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With over 2.4 billion monthly active users, Facebook has garnered immense popularity ever since it has come into existence. Over 80 million small businesses are making the most of this platform to connect with their existing customers and try to engage with their potential customers.

Prior to starting about how to embed Facebook feed on the website, let us begin with the basics first. Have you ever wondered how powerful can add Facebook feed on website to drive more traffic and increase your sales? 

You must give it a thought if you have not. Facebook is undoubtedly the leader of the social media game. 

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What is Facebook Feed?

In simple terms, a Facebook Feed is the content updated by customers in the form of images, videos, reviews, audio, etc. 

The FB Feed appears in your account in reverse chronological order with the latest posts at the beginning followed by the older posts. 

Being User Generated Content, Facebook Feeds can be highly advantageous in providing more engagement and authenticity to your brand. It also reflects the transparency of your business.

Leveraging your FB page feeds for your brand promotions is highly recommended and of extreme importance and help for your brand. Add Facebook Feed for your brand promotion is a mindful marketing gimmick in order to gain more attention in a short span of time.

Importance of Embedding A Facebook Feed On Website 

In order for you to bridge the gap between your business and your customers, Embed Facebook Feed can act as social proof for your brand and ultimately increase engagement with your audience and give a boost to your conversion rates and sales. 

In this blog, we have given a detailed explanation of FB Feed and how you can embed it with ease and without any technical expertise.

How To Embed Facebook Feed On Website Using Tagembed (Step By Step Guide)

Embedding Facebook feed on website is not a tedious task and neither does it require any technical expertise. 

With Tagembed by your side, you can easily embed FB page feed on your website in four easy steps:

Step 1: Create an account with Tagembed Widget 

1. Create an account with Tagembed Widget 

free account

(NOTE: You can also give it a name for eg. My First Wall) 

2. After creating your account, you will land on the dashboard. Click on Create a Facebook Widget for the website.

3. If you are a new user then your first widget will be created by default so click on the Open button to proceed to collect all FB feeds.

create widget

Step 2: Add Facebook feed to your widget

1. A pop-up will open with various social media source options.

2. Select Facebook as the source of your feed.

social media sources

3. Now select the connection type as FB Page Feed URL, Facebook Profile Feeds, Facebook Album, Facebook Reviews, FB Page Mention and etc. to fetch all the feeds.


Finish the step by filling up the required credentials for your Facebook account. And used the Facebook feed examples are embed them on your website.

Step 3: Generate the Embed Code

It is crucial that before you begin the process of embed FB page feed on the website, you must generate a code from Tagembed Widget Editor. Fret Not! The steps are the same for all the website-building platforms.

1. Click on the Embed Widget Editor

Click embed Widget button

2. Select one of the available website-building platforms like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify, Webflow, HTML and etc. 

other website platform

Step 4: Display Facebook Feed on Website

1. Set the width and height of the widget as per the requirement of the website


2. Click on ‘Get Code’ and copy it to the clipboard

3. Paste the code on the back end of your website and publish it! 

Voila! You have finally generated a code from Tagembed. Easy, Wasn’t it? 


How To Embed Facebook Feed On Different Website-Building Platforms? (Detailed Explanation) 

This part of the blog gives you a step-by-step guide on how to add Facebook feed on different website-building platforms. 

Let’s Begin!

4(a). Add Facebook Feed On HTML Website

To embed Facebook feed on HTML, one of the most considered website-building platforms, Hypertext Markup Language” (HTML), follows a few simple steps.

  • Begin by choosing HTML as your website platform 
  • Generate the embed code from Tagembed and copy it to the clipboard 
  • Paste the same code on the webpage back end of your website where you wish to display Facebook widget on HTML 
  • Click on ‘Apply’ to save the changes

4(b). Embed Facebook Feed On WordPress (New Version)

Providing opportunities for people for creating and sharing, WordPressis open-source software that only requires a domain and a web hosting site to work.

