How To Add Instagram Feed To Shopify Website For Free

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 Adding Instagram feed to Shopify website leverages huge profits to merchants and retailers in both ways as well as selling their products. 

Are you wondering how the Instagram feed will help your e-commerce website on Shopify? Then give this blog a whole read and discover the potential of Instagram feed to Shopify website. 

For the past five years, Instagram and Shopify have become a highly used marketplace to promote, reach, and sell more products to target audiences. 

Hence, a strategic and deliberate amalgamation of Instagram & Shopify can retrieve surprising benefits by exponentially increasing your sales. 

Continue reading this blog and learn how to embed Instagram feed to Shopify website for maximum profits.

Best ways to add Instagram feed on Shopify

Instagram is a hub for visual-based content. Businesses often integrate their Shopify store with Instagram by embedding feeds to their e-store to make it vibrant and lively. 

Although there are various ways to add feeds, including copying the post link from Instagram and pasting on the website’s backend, unfortunately, these measures are time-consuming and don’t provide a satisfactory outcome. 

In order to save time and have an effective outcome, you have two easy methods, which are as follows: 

1: Using Instagram Feed Shopify App by Tagembed

Shopify Instagram feed app by Tagembed: It is a dedicated app to add Instagram feed to Shopify store, that you can install from the shopify app store.

instagram feed shopify app

It is the easiest way to add an Instagram feed to the Shopify store. The app is a great add-on to your website. It assists you in collecting, curating, and customizing feeds from Instagram and then displaying them beautifully on your Shopify store.

This Instagram feed Shopify app provides a responsive widget and is compatible in displaying images, videos, GIFs, and more without any hassle. Moreover, it automatically refreshes the feed & displays the post as soon as posted on Instagram. 

It even eases the process of embedding an Instagram feed on the Shopify website, that you can perform smoothly in 2 minutes. In addition, it is a coding-free app, so even if you don’t have any coding skills, you can still install and manageṁ the app like a pro. 

Best Instagram Feed Shopify app

Step 1: Install Tagembed’s Instagram Feed Shopify App

  • Visit Shopify App Store and search for Shopify Instagram Feed by Tagembed.
  • Select Tagembed’s app and Click on Add app button to install the app for FREE.
  • As soon as you install the app, you will be redirected to the Tagembed dashboard window.

Step 2: Create an Instagram feed

  • On the Tagembed dashboard, click on the Create Widget button, which appears on the top right corner of the screen. Then, on the popup window, provide an appropriate name for your widget and click on Create Widget button.
  • Pick a source dialog box that will appear on your screen. Select Instagram Business from the given options.
  • You have four options for you connection type – Hashtag(#), Handle(@), Mentions, Tagged. Choose the option that suits your need.
  • Finally, click on Create Feed and provide your credentials.

And within the blink of an eye, your feed will appear on your screen. If you want to you can even customize the feed and apply modifications.  

You can customize the feed according to your preference by clicking on Personalize option present on the left-hand side of the screen. You can display banner to display your offers & ads, CTA for enhanced conversion, change the themes of your widget, select the background, change the font size and style of feed and much more. 

Tagembed also offers the moderation feature, which helps you to remove unwanted posts from your feed. You can exercise this feature by clicking on the Moderation option on the left side of the screen. You can manually remove the post or opt for Auto moderation.

Once you are done with changes on the feed, you can move forward to embed the Instagram post into your Shopify store.  

Step 3: Embed Instagram Feed On Shopify store

  • Click on the Embed Widget button present on the bottom left side of your screen.
  • From Choose a Platform popup, choose Shopify. It will redirect you to a new dashboard, which provides you with two options: Install on Shopify and Install on Custom Location.

#1 Install on Shopify

It will automatically embed the feed on your Shopify store. So all you have to do is:

  • Select the page where you want your feed from Select where to install Social Feed dropdown.
  • Next, select your feed from Select Wall to display dropdown. 
  • Finally, choose the position for your feed.
  • Click on Add to Pages.

#2 Install on Custom location

Exercise this option if you want to install the feed on a custom location on your Shopify website. 

  • It will display the embedding code, copy the code on your clipboard.
  • Go to your Shopify store.
  • Click on Themes that appear under Online store.
  • Click on Customize.
  • On the new dialog box, click on Custom content and navigate to Custom HTML under the dropdown.
  • Paste the copied code and save.

Congratulations! Now you have successfully added Instagram content on Shopify store. You can view it live in action, by visiting on your Shopify store.

2. Add Instagram feed with Tagembed Widget

Now you have the potential of Instagram feed to grow your Shopify website that retrieves amazing benefits which you never imagined. 

But how to add Instagram album to your Shopify website? Many tools are available on the internet that you can use to add Instagram feed on shopify website. 

Here you will get to know collecting, curating, and embedding Instagram feed on your Shopify website for free with one of the best social media aggregator tool used by many brands, called Tagembed. 

1. Collect Instagram feed

The first step you need to do is to collect Instagram feed with the help of hashtag, mention, handle, tag, etc. You can use your branded hashtag, mention or tagged posts, fetch Instagram images & videos from your account, or choose trending or popular hashtags that meet your marketing needs. 

