How To Embed Instagram Feed On WordPress Website For Free 2024?

On average, websites have about 50 milliseconds to make a positive first impression on visitors. So how can you make a great first impression and get users to stay on your website in such a short amount of time? With visual content!

The average user will spend 88% more time on a website if it has image & video — and thatโ€™s not all.

Showcasing visual content into your website can result in higher click through rates, average order value, conversion, and revenue. So, how exactly do you get visuals? Embedding Instagram feed on WordPress.

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In this guide, weโ€™ll dive into instructions for how to embed instagram feed on WordPress.

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Quick Guide to Embed Instagram Feed on WordPress!

1. Go to WordPress Plugin store

2. Search for “Tagembed”

3. Install the “Plugin” and “Activate” it

4. Select “Instagram” as a source

5. Enter the post type like “โ€˜Hashtag(#)โ€™, โ€˜Handle(@)โ€™, โ€˜Reelsโ€™, etc.

6. Click on “Create Feed” Button and connect your Instagram business account

7. Customize the feed adding Theme, Banner, Button etc

8. Click on “Publish” button and copy the short code

9. Paste the code where you want it.

How to add Instagram feed on WordPress Website Using WordPress Plugin?

WordPress Instagram plugin allows you to create stunning Instagram widget without touching a single line of code. 

Have a look at the steps to seamlessly integrate Instagram feed into WordPress website using the Tagembed WordPress plugin.

Step 1 โ€“ Install & Activate The Plugin 

Download Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin


  • The second option is to login to the WordPress admin panel, search for the term โ€œTagembedโ€ into the add new WordPress plugin directory section, click on Install button and activate the plugin.
Activate tagembed WordPress plugin

Step 2 – Register on the Plugin & fetch the Instagram content

  • Enter the email address,  password and click on the โ€œRegister buttonโ€.
click on Register
  • You will be redirected to the Add Feeds screen.
  • From Network select โ€œInstagramโ€ or โ€œInstagram Businessโ€.

What Type of Instagram feed you can create:

  • Handle: Fetch the Instagram post from your business account.
  • Mention: Collect the post on which your brand is mentioned.
  • Tagged: Showcase content on which your brand Tagged in.
  • Hashtag: Aggregate User generated content from Instagram.
  • Story: Embed Instagram stories on your WordPress Website.
  • Reels: Create interactive Instagram Reel Feed on WordPress.
  • Choose from the feed type and click on the โ€œCreate Feedโ€ button.
Embed Instagram Feed On WordPress
  • Note: By selecting ‘Create Feed’, you’ll be directed to Instagram for a secure connection. There, you can provide the necessary information to successfully connect to your Instagram account.
Authorize Tagembed to collect Instagram Feed

Step: 3 Choose Theme for Instagram Widget to make it more attractive.

Click on the Choose Theme menu button on the widget to personalize Instagram widget for WordPress as per your choice. You can select from a wide range of themes & layout options. Pick the one that deems fit by viewing the preview on the Display tab.

Instagram Handle Feed On WordPress

Step 4: Filter the Unwanted Content:

Tip: You can also Filter feeds to choose relevant Instagram feeds to display. You can use private or delete any unwanted or inappropriate content from the Instagram feed Widget.

Step 5 โ€“ Customize Your Instagram Feed for WordPress website

In this section you can beautify your widget card style, add banner etc. Once you are satisfied with the look of the Instagram feeds, and you are ready to embed it. 

Step 6: Embed the Instagram feed on WordPress website

  • Copy the embed code 
Instagram Profile Feed On WordPress
  • Choose your page or blog where you want to embed Instagram Widget on WordPress website. Click the (+) Add Block button and choose Shortcode or Tagembed Widget.
Embed Instagram Feed on WordPress using Shortcode
  • Lastly, Paste the shortcode in the editor and click the Publish or Update button. Hence, Instagram Feeds are live on your WordPress website.
Add Instagram Profile Feed On WordPress
  • Now, you can check the live page where you have embedded Instagram Feed on WordPress Website.

