Top 10 Stupefying Customer Feedback Widget & Tools In 2024

In the online marketplace, customer feedback is vital for any business to grow and succeed. Customer feedback helps ensure that your services or products are solving problems or delivering something that customers want. Gathering customer feedback can be challenging, but improving customer experience, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty is important. This is where the Feedback widget comes into play. 

More than 80% of customers say they will leave a company if they have more than one review regarding customer experience as per Zendesk. Responding to customer feedback is important to improve customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty. In this blog, learn about the top customer feedback widget and tools, their importance, and their key features. Let’s get started! 

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What Do You Understand By Customer Feedback Tools?

A customer feedback widget is a tool or software that helps brands take customer feedback from their service or product to understand the customer experience. Depending on the software or app, brands can gather feedback data through forums, online reviews, and pop-up surveys. 

Businesses can develop a feedback loop enabling them to be proactive about increasing customer satisfaction. With performance improvement plan templates, businesses provide their internal teams with critical feedback. Brands can embed feedback widgets on their website with the help of these tools that can easily collect customer feedback. 

Different Types Of Feedback Tools 

There are many types of customer feedback forms available in the digital landscape. Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys and images are better than words sometimes which can provide more valuable feedback than real-time feedback. Collecting customer feedback on social media with the help of a feedback widget can be better than on-page feedback. Here are some more types of feedback tools: 

  • Live chats 
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Online reviews 
  • Forms shared on social media 
  • Emails 
  • Forums
  • Embedded feedback forums on a website
  • Questionnaires

List Of Customer Feedback Widget & Tools: 

The below-mentioned list highlights the top customer feedback tools that offer advanced functionalities to gather feedback. 

1. Tagembed Review Widget 

Tagembed Reviews Widget

The Tagembed Review widget is a customer feedback tool that offers the collection, curation, and embedding of customer reviews with the help of a feedback widget. The review widget of the Tagembed tool collects all the customer reviews from the best review sites like Google reviews, Facebook, Amazon, Yelp, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, AliExpress, etc, and embeds them on your website. 

With several e-commerce tools like Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify, etc. Tagembed integrates seamlessly. Tagembed enables businesses to embed their reviews on their websites through different personalized widgets.

2. EmbedForms 


For collecting customer feedback in the online market, EmbedForms is the newest online form builder. The feedback widget tool has a flexible form editor that enables anyone to create feedback forms or contact forms in seconds. Embedding form on any website is the greatest asset of the EmbedForms. Users can design beautiful, personalized web forms and interactive form widgets with EmbedForms. 

3. Hubspot 


The customer feedback widget of Hubspot enables you to create and customize surveys so that users can gather feedback from your customers about how your business is performing. Hubspot offers different types of surveys you can choose from such as net promoter score analysis (NPS), customer effort score (CES), and customer satisfaction (CSAT). 

Hubspot customer feedback tool will help you understand what your customers think about your business. You’ll always have a seamless experience with the Hubspot customer feedback tool. 

4. Hotjar 


Hotjar provides feedback through tools such as heatmaps, session recordings, and surveys because it is a behavior analytics company that analyzes website use. You can gather customer feedback and turn more website visitors into customers with Hotjar. Hotjar also adds value to the data and insights from tools such as Google Analytics by running it through their behavior. By using the built-in survey templates, Hotjar creates surveys within minutes. 

5. Qualaroo 


Due to the feature-rich customizable templates and versatile abilities, Qualaroo is among the best customer feedback widget tools. Using Qualaroo templates, users can create different types of surveys like CSAT, NPS, UES, CEC, etc. which makes it one of the best customer feedback tools. As a product reputation management and customer feedback tool, Qualaroo has gained a solid reputation. The Sentiment Analysis of Qualaroo is an Artificial Intelligence based that makes feedback analysis simple. 

6. Google Forms 

Google Forms 

Google Forms is an effective way to create forms and surveys quickly and easily without modifying them. This is is a popular customer feedback tool created for everyone and is free to use. You can create NPS, CSAT, CES, quizzes, or assessments for free with Google Forms. For several researchers, it is excellent for creating questionnaires where branding is not of great importance.

