7 Best Birdeye Alternatives Compared In 2024

In today’s digital landscape, online reputation management has become paramount for brands. The first interaction your potential customers have with your brand is through online customer reviews. This will make online reputation management an essential part of your marketing strategy to draw the attention of your prospective customers. Based on customer feedback, Birdeye is an online reputation management platform designed to help brands manage their online reviews and read insights. Birdeye enables users to automate customer review responses and manage their listings on third-party review sites. However, due to its high price, businesses turn to Birdeye alternatives that offer comparable or greater features at an affordable price. 

Looking for an all-in-one solution that can be an ideal Birdeye alternative? Well, Tagembed has emerged as one of the best alternatives to Birdeye. Read this blog to learn more about Tagembed, its features, and other Birdeye alternatives. So, without further pauses, let’s get started!

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Top Reasons For Shifting To A Birdeye Alternative in 2024

Due to some profound shortcomings, many Birdeye users are actively looking for alternatives. Here are some key features why you should consider shifting to the Birdeye alternative: 

1. Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Birdeye is costly, making many users switch to other alternatives. Brands with limited review management budgets may find the platform costly. As compared to other alternatives, the features offered in Birdeye packages are limited. 

2. Customer Support

At times, the customer support of Birdeye is limited. Customer service is very attractive to brands because they know they will get the support they need.

3. Limited Integrations

With other systems, Birdeye has few integrations. For brands, this might be a disadvantage that requires many tools and platforms for their online marketing strategies.

Key Factors To Look At While Selecting Birdeye Alternatives: 

While picking Birdeye alternatives there are four major key factors to look at. These factors are mentioned below: 

1. Features 

The best software is that is well-equipped with amazing features. Brands need to select the software that provides tools to enhance their online presence. With Birdeye, the value for money becomes very questionable given the amount of features the product offers.

2. Reviews

To understand whether a company keeps its promises, reviews are an important element. Reviews are a great way to let customers know whether a product or service is right for them. Positive reviews provide insight into what the brand has to offer, while negative reviews highlight areas for improvement.

3. Pricing 

When deciding on Birdeye alternatives, price is another important factor to consider in your final decision. At a reasonable price, you should look for a Birdeye alternative that offers maximum features.

4. Support 

To make your audience trust your business, one of the main components is customer support service. If a review management platform doesn’t offer the best customer support, your productivity will be affected and you will not be able to achieve the efficiency you require. 

Tagembed – The Ideal Birdeye Alternative 

One of the finest social media & review aggregator tools in the market, Tagembed is the ideal Birdeye alternative. From more than 20 platforms, this aggregator tool collects content and reviews. Tagembed allows users to curate and personalize the collected content as per their requirements. You can easily embed online customer reviews on your website in simple steps by following some basic steps. You don’t need any technical expertise because Tagembed is a code-free tool. 

Tagembed features customization options that enable users to customize their review widgets as per their requirements. To make your review widget look organized, Tagembed offers various themes and layouts that make your website visually appealing. 

Features That Make Tagembed An Amazing Tool 

Here are some of the major features that you can enjoy while using the Tagembed tool: 

1. Customization 

As per your requirements, you can customize your widget with the Tagembed. You can adjust the font size, and change the widget color, and font style. To improve the overall appearance of your widget, you can provide all desired modifications. A visually appealing widget can draw the attention of your website visitors. 

2. Responsive Widget 

Responsive Widget is another great feature that Tagembed offers to its users. With the responsive widget, your users can enjoy the website irrespective of the device they are using as the widget adjusts itself as per screen size. 

3. Auto-Update 

The auto-update features display the latest content to your website visitors without manually refreshing the widget. You must offer all the latest updates and content to keep your website visitors engaged and entertained. 

4. Moderation 

You can filter out unwanted or abusive reviews with the help of the moderation feature. You can remove them by using the profanity filter or manually by selecting them one by one. The profanity filter feature of the tool automatically removes them which consists of the relevant keywords. 

Level Up Your Website Presence: Other Birdeye Alternatives 

We have prepared a list of the best Birdeye alternatives that help you in providing great results. Let’s check out the list: 

1. Yotpo


Yotpo is an e-commerce platform for customer feedback and user-generated content(UGC). Compared to many alternatives to Birdeye, the major selling feature of Yotpo is its affordability. The businesses looking to create a robust review management strategy, the features at the free and lower-priced tiers may not be enough. For small businesses, they can be a good place to get started to build up reviews. 

Key Features- 

  • To provide online customer reviews automatically with emails, businesses can prompt their customers. 
  • User-generated content boosts reviews by encouraging customers to benefit from products. The UGC galleries of Yotpo allow brands to showcase the UGC in a visually appealing way. 

2. Reviews.io


Reviews.io is a review management software that allows brands to gather positive reviews across social media and display them on the website for social proof. It is a go-to platform for businesses that are looking for Birdeye alternatives that can enhance their online brand reputation and convert more customers by using user-generated content(UGC).Β 

Key Features- 

  •  Reviews.io invites customers to leave reviews on different e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, AliExpress, etc. 
  • Adequate review management is another feature of Reviews.io that is quite essential for reputation management. 

3. BrightLocal 


For marketers and brands, BrightLocal is a review management platform. For businesses, this review platform replies to reviews automatically, manages feedback, generates reviews, and monitors industry websites. BrightLocal offers a 14-day free trial of the tool to its users. 

Key Features-

  • From different platforms, it lets you stay on top of customer reviews, and its easy user interface makes it simple and intuitive. 
  • BrightLocal offers a range of customizable dashboard and reporting options. 

4. Podium 


One of the main characteristics of Podium is that it simplifies communication between local businesses and their customers. To facilitate interactions, it leverages text messaging that will make it easy for businesses to collect reviews on popular platforms. This platform manages and responds to online customer reviews and facilitates seamless communication through text messaging. 

Key Features- 

  • Businesses can develop stronger relationships and enhance their reputation by providing an efficient and positive customer experience. 
  • To improve the local SEO of brands, Podium provides online listing management tools. 

5. Broadly 


Broadly keep track of online customer reviews and customer comments. For managing the brand’s reputation, Broadly is one of the key Birdeye alternatives. This makes it an online marketing, customer experience, and lead generation platform. This platform offers a 30-day free trial to its users. 

Key Features- 

  • From a central dashboard, Broadly monitor and respond to online customer reviews. 
  • For small businesses, Broadly is simple and easy to use and provides a customer feedback analytics tool. 

6. JustReview 


JustReview helps simplify the procedure of gathering and displaying customer feedback. To solicit reviews, the customizable review request templates make it easy for businesses. To match their brand voice and communication style, this feature enables businesses to tailor their review requests. 

Key Features- 

  • To leverage social proof efficiently, JustReviews offers tools for embedding reviews on websites. 
  • JustReview is designed with simplicity. 

Wrapping Up! 

For online review management, Birdeye surely has some features for businesses but it won’t be enough if it doesn’t meet their requirements. To stay up-to-date in the online world, a business needs unique features but Birdeye doesn’t have some advanced features. 

Tagembed emerges as one of the powerful Birdeye alternatives. For businesses seeking to boost their online presence, the customization features along with moderation, pricing, analytics, and customer support will make it the best choice. For leveraging customer reviews to drive more success, consider Tagembed as your go-to platform. 

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