Instagram Feed Plugin For WordPress

Collect, moderate, and Integrate Instagram Feed on WordPress Website

Install Plugin

Method 2: Embed Instagram feed on WordPress Using Instagram aggregator

If you do not wish to use the plugin, you can utilize the second method to display Instagram feed on WordPress website using the Tagembed Instagram aggregator for WordPress tool.ย 

The Tagembed widget tool is a leading social media aggregator that is designed to enable users to collect, curate, and embed social media feeds on the website. The tool offers various advanced features to increase the effectiveness and impact of your widget.

The users can customize their Instagram widget using a variety of customization options, the moderation panel, and analyze the content after publishing.

Embed Instagram Feed on WordPress

Collect, moderate, and add Instagram Feed on WordPress website

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Step 1 โ€“ Collect Instagram Feed Without Plugin

A). Begin the process by logging into your Tagembed account (No Credit Card Required). You can sign up for a free account if you are a new user.

Sign up to embed Instagram feed on wordpress website

B). After logging in, you will be directed to the dashboard section of the platform. You will either get two options. Select “Social Widget”

embed intagram on wp

However, if you are an existing user of the platform, you will need to create a new widget. Click on the Create widget option on the top right corner of the screen and click on the Add feeds option.

C). A pop-up menu will appear. Select Instagram as your content aggregation option.

add insta feed on wordpress

D). Next, you need to choose your connection type from the following:

Choose the feed type, and click on the Create Feed button.

Add Instagram Feed On WordPress

Step 2 โ€“ Customize The Instagram Feed & Generate The Embed Code 

A). The next step is to customize the Instagram feed exactly as per your likes and preferences. Once done, you need to click on the Embed Widget option on the bottom left corner of the widget editor.

Click on the embed widget button

B). A pop-up window will appear. You need to select WordPress as your website building platform.

Add Instagram Feed On WordPress

C). You will have the option to adjust the height and width of your Instagram widget as per the look of your website and click on the Get Code option. 

D). You need to copy the embed code and paste it into the clipboard

Embed Instagram Feed on WordPress

Collect, moderate, and add Instagram Feed on WordPress website

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Step 3 โ€“ Display Instagram Feed on WordPress Website

A). Embed Instagram Feed On WordPress Editor 5.0 

  • Log into your WordPress account and visit the web page to add Instagram feed on WordPress.ย 
  • Choose the +Add Block option 
  • Select the formatting option and then Custom HTML 
  • Paste the copied embed code 
  • Save the changes by clicking on the Publish button.

B). Add Instagram Feed On The Classic WordPress Version

  • Start by logging into your WordPress account and navigate to the webpage where you wish to embed Instagram feed on WordPress
  • On the right section of the page, choose the Text mode 
  • Paste the embed code in the area where you want to display Instagram feed
  • To complete the process, click on the Publish button

Embed Instagram Feed on WordPress

Collect, moderate, and add Instagram Feed on WordPress website

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Method 3 – Embed Instagram Feed on WordPress Website by Instagram

This method is the best free alternative to add Instagram Feed on WordPress website but the only drawback is that you cannot customize the feed and you have to embed them manually one by one on your website. Here are the simple steps to embed Instagram Feed on WordPress website using Instagram oembed.

1. Login to your Instagram account and choose the image you wish to embed Instagram feed on WordPress

2. Click on the three dot (…) to open more options menu.

3. Select Embed and copy the embed code for the particular post.

4. Paste the embed code on the backend of your website and it done.

5. Save the changes made and reload your webpage to view the live embedded Instagram Feed on WordPress website.

Thatโ€™s it, the feed will appear in your post.

Why Should You Embed Instagram Feed on WordPress Websites

1. Increase The Vibrancy Of The Website 

Instagram is a platform that is full of stunning visuals and vibrant content created by the users of the platform. Further, embedding Instagram Feed on website can be a great way to improve the overall look of your website. 

Apart from the websiteโ€™s content, users tend to pay more attention to the design bit of the website as well. Embedding content from a bright platform like Instagram can be a game-changer. 

