Make 2024 Fruitful With Elfsight Google Reviews Alternatives

As humans, we always look for alternatives to the prevailing trend, as an alternative might turn out to be better than the present trend. With time people are actively opting to have reviews on their websites, and hence often Elfsight Google reviews widget to showcase reviews related to their respective businesses.

We know the impact of Google reviews on the business. BrightLocal says 81% of consumers use Google to evaluate their business. Hence, the trend of using Google review widget for the website is catching up with online stores and e-commerce platforms.

But merely having a Google review widget for business does not satisfy businesses and does not help in achieving marketing goals. Therefore, it is essential to use the Google reviews widget that not only fulfills the task of showcasing reviews but also helps the website to get more engaging, impressive, and functional. 

After keeping in mind the above mentioned aspects, we have created the list of best Elfsight Google reviews alternatives that you can utilize to collect and display Google reviews on the website. We have filtered them on the basis of their features offered, ease of use, and pricing, and as per our analysis, these tools stand tall at best.

But before getting into the core of the topic and understanding the tools, it is essential to have a clear picture in mind of what are Google reviews widget is and how it helps businesses to flourish.

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What Is A Google Review Widget?

Google review widget is a functional block on the website that enables users to showcase reviews and feedback from their customers. Various tools in the market help you in collecting and display Google reviews on the website.

These tools also help you to add a Google review widget to the website. We will talk about such tools in detail later in this blog. And will learn about the different aspects of these tools. The widget helps to increase the visibility of the business’s positive reviews. It can also help to improve the business’s online reputation by showcasing its satisfied customers.

Using a Google review widget can also help to build trust with potential customers. Who may be researching the business online, as they can see real, unbiased reviews from previous customers? Additionally, Google reviews are a critical factor in local search rankings. So having positive reviews prominently displayed on a website can help to improve a business’s search engine visibility.

1. Increased Visibility:

By displaying customer reviews on your website, you can increase your online presence and visibility. This can also help you to stand out from your competitors and build trust with potential customers.

2. Social Proof:

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people are more likely to trust and follow the actions of others. By displaying positive customer reviews on your website, you can leverage social proof to persuade potential customers to choose your business.

3. Improved SEO:

Google reviews can help improve your search engine rankings. The more positive reviews you have, the more likely your business will appear higher in search engine results.

4. Increased Customer Engagement:

Google reviews widget can help increase customer engagement on your website. By allowing customers to leave reviews directly on your site, you can encourage them to share their experiences with others.

5. Valuable Feedback:

Reviews can provide valuable feedback for businesses. By monitoring reviews, businesses can gain insights into what customers like and dislike about their products or services and use this information to improve their offerings.

Best Elfsight Google Reviews Alternatives

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Elfsight Google Reviews Alternatives To Look Out For

As Google reviews work as one of the key marketing tools for your business, it is important to choose an appropriate tool for this purpose. We have prepared a list of the best tools that help you in providing great results.

#1. Tagembed Review Widget

Tagembed is one of the best tools currently available in the market. The tool helps you in collecting feeds from 20+ platforms that include all the major review platforms, along with Google reviews. Besides collecting the feed, the tool also allows you to curate and customize the feed and assists in displaying them on the website. The tool’s dedicated Google review widget helps you showcase Google reviews from your Google My Business account. The process to embed Google reviews on the website using Tagembed is simple and does not require any coding knowledge or skills.

Alongside making the whole embedding process simple and manageable, the tool also offers various helpful features that help you to maximize the benefit of using the widget. The feature includes a customization feature that allows users to personalize their widgets as per their needs; they can change font size, font style, and more to make widgets presentable and pleasing to the eyes. Users also have the option to moderate the content, which means they can choose to showcase the reviews that they wish to and hide those that they think are inappropriate or unwanted.

Pricing Plan:

Tagembed Review Pricing Plan

Tagembed provides affordable pricing plans that fit everyone’s budget. The Lite plan is free of cost and offers 2000 views per month. The basic plan costs 9 dollars per month, while the Pro plan is $19 and the Plus plan is $39 per month. That means if you only opt for Google reviews, you can get them for free. And if you choose to show more feeds alongside Google reviews, you just need to pay $39 per month, and you can get 15 more feeds with unlimited views.

#2. Review-Widget

Review widget is a dedicated tool that enables users to gather and display Google reviews on their respective websites. It is compatible with all types of websites, and by following a few simple steps, you can easily embed a Google review widget on the website.

The modern and appealing designs from the widget help you in showcasing your reviews on your website with ease. The broad range of widget templates helps to flaunt your reviews in style and make an everlasting impression on your visitors. Based on your liking, you can opt to showcase the reviews or even choose to flaunt the star ratings.

Pricing Plans:

Review Widget Pricing Plans

Recommended by the website itself, the Pro plan costs you $60 with unlimited views. In this plan, you can choose the rating widget and comment widget. The free plan only offers a rating widget, which means, you can only showcase ratings using the free plans, to showcase comments as well you need to buy the Pro plan.

#3. Just-Review

As the name suggests, the Just-review tool only focuses on integrating your website with review platforms. It provides you with a dedicated Google review widget for the website that enables users in showcasing Google reviews on the website.

Like the other tools mentioned above, even this Elfsight Google reviews alternative helps you in collecting Google reviews related to your business as well. Majorly it has 6 types of options for showcasing reviews, which are – Review badge, Just review testimonials, JustReview Counters, JustReview Summary, JustReview Stars, and JustReview Page. Each solves the purpose and helps you in different cases.

Pricing Plans:

Just Review Pricing Plans

The free plan of the tool allows you to only showcase 100 reviews. While the plus plan of the tool that allows 1000 reviews costs 9 euros which converts to approx $9.53, the Pro plan costs 19 euros, and the Ultimate plan costs 39 euros, which converts to $20.13, and $41.31, respectively.

#4. Review-Grower

Review-grower is another brilliant tool that works for your review management. That means alongside helping you to embed the Google review widget on the website, it also provides other services such as review generation, review monitoring, review marketing, and more.

This review tool enables users to showcase reviews using review cards, review trust badges, and even on your different social media platforms. You avail of different pricing plans and even request reviews from your consumers.

Pricing Plans:

Review Grower Pricing Plans

This Elfsight Google review alternative does not have any free plan. The pricing plans are as follows.

  • Growth plan – $99 per month.
  • Scale – $199 per month.
  • White label – $199 per month.

Each offers a different location and varied services.

#5. Reviews-On-My-Website

Last, but not least, Reviews On My Website is a coding-free tool that helps you in adding a Google review widget to your website. It is compatible with various review platforms and allows you to showcase Google reviews on your website without breaking any sweat.

The coding-free operations of the tool make it one of the best Elfsight Google reviews alternatives. The tool is compatible with all types of websites and provides fast and secure solutions for displaying Google reviews on websites. By following a few simple steps, you can easily get a Google review widget and add it to your website.

Pricing Plans:

Reviews On My Website Pricing Plans

The tool does not have any free pricing plans. The starter pack costs $9 per month which allows users to showcase unlimited reviews and connect to unlimited review sites. So, if you are looking for a Google review exclusive, you need to pay $9 per month, The Growth plan costs $29 per month, while the Premium plan is $59 per month.

In The End

There you have it, these were the best Elfsight Google reviews alternatives for your website. The Google review widget is important for websites. Because it allows businesses to display their Google reviews on their website, providing social proof and increasing credibility. 

So what are you waiting for? Try these tools now and take your business to new heights, but keep the budget in mind as well.

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