  • Select the Website building platform i.e.- WordPress 5.0 
  • Get the website embed code from Tagembed and copy it to the clipboard 
  • Paste the code on the webpage backend where you wish to display FB page feeds 
  • Select ‘+Add Block’ on the WordPress editor 
  • Click on Formatting and Select Choose HTML 
  • Paste the copied code into the WordPress editor 
  • Finish off the steps by clicking ‘Publish/Update’

Embed Facebook Feed with WordPress Classic Editor (Old Version)

  • Choose your WordPress Building platform i.e.- WordPress 
  • Generate the Website Embed code from Tagembed 
  • Copy the generated code on the clipboard 
  • Open the backend of your WordPress website 
  • Go to the visual and text option and click on Text mode 
  • Paste the generated code 
  • Click on Publish/Update to save the changes and display the Facebook widget on WordPress website.

4(c). Display Facebook Feed on Wix Website

With over a million users globally, Wixoffers highly responsive and creative websites. As a growing cloud-based development platform, Wix is best suitable for promoting your business, showcasing art, or more.

  • Select Wix as your website-building platform 
  • Generate the embed code from Tagembed and copy it to the clipboard 
  • Open the webpage of your website where you wish to display Facebook Profile Feed 
  • Click on the ‘+Add’ button and then click on the more 
  • Select HTML iFrame from the embeds 
  • Paste the generated HTML code in the code field 
  • Click on Apply to save the changes

4(d). Add Facebook Feed On SquareSpace Website

The step to add FB feed on one of the SAAS-based website building platforms, “Squarespace” are as follows!

  • Select Squarespace as your website-building platform 
  • Generate the embed code from Tagembed and copy it to the clipboard 
  • Go to the page on your website where you wish to display Facebook page feeds 
  • Click on ‘+Add/Edit Block’ 
  • Select Embed Code from the menu 
  • Click on the </> icon in the URL field 
  • Paste the copied code 
  • Click on ‘Apply’ to save the changes

4(e). Embed Facebook Feed On Weebly Website

Another website-building platform, “Weebly” is currently serving businesses on more than 50 million sites globally. Offering e-commerce services, Weebly is decked up with robust features to build a professional, mobile-friendly site, and many more.

  • Choose ‘Weebly’ as your website-building platform.
  • Generate the Website Embed Code from Tagembed and copy it.
  • Now navigate to the page where you want to display the FB page feeds.
  • Then click on ‘Embed Code’ and paste it where you want to display the FB feeds on your Weebly website.
  • Click on the HTML box and Edit Custom HTML option.
  • Paste the copied code in the box and successfully publish the changes

Within a few minutes, you will see embedded Facebook feeds on your Weebly website. 

4(f). Embed Facebook Feed on Shopify Website

Last but not least, one of the major e-commerce website-building platforms- “Shopify” makes it easier for online merchants to sell products to customers all across the globe. 

  • Select Shopify as your Website building platform 
  • Generate the code from Tagembed and copy it on the clipboard Log in to your Shopify store
  • Go to the online stores available on your Shopify website
  • Navigate to the Themes menu in the sidebar 
  • Go to Edit HTML/CSS option
  • Select the section where you want to display Facebook page posts 
  • Paste the copied code and click on Apply to save the changes

4(g). Add Facebook Feed On Webflow Website

Display Facebook feed on Webflow, one of the most considered website-building platforms. So follow a few easy steps are:

  • Log in to your Webflow account as an admin.
  • Navigate to the page or area where you want to add Facebook page feeds.
  • In the backend section, paste the embed code into the supplied field.
  • Save the changes

Grate now Facebook posts will now be visible on your Webflow website. To display the Facebook widget on Webflow and enjoy the benefits it offers.

Features of Embedding Facebook Feed Using Tagembed 

Over the past few years, innumerable social media aggregator tools have been introduced. But the amazing features offered by Tagembed make it uniquely different from its competitors. 

With the objective of collecting, curating (via handles, pages, etc.), and embedding social media feeds into a single feed on a website in real time, Tagembed is compatible with almost every website-building platform. 

Some of the mind-blowing features offered by Tagembed are mentioned below! 