2. Boost The Engagement Of The Visitors 

The engagement of the visitors depicts their interest in your brand and its products. However, engaging them is not as easy as it may sound. You would require an interesting element on the website that is engaging enough to keep them hooked. 

Instagram is a highly engaging platform, and people love scrolling through their feeds. When you display Instagram feed on WordPress website, you showcase engaging content that would eventually lead to more engagement.ย 

3. More Sales & Conversions

As mentioned earlier, Instagram users use the platform to express and post content around brands and their products. Such content is referred to as User-Generated Content, and it is extremely trustworthy and highly leveraged by potential users during their shopping journey. 

Embedding such content works well to gain trust and instil confidence in the potential users that would lead to more sales & conversions. 

Instagram Feed Plugin For WordPress

Collect, moderate, and Embed Instagram Feed on WordPress Website

Install Plugin

How to Embed Instagram Feed on Popular WordPress Themes?

  • Divi Theme – Divi is amongst the most popular and preferred WordPress themes for its users. This theme comes with an integrated page builder that uses drag and drop technology to create the preferred website. Moreover, Divi has a great price tag that makes it even more in demand! 
  • Astra Theme – Leveraged by the leading companies globally, Astra is another highly popular WordPress theme that enables its users to customize their website as per their style. Customization options include different layout options, headers, and many page-style settings. 
  • Avada Theme – Avada is amongst the best-selling WordPress themes of all time. The theme caters to a lot of sections, including photography, fashion, travel, E-Commerce, gym, etc. The theme offers about five header layout options to choose from for customizing it. 
  • Ocean WP Theme – Ocean WP is extremely popular and known for its extremely impressive set of customization options. The best part about this theme is that you can choose your preferred choice from two pricing options. 
  • Neve Theme – Neve tops the list of being the fastest and lightweight WordPress plugins. With over 80 starter-ready sites and many added every month. The customizer of the theme allows the users to adjust every aspect of the website, right from layouts to headers and footers. 

Embed Instagram Feed on WordPress

Collect, moderate, and add Instagram Feed on WordPress website

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Demos of embedded Instagram Feeds, Reels, and Hashtags on WordPress Websites

WordPress lets you have an appealing online presence,  but by adding Instagram feed on WordPress, you make it more pleasing to the eye. You can refer to the image below as an example of Instagram feed for WordPress to get an idea of how creative it can make your website.

Instagram Feed on WordPress

After all, when people browse through your website, your website should enhance their surfing experience. It eventually helps you in building an ever-lasting impression in the minds of your visitors. The more attractive and engaging your website is, the better it is for engagement & reputation. 

Additionally, you also got an insight into the benefits of adopting Instagram strategy into your marketing game. Go on now, choose the method that works best for you and take your business multiple steps towards success!


To display Instagram live feed on WordPress easily, you need a Tagembed WordPress plugin. Then Collect the Instagram Feed using Instagram Handle, hashtag, mentions, etc. methods, organize & filter them and finally display Instagram Feed on WordPress.

To add Instagram Feed WordPress plugin using carousel theme, you need to choose the theme option from the Tagembed WordPress plugin and customize the feed using carousel theme. In the Tagembed WordPress plugin themes section, you can choose Classic Carousel, Horizontal carousel or Slider from the theme library and then choose to embed Instagram Feed to WordPress website accordingly.

Follow the simple 5 steps to add your Instagram Feed to WordPress without plugins:
Step 1 – Sign Up for your Free Tagembed Account (No Credit Card Required)
Step 2 – Create your first widget and select Instagram as your source to collect feeds.
Step 3 – Choose your connection method from hashtag, handle, reels, stories, IGTV and more.
Step 4 – Customize your feed widget and then proceed generate an embed code.
Step 5 – Copy the embed code and paste it into the backend of your website webpage where you wish to embed Instagram Feed on your WordPress website.
Hence, your Instagram Feed will be embedded on your WordPress website.

You can easily aggregate, curate, and display Instagram feed gallery on WordPress website using a responsive plugin like the Tagembed WordPress plugin. The process is as simple as collecting, curating, and embedding Instagram feeds.

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