TikTok vs Instagram For Business: Which One Is Better?

Social media has become integral to marketing strategies for businesses in today’s digital landscape. Businesses are constantly searching for the ideal platforms to reach their target audience with more than 4.95 billion active users globally. 

TikTok and Instagram are two prominent platforms that have gained significant popularity. For businesses, seeking to connect with their prospective customers both TikTok and Instagram boast a large audience pool.

Even after having very different audiences, both platforms are trendy regarding social media marketing strategies and collaborating with influencers. But which one is better in TikTok vs Instagram for business in the 9:16 world? Well, it is an important question. 

In this blog, we will highlight the key differences, their audience demographics, and how they perfectly fit for marketing strategies of the two social media platforms. Let’s delve into this without any further pause! 

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Video Content Marketing: What’s The Hype Around 

Before proceeding with Tiktok vs Instagram for business debate, let’s understand why video marketing is more popular than ever. One of the newest forms of digital marketing is video marketing but what made it so popular?

Texts and images were mostly consumed by internet users not a long time ago but as digitalization exploded the approach to video content increased and video format became popular. And now, videos are consumed by internet users, this format is added by marketers to their arsenal. 

The video production cost started decreasing dramatically at the same time. In today’s internet world, equipment and video marketing technology have become cost-effective. In their marketing tactics, 9 out of 10 businesses now use videos. 


TikTok Vs Instagram: The Distinctive Factor  

When it comes to Instagram vs Tiktok for business & marketing, both the platforms stand out as the giants in the field. Whether it may be content formats, audience demographics, or strengths, both platforms differ significantly. 

TikTok appeals to a younger audience demographics by focusing on short, music-driven videos. Instagram appeals to a broader age range by offering diverse content types which empowers businesses to tailor their strategies. 

TikTok encourages virality and authenticity while Instagram highlights established influencer culture and visually appealing storytelling. 

a.) The Power Of TikTok For Your Business 

Emerging as one of the frontrunners in social media platforms, TikTok has seized the global stage in no time. For businesses, the eye-catching content and unique format make it an influential instrument to connect with their desired target audience. 

The share of TikTok users aka TikTokers of age between 25-34 is 32.9% as per the survey data of 2024 by Oberlo. This indicates that businesses for their marketing efforts that are targeting youth audiences may find TikTok particularly effective. 

As per the data provided by Backlinko, the engagement rate of TikTok is 5.30% on accounts with 100,000+ followers. While Instagram has a 1.10% engagement and Twitter (X) has only a 0.30% engagement rate. This high engagement rate simply indicates that businesses connect to their audience more on TikTok compared to other social media platforms. 

b.) The Power Of Instagram For Your Business 

In the domain of social media, Instagram has strengthened its position as an important company presenting businesses with a visually appealing platform to display their offerings. For businesses, Instagram presents a distinctive avenue by emphasizing images and videos to establish meaningful connections with their intended audience. 

Instagram has over 2 billion active monthly users as of 2024 as per the data of Statista. To reach a wide range of perspective users, this vast user base offers businesses a significant chance. 

Leveraging Instagram as a highly powerful platform to reach a younger demographic audience for their marketing endeavors. Instagram boasts a diverse user base. More than 33% of Instagram’s users are between 18-24 years of age and 39% are aged between 25-34 as per the data of Hootsuite. 

Target Audience Demographics: TikTok Vs Instagram For Business 

Both TikTok and Instagram have user bases that are predominantly young when it comes to target demographics with under 35 being the key age group. 

1.) Understanding TikTok’s Target Audience 

To advertising, TikTok users aka TikTokers are not only numerous but also responsive and highly engaged. For businesses, this platform is particularly effective which targeting younger demographics, with several products like games, house decor, and makeup seeing a positive audience response. 

On TikTok, branded content and remaining up with influencers shine while overt advertising might not get as much attention or excitement. Businesses should focus on creating content that feels natural and native to thrive on TikTok and it should seamlessly blend into the platform’s lively atmosphere. The content of TikTok is mostly popular among Gen Z. 

2.) Understanding Instagram’s Target Audience 

In terms of age and gender, Instagram has a broader user base but it is also popular among millennials and Gen Zers. For advertising, Instagram users are receptive. On this platform, products catering to slightly older millennials of both genders like pricey jewelry, furniture, and clothing tend to perform well. 

Instagram users appreciate branded content and influencer partnerships similar to TikTok. On Instagram, organic content might not receive as much visibility initially. But makes collaborations and advertising valuable assets for businesses on this platform. 


Content Formats: TikTok Vs Instagram 

Determining the success of your content for TikTok vs Instagram for business will depend on its format. With its short-form, vertical videos, TikTok is a playground for fun and activity. TikTok algorithm favors engaging and entertaining content which makes it ideal for businesses with a young audience. 

TikTok videos are short and range between 15-60 seconds which also provide the options of In-feed and TopView ads. Shein, Target, and Netflix are the most mentioned branded hashtags on the platform but this platform doesn’t provide any scheduling feature. 

Short-Form Videos:

The short-form video of TikTok last between 15 to 60 seconds making them the hallmark of the platform. Sound, music, and visual effects are the major features of this platform. Instagram is offering a variety of content formats to its users and businesses which enables them to engage their target audience in different ways. Below are some of the major formats of the Instagram feed that any user or brand can use. 

– Images:

This is a classic format for posting where users can easily share single or multiple images of their brand or themselves. This type of post can be polished visually more by using long captions or hashtags. 