  • Customization- People love visuals. You can efficiently adjust the width and height of your FB Feed before publishing as per your website. You can make your Facebook feed more attractive by adding relevant designs, layouts, fonts, and colors and make it more attractive according to the overall look of your website. 
  • Moderation Panel- While the Internet has innumerable benefits, there are a few users who can troll a brand unnecessarily and leave nasty comments at times. It is quite obvious that you would never want to display anything negative about your brand. With the moderation panel, you can filter out any obscene comments from your customers and highlight reviews as per your choice. 
  • Analytics- You can gain insightful analysis about how the widget is performing on your website. With the help of analytics, you can get a clear understanding of what your customers are expecting, their behavior on the website, the areas that need improvement, etc. 
  • More- To make the aggregated content more personalized, you can even add tickers, announcement & highlights posts, etc.

You don’t have to be a technical expert to perform this process as Tagembed offers a short embed code. Just copy the generated code and paste it wherever you want on your website. 

Lastly, the highlight of using this social media aggregator tool is that it offers a Free Plan to the users.

Leveraging this platform will not only help you create an engaging, responsive, and beautiful display FB feed but also help you engage your visitors, build visitors’ trust & loyalty, boost your website performance, and more. 

Scroll down to know about the useful process of embed FB page feed on the website with Tagembed. 

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Different Ways To Embed Facebook Feed On Website Free

1. Tagembed WordPress Plugin

FB Feed Plugin by Tagembed

WordPress is a website-building platform that furnishes your website with many new functionalities to make it more user-friendly and favorable for your visitors. It allows easy adding of Facebook feeds to your website.

Tagembed WordPress Plugin gives you the opportunity to make your website amazing by providing you with a WordPress plugin for adding Facebook feeds to your website in a very trouble-free manner.

2. Tagembed Shopify Plugin

Tagembed Shopify Plugin

Shopify plugins tend to make your website very interesting by adding many features to your website for the efficient adding of FB feed to your Shopify website.

Tagembed Shopify Plugin presents you with an extremely new plugin for your website to make it utterly fabulous by appending valuable Facebook posts to the website, very creatively.

Benefits of Embedding Facebook Feeds on Website

1. Increased Brand Awareness

More traffic on your website ultimately results in more brand awareness. The visitors to your website then see your authentic Facebook posts and hence it helps in more brand reliability. As a result, you get an increase in brand conversions and sales. 

2. Build Social Trust

User-Generated Content is the most authentic and trustworthy content which acts as social proof of your brand. Your loyal customers can act as your brand ambassadors. With the help of content generated by them, the visitors may instantly see you as a user-friendly brand. Users tend to get attracted by the content posted by other users especially when they are in the purchase decision-making process. 

3. Uplift the Overall Look of Your Website

Embed Facebook feed on the website, you can instantly enhance the look of your website by making it a more attractive and glamorous look. 

As mentioned above, with the help of the customization feature of Tagembed you can add designs, layouts, fonts, colors, etc in accordance with what will suit your website the best. 

4. Increased User Engagement 

Having a user-friendly and attractive website will instantly look interesting to the visitors and they might spend more time on the website. Embed Facebook feed on the website compels the users to revisit the website and engage more with your brand. This way visitors can easily see your FB page feed, FB business feed, and group feed without having to leave the page. 

5. For Building A Better Relationship With Clients 

Creating an interactive website makes the customers confident about the brand. You can easily make a good relationship with your clients and visitors by embedding a Facebook feed on your website. This makes the interaction much easier and more fluent with your existing as well as potential customers. 

6. Introduces Facebook Presence

With a FB feed on your website, your website visitors get a sneak into your Facebook presence. And as we all know, having a robust social media presence can help your brand in the long run. So, when your website visitors get a sneak into your presence, and if they like your content, they even have the option to follow and like your page, helping you in building a robust social media presence that might work to increase your brand awareness and reputation.

7. Make Your Website More Lively

Tagembed social media aggregator provides an auto-update feature that updates the feed. That means you don’t need to spend time changing content on your website and keep it fresh. So, every time your visitors visit your website, they get to see fresh and updated content, keeping your website lively and revised.

The Takeaway

Grow your business as well as increase traffic on your website with all the factors that have been mentioned above in this guide. Tagembed is always ready to help you out with your business!

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Free Social Media Aggregator

Embed social feed from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter on your website, like a PRO

tagembed No Credit Card Required
social media aggregator, Tagembed
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