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One of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram, is flourishing, with 1.3 billion active monthly users. To increase website traffic and engagement, it is the go-to platform for many brands and individuals. One of the best methods to do this is by opting to embed Instagram feed on website. Instafeed Shopify app has been a popular choice, offering its users an easy-to-use Instagram feed. Although, with growing technology we would like to introduce one of the best Instafeed alternative for Shopify as Tagembed Shopify app for Instagram feed. It is the best alternative that allows you to collect, manage, and embed insta posts on the website. 

We will delve into the key features, pricing, and functionalities of Instafeed and Instafeed alternative – Tagembed. To help you make informed decisions for your business, we will compare them side-by-side in this blog. Let’s dive in! 

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Why Do You Need To Embed Instagram Feed On Website?

Brands and businesses must integrate Instagram feeds seamlessly into their marketing strategy to leverage Instagram’s potential. Take a look at the amazing benefits of Instagram feeds on your website: 

1. Improves Brand Trust 

To develop a sense of trust and authenticity, businesses need to include user-generated content through Instagram feeds on the website. When a real audience uses your brand products or engages with your brand, it conveys trustworthiness. By showing the active and positive engagement surrounding your brand, providing a real-time glimpse into your social community develops trust. 

2. Enhances SEO 

When a website offers a good user experience, then it is favored by search engines. By making your website more engaging and interactive, a well-integrated Instagram feed can contribute to this. The engaging and relevant content helps websites keep their visitors hooked for longer, eventually leading to lower bounce rates. 

3. Increases Brand Awareness 

By embedding Instagram feeds on their websites, brands can significantly increase their brand awareness, according to studies. More than 64% of marketers believe that Instagram is the most effective platform for increasing brand awareness, as reported by Social Media Marketing Industry Report of 2023 by Socialinsider. 

4. Amplifies Reach 

On the website, visitors can interact directly with your Instagram gallery by eliminating the need to navigate the Instagram platform. This comfort enhances user experience. You extend your social media presence beyond Instagram by reaching a wider audience where they are by displaying an Instagram gallery on the website. 

5. Boost Sales And Conversions 

The main goal of any marketing strategy is to drive conversions and boost sales. By enabling seamless product discovery, Instagram feeds can contribute to this goal. Many Instagram feeds enable website visitors to discover and purchase featured products by adding clickable product tags to their Instagram posts.

Introducing Instafeed Instagram Feed Alternative- Tagembed: What Is The Hype All About?

Tagembed (Instafeed Instagram feed alternative) and Instafeed are two Instagram feed providers that help you aggregate, manage, and show Instagram feeds on your Shopify stores. One of the most powerful tools, Tagembed helps you post social media content on your website promptly. 

Versatility is one of the best features of Tagembed which enables you to customize the visual appeal of your embedded content so it aligns with your website perfectly. This is an easy-to-use tool that helps you create and embed content in just a few clicks. 

Instafeed Vs Tagembed: The Best Standoff

Tagembed – the Instafeed alternative and Instafeed are both Instagram aggregators that allow businesses to collect, manage, and add Instagram feed to Shopify store. Here’s a table comparing the features and functionalities of both the aggregators, which helps you understand the specific difference between them. 

FeaturesTagembed Instafeed
CustomizationFor layouts, colors, and fonts, extensive customization options are availableManual or Auto optimized flexible layouts for customization
Responsive Design For all devices, offers a responsive designProvides responsive design regardless of the screen size
ModerationAdvanced content moderationYes, it provides
FeedsHandles, Mentions, Tagged, Hashtags, and IG StoryShoppable feeds
Automatic UpdatesYesYes
AnalyticsOffers basic analyticsYes
Supported Platforms Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn & many moreInstagram

Picking The Right Instagram Feed- Instafeed Vs Tagembed 

Both Instafeed and Tagembed Instagram feed Shopify app have their strengths and weaknesses. You can pick one as per your website preferences and needs. To help you make informed decisions, here is a detailed comparison: 

1. Tagembed- A Feature Rich Tool 

a). Features 

  • Customization- Enabling users to design the feed to enhance and match their visual appeal, Tagembed provides robust customization tools. To design a unique look for your embedded content, you can select from various templates, themes, and styles. 
  • Moderation- For filtering unwanted content, Tagembed offers you advanced content moderation tools. With the help of this, you can remove all the unwanted content from your widget. 
  • Feeds- Based on particular hashtags, Tagembed supports hashtag feeds. You can trust Tagembed for all types of Instagram feeds such as Instagram reels, videos, IG stories, etc. 
  • Analytics- To provide valuable data for optimization, provide detailed analytics and insights into the performance of the embedded feeds. 

 b). Ease Of Use 

  • User Friendliness- Tagembed offers an intuitive interface making it easy to set up, manage, and customize your Instagram feed. 
  • Customer Support- To help you with questions and answers, Tagembed provides robust customer support during setup and its use. 

c). Pricing 

  • To cater to different users’ needs, Tagembed provides flexible pricing plans that offer basic features for 14 days in a free version. 
  • The paid plans of Tagembed offer more advanced customization features with different pricing based on their usage and features. 

2. Instafeed Instagram Feed 

a). Features

  • Customization- With manual or auto-optimized layouts, curate the appearance of your Instagram feeds. Enabling you to match the feeds seamlessly with your store’s aesthetics, Instafeed provides flexibility. 
  • Moderation- Based on hashtags, filter your posts by streamlining the content displayed on your feeds. This will help your website visitors to see relevant posts, improving engagement, and user satisfaction. 
  • Feeds- To create shoppable Instagram feeds, tag multiple products within your posts. But Instafeed only provides Instagram feeds not for any other platform. 
  • Analytics- Instafeed provides analytics to track and measure the performance of Instagram feeds. 

b). Ease Of Use 

  • User Friendliness- With custom rows and columns especially for mobile devices, it creates a user-friendly experience and provides a consistent browsing experience. 
  • Customer Support- The customer support provided by Instafeed might not be comprehensive and readily available. 

c). Pricing 

  • Instafeed offers three plans- one is free and two are paid plans. Free plan is forever free which offers basic features and functionalities to its users. 
  • Both the paid plans come up with a 3-day trial period and offer different customization features and functionalities. 

The Final Rundown: Tagembed Vs Instafeed 

  • You can embed different types of feeds on a website by using the Tagembed tool, which includes everything from posts to videos to reels. Instafeed only offers Instagram profile feeds. 
  • The customer support provided by Tagembed is robust, so when you find difficulty, they assist you, while Instafeed doesn’t have robust customer support for its users. 
  • The pricing plan of Tagembed is cost-effective and comes with all the bases covered. It also provides a free 14-day trial with its top features.

Over To You! 

To increase engagement and traffic, embedding an Instagram feed on a website is one of the best options. The selection between Tagembed and Instafeed comes down to the needs and requirements of your business. 

With advanced features, moderation, customization, customer support, and pricing, Tagembed comes out as the best Instafeed alternative for embedding Instagram feeds. You can develop amazing and engaging content that makes your website visually appealing with the help of Tagembed. Start the embedding process of your Instagram feed with the Tagembed today!

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