With the options available for various aspect ratios, individuals or brands can use short or long-form Instagram videos. IGTV is another feature on Instagram that can be used for posting longer-duration videos. 

– Instagram Stories-

With engaging features like polls, swipe-up links, questions, quizzes, etc. Instagram stories provide a temporary immersive experience which makes them ideal for a limited-time duration. 


In a single post, the target audience can swipe through several photos or videos that an individual or a brand shares. 


Similar to TikTok videos, Instagram reels are short and entertaining videos in vertical format ranging from 15 to 60 seconds created using music in the background. 

Instagram Live:

Instagram Live allows direct interaction with viewers in real-time broadcasts. 

For showing products and services in detail, the versatility of Instagram makes it an excellent platform for brands and businesses with strong visual appeal. 

To entertain and engage younger audiences, the short-format content of TikTok excels. To reach a broader demographic, the diverse content formats of Instagram offer a comprehensive toolkit. The target audience, the nature of your business, and the type of content you want to create will be key in selecting the right platform. 

Instagram is perfect for businesses or individuals who want to provide a detailed view of their offerings, and TikTok is perfect for businesses looking to display their fun side. 

Finding The Right Balance: Organic Content 

Creating organic content is the core of any social media marketing strategy. Engagement and interaction are the two pillars of the success of social media marketing. 

When a user produces a significant amount of content then the algorithms of TikTok reward them. While the Instagram algorithm rewards the users who produce high-quality yet less content. If user-generated content receives more engagement then it will receive more exposure on Instagram. 

To connect with your audience, with the help of a popular hashtag challenge, tapping into a massive user-generated content pool is essential on TikTok. In the TikTok vs Instagram for business quest, creativity and authenticity make it a better place. While Instagram provides a blend of curated feeds, stories, and user-generated content. 

Half of the TikTok users fall under the age of 24 makes it stand out for reaching a younger audience. Consistent content creation is rewarded by TikTok algorithms. 

Maximizing Your Reach: Advertising Options 

For brands, both TikTok and Instagram offer advertising opportunities. Let’s dive into the advertising options, ad formats, and targeting capabilities when it comes to TikTok vs Instagram for business. 

1. Advertising on TikTok 

To engage users, advertisements on TikTok use visually appealing and captivating content. Different ad formats like In-Feed Ads, that are integrated into the “For You Page” and Branded Hashtag Challenges that encourage user participation are some highly engaging advertisements on TikTok. 

The targeting capacity of TikTok extends to demographics, behavior, and interest enabling advertisers to reach their desired audiences. To extend their reach, advertisers can also leverage lookalike audiences. 

2. Advertising on Instagram 

Offering brands various ad formats, Instagram ads tap into the visual-centric nature of the platform. Throughout the browsing experience of a user, feed ads, stories ads, and explore ads allow businesses to connect with users. To craft a visually appealing and immersive nature, these formats enable brands to reach their target audience. 

Demographics, interests, behaviors, and advanced targeting like Custom audiences and lookalike audiences are the extensive targeting features of Instagram. To curate the content to the preference of their audience, advertisers can choose from single-image, carousel, video, and slideshow formats. 

For businesses and brands of all sizes, both Instagram and TikTok offer cost-effective advertising. Based on factors like ad format, targeting, and competition, the cost per click (CPC), and cost per impressions (CPM) differ. 

Significance Of Influencer Partnerships 

In building brand awareness and trust, Influencers possess the ability to connect with their followers authentically which makes them instrumental. For influencers, TikTok and Instagram are breeding grounds that wield substantial influence over their dedicated audience. To reach potential customers effectively, collaborating with these influencers allows brands to tap into existing communities and leverage their credibility. 

When it comes to TikTok vs Instagram for business, Instagram content tends to be more polished so collaboration with Instagram influencers should reflect that brand image. TikTok influencers will represent your brand more authentically because it produces more raw and authentic sponsored content. 

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TikTok Vs Instagram: Ideal Tips For Selecting The Best Platform 

Depending on the use case and marketing goals of your business, here are a few tips to think about while deciding between TikTok and Instagram. 

1. Engagement 

On each platform, understanding the engagement rate is very important. Among younger demographics, Instagram boasts higher engagement rates, on the other hand, the versatile content option of Instagram may lead to sustained engagement rates over time. To decide where your efforts will give better results, compare the average engagement rate in your industry across both platforms. 

2. Geographical Dynamics 

It is crucial to consider the user distribution of the platform if your company serves customers in a particular area. If your business has an international audience, the global presence of Instagram might be advantageous for your brand. 

3. Cost-Effectiveness 

Depending on factors such as your target audience, ad format, campaign goals, and location, the cost of advertising on Instagram and TikTok can change. Expected Return on Investment (ROI) after assessing your advertising budget is paramount. Based on your particular marketing goals and budget, compare the advertising options on both Instagram and TikTok to make informed decisions. 

The Bottom Line

In wrapping up, the choice between TikTok vs Instagram for business jotted down to aligning platform features with business objectives as you now know about both the platforms and what they offer. The choice to use both TikTok and Instagram is completely right because it’s all about understanding your audience and making informed decisions based on your unique goals. 

To seek engagement and virality, the emphasis of TikTok is on authenticity, user-generated content, and trendsetting is a powerhouse for younger audiences. However, the visual versatility, influencer culture, and established user base of Instagram cater to a broader demographic and varied content strategy. 

Brands and businesses can make choices that elevate their online brand presence by understanding the core differences and unique strengths of each platform. 

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