How to Embed a Facebook Photo Album on the Website?

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With over 2.5 billion monthly active users & 1.62 billion daily active users, Facebook is said to be a hub of captivating images, videos, and other forms of content.

The platform has encouraged users to share snippets of their experiences or close moments in the form of an album.

These Facebook photo albums when embedded on website can do wonders in many ways. For instance, you can engage more visitors on your website by showcasing the most compelling visuals and more.

While on the other side, there are innumerable social media aggregator tools like Tagembed Facebook widget that help you easily embed Facebook Photo Albums on your website. 

So, if you have ever been overwhelmed or mesmerized by the charm of ‘Photo Albums’ shared by the brands on their social media handles, then this blog is just for you!

Delve in and keep reading!

Reasons to Embed Facebook Photo Album on Website

As compared to textual or any other form of content, ‘Visuals’ on social media have the power to not only grab the attention of potential customers but also influence their buying decision.

When it comes to Facebook, ‘Photo Albums’ are quite popular and it includes content such as images and videos in mass that is shared by users themselves.

embedded facebook photo album

If you wondering what are the benefits of embedding Facebook photo albums include, then here are some of them!

#1 Social Proof with UGC

#2 Enhances Website Vibrancy

#3 Boost Customer Engagement & Brand Interaction

#4 Display Brand Authencity & Build Trust

#5 Improves Website’s Performance

#6 Reduce Bounce Rate of Website 

Therefore, today almost every brand leverages this platform to aggregate feeds with images and videos to boost engagement on their website as well as increase conversions.

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How To Embed Facebook Photo Album on Website with Tagembed

There are two major steps to embed Facebook album on the website without any hassle. So, go through this step-by-step guide and get assistance from Tagembed.

1. Take help from Tagembed to add a Facebook Photo Album for free in widget

2. Embed Facebook album on the website

Add A Facebook Album with Tagembed 

In the first method, you need to create your Tagembed account. Now to embed Facebook photo gallery free to the website, follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. If you already have a Tagembed account, then log-in to it. But if not, then start with creating an account. 

tagembed login

2. A popup appears in the dashboard where you can click on the “Create Widget” button. 

facebook album widget

(Please Note: You can also give your widget a name of your choice as well as provide a unique URL.)

3. Select Facebook as your source of content aggregation amongst other social platforms shown in the pop-up.

embed facebook photo album widget

4. After choosing Facebook, opt for Facebook albums. Don’t forget to provide the facebook album URL & then click on “Create Feed”.

add facebook album gallery

5. Once you are done with this, you will be redirected to the authentication process where you have to provide all the required credentials.

6. The best thing about Tagembed is that it automatically fetches all the visual content from the album as soon as the connection is created.

7. The last step in this method is that it will make you land on the widget editor page. 

(NOTE: You can customize & and moderate the curated content as per your requirements.)

Embed/Add Facebook Photos Albums on Any Website for free

1. After following the aforementioned steps, click on the “Embed Widget” button.

add facebook album on website

2. Now a popup appears showing all the popular CMS platforms such as Weebly, Shopify, HTML, Wix, and more. Select one as per the requirements.

embed facebook photo album on website

3. Before clicking on the “Get Code” button, manage the height and width of the widget.

add facebook photo on website

NOTE: You can also use Tagembed WordPress Plugin to embed Facebook Photo Album on website.

4. Next step is to copy the generated code on the clipboard. 

5. Then paste it on the backend page of the chosen website building platform where you want to see the Facebook photo album on your website.

6. In the last step, save and apply the changes.

Now you are finally done with embedding the Facebook Photo album on your website for free.

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Tagembed- One Stop Solution Fulfilling Brands Needs

Over the years, innumerable widget tools, plugins, and social media aggregators have been introduced in the digital marketing sphere. But there’s one newly introduced widget tool named TAGEMBED that has been making its own space amongst the competitors. 

With zero complexity & a hassle-free embedding process, this tool offers plenty of robust features that are compatible with all types of website builder platforms. Plus, you don’t need to learn any coding to embed social media feeds on your website.

Speaking of embedding Facebook photo albums specifically, you can collect & curate specific Facebook photo albums into a single feed just by giving the URLs of the albums. How easy is that, isn’t it?

It’s now time to let you know about all the mind-blowing features offered by Tagemebed:

1. Easy Customization

What makes these Facebook photo albums more engaging & attractive is the beautiful customization features of Tagembed including various themes, layouts, backgrounds, styles, colors, etc. 

This feature allows brands to change the entire look & feel of the aggregated social feeds.

2. Real-time Updates

Other than that, brands can also update the feeds in real-time with the real-time update feature of Tagemebed. 

3. Moderation Panel

Then there’s an advanced moderation & filtering feature that allows brands to filter out all the unwanted and irrelevant content from your social media feeds. It helps you in keeping feeds clean 

4. Insightful Analytics

This feature helps you gain insights into the user engagement and impressions on your embedded Facebook photo gallery. In addition to this, you can analyze the performance graph of social media feeds on your website. 

5. Multiple CMS Compatibility

Tagembed allows integration of social feeds including Facebook albums on multiple website building platforms such as WordPress, Shopify Weebly, HTML, etc.


Take the help from this comprehensive guide to embed your Facebook Photo album for free on your website, and amplify your conversion rates, magnify sales, and revenue.

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