Top Google Customer Reviews Examples For An Impactful Website

Are you searching for a footwear brand or a salon service in your nearby locality, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you explore the best options?ย Undoubtedly, reaching out to the phone and checking out the customer reviews and examples of the brand! Isnโ€™t it?ย 

In todayโ€™s digital era, there is a multitude of review platforms available online that can help brands engage and convert their potential customers. However, Google customer reviews have emerged to become the biggest online review platform.ย 

The considerable shift of potential customers from leveraging the brandโ€™s promotional content to using the validation of existing customers has encouraged brands to publish Google customer reviews on their websites.ย In this post, we will be telling you about the relevance of this strategy. A few ways in which you can easily embed Google customer reviews examples on your website.ย 

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What Are Google Customer Reviews? 

Simply put, Google enables brands to create their Google My Business page, which can be used by the brand users to leave their valuable feedback and their experience with the brand.ย 

Embedding Google reviews on the website is a much-sought strategy that allows businesses to build their brand reputation and showcase how much their customers vouch for their products. 

Further collecting and embedding a Google review widget on your website can offer a few amazing benefits like never seen before. We will be highlighting the incredible benefits as you continue reading the post. 

However, here are a few ways in which you can easily collect Google reviews. 

Different Ways To Collect The Google Customer Reviews 

Even though the most common option for collecting reviews on Google is the opt-in form every time the customers make a purchase. There are various other ways to collect the reviews as well. 

1. Reviews Opt-In 

In this option, the customer receives mail after they purchase if they have opted in for the option. The customers can leave their reviews using the opt-in option and express their experience with the brand. 

2. Reviews Survey 

If your customers have decided to opt in, then they will receive a survey in the form of a questionnaire in their mail. Based on their experience, the customers can give a rating to the brand. 

3. Brand Ratings 

The overall brand ratings are displayed on the Search ads option. The brand ratings are like an extension that helps prospective customers determine the brands with the highest ratings and purchase products according to the brand ratings. 

Tagembed – The Perfect Google Review Aggregator Tool

tagembed new

If you are wondering about how you can aggregate the valuable feedback of your customers, then the process can be completed using a tool like Tagembed. 

Referred to as a leading review aggregator platform – Tagembed. It allows users to collect, curate, and embed content from various sources including Google reviews. The reviews can be aggregated from the preferred connection type of the users. The users can either aggregate content from Google Places or the Google My Business page. 

Furthermore, the users can customize the widget how they want it to look. The users can select from a variety of options like fonts, colors, themes, layouts, etc. The profanity filter of the tool can be used to keep the quality of content in check. 

Tagembed comes with various other features like automatic instant content updates and a robust back support team for assisting users every time they come across an issue while using Tagembed. 

It enables you to connect all major online review platforms, making it simple for you to flaunt reviews to your website visitors from various sources. Some of the major sources that you shouldnโ€™t miss out on or we recommend using are:

a). Google Reviews

The most trusted and one of the most popular review platforms. As per BringLocal, 81% of consumers said they read Google reviews to evaluate businesses. It is backed by our beloved Google and hence has that credibility.

b). Facebook Reviews

Being the king of social media platforms, it has the most number of users amongst all social media platforms. It also provides the facility to its users that they post their reviews for a brand on their particular Facebook page.

c). Yelp Reviews

Yelp is another trusted platform that is known for providing a space for consumers to provide feedback related to any business. As per recent research, it receives 26,830 new reviews per minute. That means businesses have a great opportunity to get reviews and showcase them on their website.

d). Airbnb Reviews

If you are in the hospitality business, then you must be aware of Airbnb reviews. It stands as the most prominent online review platform when we talk about hospitality businesses.

e). Etsy Reviews

Etsy helps businesses list their products, as there are around 43 different Etsy product categories on the platform. Byers often consider visiting the platform before making their purchase as it helps to understand businesses better.

f). TripAdvisor Reviews

By offering honest and reliable reviews of hotels, staycations, and tourism, this review platform assists globetrotters in planning their trips. As per the survey conducted by Statista, Tripadvisor reviews flourished to 8 million reviews as of 2023 which includes accommodation, experience, restaurants, tourism activities, and airlines.ย 

g). Amazon Reviewsย 

One of the largest e-commerce platforms globally, Amazon also works as a review platform. From books to electronics, from fashion to household items, Amazon sells incredibly a plethora of items. About a specific product, prospective buyers can ask questions in the Q&A section of Amazon where both the seller and other existing customers provide credible feedback. This interactive feature sets Amazon reviews apart.ย ย 

h). AliExpress Reviewsย 

For just everything you want, AliExpress is a wonderful e-commerce platform. AliExpress is spread across 220 countries with an exceptional 150 million buyers. For sellers who are looking to extend their business around the world, AliExpress reviews are a great opportunity.ย 

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5+ Best Google Customer Reviews Examples To Display Reviews On The Website:

1. Review Carousel


The first Google review example that we are going to highlight is the Review Carousel option. Carousels have gained popularity on social media platforms as they allow users to display a variety of content in one go. 

Adding Google reviews in the Review carousel theme allows website visitors to go through one review at a time and swipe if they wish to read more. 

2. Widget (Sidebar)


Using this option, the users can embed Google customer reviews examples in the form of a sidebar widget. This theme option is great to display on your product pages or if you have an exclusive discount going on your website. 

Displaying a review sidebar widget on your webpage would work well to convert your visitors seamlessly into your existing customers. If the customers are confused about making a purchase, they can go through the reviews and make up their minds. 

3. Review Box


Next up, another good option to add Google reviews examples on the website is using the Review box theme. This theme enables brands to display customer reviews examples in the form of a square box. 

