the customer experience. 

5. Improves Conversion Rates 

Positive reviews can significantly increase conversion rates, which means more website visitors will convert into paying customers. These FB reviews shape consumer decisions which results in increased revenue and growth of the business. To ease the process, you’ll need a Facebook review link. 

Best Practices For Encouraging Customers To Leave Reviews:

As a business, when you encourage customers to leave Facebook reviews can significantly attract more business and enhance online reputation. Take a look at these amazing practices that effectively prompt customers to leave Facebook reviews. 

1. Promote Links on Various Social Channels 

When you chat with the customers online, ensure that you have the review link readily available for the customers. Don’t forget to ask your customers for feedback by providing a review link in your message at the end of the conversation on any platform whether on your website, Facebook, Instagram, Slack, Messenger, etc.

2. Ask At The Right Time 

Timing matters when you ask for Facebook reviews from your customers. When customers are likely to be the happiest, you can ask for reviews then. You can do this after your customers successfully purchase from your business, you have a good interaction with them, or after the completion of the service. 

3. Display Facebook Reviews On Your Website 

Integrating Facebook reviews into a website is another possible answer to how to get Facebook review link. This will work as a bandwagon effect Your website visitors will be more likely to leave positive feedback on your website when they see that you value customers’ opinions. 

4. Offer Exceptional Service To Customers 

Offering an exceptional service or experience to your customers is one of the best answers to the question of how to get more Facebook reviews. The foundation of getting good reviews is excellent customer service, keep this in mind always. 

5. Make The Review Process Simple 

As much as possible, make the review leaving process simple. Provide direct Facebook review links to your Facebook Business Page in emails or on your website. To follow the steps, you can also send them a tutorial. 

Final Note! 

For businesses, having a Facebook review Link is crucial as it helps to improve credibility and visibility. Prospective customers can easily find and read the feedback from your existing or past clients by having a link to your Facebook reviews. When you get Facebook Review link it helps to develop trust and reputation for your business which leads to an increase in conversions and leads. To help in growing your business, having a Facebook review link can provide a significant boost. 

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