7. Survey Monkey 

Survey Monkey 

When the word survey is mentioned, the first brand that stocks the mind is Survey Monkey. For your respondents, creating market research surveys, completing quizzes, and collecting stakeholder feedback, and polls, Survey Monkey is a great tool. For almost every area, this survey tool has a library full of professionally created survey templates. You can share your survey through mobile, chat, email, and social media with the Survey Monkey survey tool. 

8. AskNicely 


By gathering feedback based on the NPS framework and prompting businesses to take quick action, AskNicely assists businesses measure customer feedback. For NPS, at an affordable price to increase customer retention and referrals for revenue expansion, AskNicely is one of the best customer feedback widget tools. With the help of AskNicely, users can design short surveys or multiple-question conversational surveys. 

9. SurveySparrow 


With the help of SurveySparrow, you can create engaging surveys for your customers. The chat-like surveys provided by SurveySparrow will give customers feel like they’re having a conversation with their friends. SurveySparrow creates memorable surveys and makes your customer feel comfortable as they express their opinion about the business. SurveySparrow enables you to create personalized surveys for your customers.

10. Feefo 


Focusing on online customer reviews, Feefo provides an authentic way to gather customer feedback that follows a strict verification process. With online customer reviews, to help your brand get discovered, Feefo makes it possible to go beyond the stars of what customers are thinking about your brand’s products or services. For customer success, transparency and trust in these interactions develop customer retention which enables businesses to build a reputation for themselves. 

11. Jotform


This is a widely used form builder with many different features. Jotform Survey Maker makes it easier for you to create your surveys by offering pinpointed templates that will fit everything you need. Use their immaculate conditional logic features to make sure your surveys are unique and tailored to everyone. Collect feedback from your customers and track your data using their form analytics features. Easily embed your surveys into your website or even share them with just a link or a QR code to immediately start collecting feedback.

Key Aspects To Look For In Customer Feedback Tool:

Keep the following key points in mind when searching for the best customer feedback widget tools. 

1. Customization 

For every business, customization is a very crucial factor. Before deploying them on our digital assets, you should customize your surveys as per your branding. Select the customer feedback widget tool that provides you with full customization features along with branding options. 

2. Easy-Use Interface 

You might search for a better alternative if a tool is difficult to use. Without complicating the process, a tool should help you simply gather feedback. When selecting a customer feedback-collecting tool, consider ease of use as a deciding factor. 

3. Integration Capabilities 

The customer feedback widget tool should seamlessly integrate with customer service tools. Your customer feedback tools ensure a smooth and streamlined workflow and data sharing integrating third-party platforms. Always look for customer feedback tools that can integrate with multiple platforms. 

4. Should Be Affordable 

A customer feedback widget tool should be affordable for small and medium businesses. Make sure that the money you are spending on the tool is worth buying. Because in the end, if the tool provides great results then no money is wasted. 

What Is The Importance Of Customer Feedback?

To deliver an outstanding customer experience, collecting feedback on the website is essential. It becomes far more challenging to address the issues and concerns of your customers if you don’t understand what your prospective customers and website visitors are thinking. To businesses looking to improve their services across the board, collecting feedback on a website can be highly useful. 

Here are some major benefits of having a feedback widget on your website to gather customer feedback. 

1. Improves Your Products And Services 

Listening to what your customers have to say about your brand and their experience with your business will help you identify the areas of improvement. Through delivery and development teams, the smallest of issues can go unnoticed and may cost businesses a lot of their customers. Collecting customer feedback is important for your brands and services as it will help you analyze the experience customers face in their interactions with your brand. 

2. Helpful In High-Level Planning 

You will be amazed by the results if you know how to collect and analyze customer feedback with the help of a feedback widget. Customer feedback is the ultimate way for you to filter out the information you need apart from customer reviews and experiences. 

3. Assist In Making Business Predictions 

If you know how to look at the data, knowing how your customers feel about your products and services gives you deeper insight into your brand. The Sentiment Analysis tool helps you track and analyze written feedback. Customer feedback empowers you to make specific business predictions to take a proactive approach. 

Final Verdict 

Whatever insights you collect about your brand’s products and services, customer feedback widget tools play a crucial role. With our list of top customer feedback tools for your website, you can easily compare the features of each tool and choose the one that perfectly suits your needs. Gathering and using feedback to improve and better serve your customers can make a difference in the success of your business. Act on the actionable insights, once you found the tool and improve your overall customer experience! 

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