The best part about the theme is that it allows brands to embed several reviews in one go. In this theme, the brand can display the 5-star ratings of the users along with their feedback in a synchronized format, all at the same time.ย 

4. List View


Quite similar to the Review box theme, the List view allows the users to display the star ratings and the feedback at once. However, the reviews will be displayed in a vertical format. 

Overall, this theme looks great and holds the potential to upscale the overall look of your website, and displays Google customer review examples in a presentable format. 

5. Testimonial Slider (Classical Carousel) 


One of the most eye-pleasing ways to display customer reviews on the website is using the Testimonial slider. The testimonial slider displays the customer reviews in a detailed format with the ratings in rectangular boxes.  

It helps website visitors to have a deeper understanding of your brand from the user’s perspective. Alongside it, the slider makes the website alluring, organized, and presentable.

6. Snap Card


The last theme option on the list is Snap Card. This theme is amongst the most popular and loved theme options as it allows the users to display Google customer reviews examples in the form of cards. 

This theme is aesthetically pleasing and catches the attention of website visitors with ease, hence it makes it difficult to ignore Google reviews. 

7. Badge


One of the most attractive ways to show online customer reviews on the website is by applying a Badge template. The Badge template showcases the online customer reviews in the form of a crest or badge with the ratings in a rectangular box. This theme will display your star ratings in a clearer and more precise way with small review platform icons. This badge will be placed at the bottom left corner of your review section. When you click on the review tab, it will open in a dialogue box on the left side and all the reviews will appear there.ย 

8. Rating Badge

rating badge

Quite similar to the Badge theme, the Rating Badge enables users to show the average rating along with star ratings at once. However, the reviews will be displayed in a vertical rectangular box.

This theme will be placed at the bottom left corner along with the review platform icons in that dialogue box. This theme will make your website look charming.ย 

9. Vivid


Vivid is the last theme option on our list. A vivid theme is one of the most eye-pleasing themes which displays online customer reviews in different color shades. This theme has contrasting similarities to the Review Box theme but it looks visually appealing and makes your website eye-catchy. This theme permits businesses to embed many reviews at a single time.ย ย 

Benefits Of Embedding Customer Reviews Examples On The Website:ย 

You have got to know about the best theme options available and if you are still not convinced to leverage this strategy into your business, then mentioned below are a few incredible benefits of Google reviews examples: 

1. Google reviews help to escalate your brandโ€™s reputation

The most valuable asset for any brand is its reputation. It holds the potential to either make or break its business. Moreover, the reputation of the brand is made by its customers. 

The existing customers of a brand are like its biggest ambassadors and there can be nothing more convincing and powerful than them vouching for your products and their quality. Aggregating and embedding Google review examples on your website can increase the reputation of your brand as the websites serve as a major point of interaction between your brand and its potential customers. 

2. Embedding the Google review widget helps to amplify the overall presence of your website 

Apart from written content, the website of a brand needs to be pleasing to the eyes as well. Your website visitors may get disinterested in your brand if your website is not well presented and lacks aesthetics. 

When you add Google review examples on your website that are well customized and formatted, then there is a chance that your website visitors will feel the need to explore your website more, leading to an increase in the engagement level of your website. 

3. User-generated content helps to build social proof of your brandย 

Google customer reviews examples fall under the category of User-Generated Content i.e.- the content created by the existing users of a brand. Since this type of content is unscripted and created by the will of the customers, it helps brands build their social proof. 

Displaying the social proof of the brand is a great move as it helps gain the trust of the website visitors. More than 85% of potential customers put trust in the recommendations of the existing customers, more than the content published by the brand itself! The more the trust of the customers, the higher would be the sales and conversions. 

How Different Industries Can Use Customer Reviews Examples on Their Website:

Reviews are important for each business and all types of brands. After all, it is important to build a reputation in the market. And here are some important industries that can enjoy benefits from this strategy.

#1. Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the most prominent industries that stand as essential for humans. A brand in the healthcare industry needs to build credibility in front of its customers as it helps them get a better reputation and win trust. 

People often write about the services from healthcare brands or mention whether their treatments are effective. It eventually helps brands to win more consumers.

#2. Automotive

In recent years consumers have shifted towards purchasing vehicles for their uses, and they are spoilt for choices. By opting to embed review widgets on the website, automotive industry brands can flaunt their products and build their place in the market by showcasing feedback from their satisfied customers.

#3. Restaurant

People who tend to look to eat outside, a restaurant in particular, love to read about reviews so that they can ensure their choice. Moreover, many consumers often recommend any particular dish that they like. 

#4. Education

Online education and classes are gaining their deserved popularity, so businesses in these industries have huge opportunities to gain more customers. But people are very picky about the choices they make when it comes to education. By showcasing reviews on their website, businesses can win the trust of their students/customers, and it also helps them to market any particular course. 

#5. Shopping

With people finding it comfortable with online shopping, there are various cases where customers fall prey to fake brands or scams. Reviews on the website not only help customers to know the genuineness of the brand but also assist brands in building reliability.

#6. Hospitality & tourism

As the tourism and hospitality industry is experiencing great growth in footfall, it has become difficult for the brands to stand out from the competition. And this is where reviews jump in for the rescue. By displaying reviews of their business and services, brands in this industry build credibility and woo their customers.

Final Thoughts 

Did you know there is a whopping number of more than 92% of customers who feel apprehensive about purchasing a product from a new brand if there are no reviews left by the customers? An eye-opener, isnโ€™t it? 

This brings us to the end of this post and you are now aware of the significance of the Customer reviews examples. And also the top Google reviews examples that can be used to add reviews on your website! 

Why are you waiting then? Add Google customer reviews examples to your website right away and you will be amazed at the spectacular results!ย 

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