So let’s get started with creating and collecting feeds of Instagram for Shopify store with Tagembed:

  • Create a new Instagram Widget or edit the existing Instagram Widget from the dashboard
  • Click on Add Feed from the left side of dashboard and select Instagram or Instagram Business 
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Add-feeds-instagram-1024x473.png
  • Select feed and type a relevant hashtag, handle, mention, or tag into the feed box, right tick checkbox to filter content if required, and then click on the Create Feed button.   
Create instagram feed on shopify store

2. Embed Instagram feed

Once you collected Instagram feed, it’s time to embed them to your Shopify desired web pages or main page of your Shopify website. Hey, but before you add Instagram feed to Shopify website you give them personalize touch and enhance the appearance of gallery that you have fetched from Instagram. 

Follow these steps to easily customize and embed Instagram feed to your Shopify website:

  • Click on the Personalize feature on the sidebar and select amazing themes from the collection to change the background, add banner, alter the style, or do theme setting to make your Instagram content creative, interesting, and engaging. 

To know more about themes ; Instagram feed examples

  • Next, with the Moderation feature on the same sidebar, you can use it to remove a particular Instagram post/s from your Instagram feed that is irrelevant, poor, or obscene, reducing the quality of content to embed on your Shopify website. 
  • Lastly, you are ready to display Instagram album on your Shopify store. Click on the Embed Widget button located at the bottom left of your screen. 
  • A pop-up will appear with different CMS platforms like WordPress, Weebly, Wix, Shopify, HTML, etc. Select Shopify and the next screen will be with embed code or URL. 
  • Copy the embed code and paste it into the backend of your Shopify Website where you want to showcase Instagram feed. 
  • Correctly paste the Embed Code and update the web page or pages to save changes on your Shopify Website. 

That’s it, you have successfully added a Shopify Instagram feed on e-commerce Store or website that grabs your audience’s attention, increase customer engagement, display social proof, and build the authority of your brand on Shopify Store. 

Here’s good news for Shopify Store owners that Tagembed has recently introduced Tagembed Shopify app to easily embed social media feeds directly into the website. It helps make the whole embedding process more efficient, responsive, and smooth. 

Instagram Feed On Shopify

Collect, customize, and add Instagram feeds to Shopify Store

Why Should You Embed Instagram Feed On Shopify Website

Competition is at its peak and it has become too hard for brands and businesses to sell their products and services among their target audience.

In recent times, earning customer trust has become an impossible task for brands and marketers when hundreds of competitors are selling the same products, praising themselves as best in the market. 

But customers are clever now and they know very well whom to trust and where to spend their valuable money. 

Customers believe in real people, their experience, reviews, and social proof before making a purchase decision. 

Hence, Instagram feed works as the power pact content for your marketing needs which all-in-one solution from generating unique content to display social presence to your online audience. 

Check below how adding Instagram feed on Shopify store or website will retrieve amazing results for your business and accomplish your marketing objectives. 

1. Attract Audience Attention

Instagram feed are fully loaded with vibrant colors, creatives, and interesting images. These Instagram images & videos are compelling enough to grab the attention of your audience instantly as they land on your web page. 

Adding Instagram feed on Shopify Website will add more colors to your content and increase the probability to attract more your audience’s attention than a bland traditional form of content.  

2. Increase Engagement & Dwell Time

More than 500 million people like to spend their leisure time engaging with Instagram than any other social media channel. Instagram feeds on Shopify websites offer your customers a novel reason to spend more time on your shopfiy website and engage with your web page content. 

Business organizations can utilize Instagram content in a variety of ways, like embed Instagram hashtag feed, Insta Stories, images, mention posts, or IGTV videos on their Shopify website. 

Visitors will spend more time engaging with your content which means their dwell time also increases on your website and turns to boost audience engagement. 

3. Leverage User-Generated Content

Nowadays people create content for brands or businesses unknowingly in the form of reviews, sharing product images, or uploading posts on Instagram tagging the brand. They advocate the brand with these images and reviews for the brand.

Instagram is popularly used by people to share user-generated content, and brands can find a plethora of Instagram posts featuring their brand or product. Business owners use these posts on their shopify website specifically on e-commerce websites that will impact other users 

For brands and businesses, Instagram is a popular platform to leverage user-generated content to implement in their marketing channels like websites or advertisements. 

4. Build Trust & Authenticity Of Content

Customers are searching for trustworthy and authentic content to believe in. People don’t trust brand-created content and are looking for social proof. 

Instagram feed on your Shopify e-commerce website enhance trustworthy content on your website and showcase content that tells the social presence of your brand and products. 

5. Boost Website Authority & Credibility

Displaying social proof of your brand with the help of Instagram posts boosts the authority of your website. It increases the credibility of your website with content shared by real-life people, not only text-based content created by a brand. 

People find Instagram content realistic, trustworthy, and authentic which increases your Shopify website authority compared to other online stores that do not show Instagram content. 

Over To You…

Shopify is booming and gaining high popularity among brands and businesses to sell their products to target audiences.

As engaging and converting customers are the major objective of every eCommerce website, you can now easily achieve it by embedding Instagram feed to your Shopify website. 

Thank you for reading this blog till last. Hope you get why adding Instagram posts are helpful for your Shopify website marketing and how you can achieve your marketing goals by from Instagram posts. 

Let us know how Instagram feed help you and what changes in customer behavior you noticed. 

On a concluding note, start fetching Instagram posts to enhance your marketing and design powerful strategy that engage, convert, and generate high revenues for your business. 

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