LinkedIn Widget For WordPress Website

The powerful and responsive LinkedIn widget for WordPress helps you display content in real-time to make your website interesting & interactive.

Seamlessly Integrate LinkedIn Widget On WordPress


arrow arrow Content Moderation:

Remove irrelevant content from your LinkedIn widget and showcase only premium quality content.

arrow arrow Responsive Widget:

Seamless integration of LinkedIn widgets which is compatible with the themes and designs of WordPress websites, aimed at enhancing your users’ experience.

arrow arrow Automated Real-time Updates:

Display posts as and when they get uploaded on the platform without any hassle, instantly.

arrow arrow Easy Customization:

Personalise the look of your widget using the multitude of customization options available. Choose from a variety of themes, layout & styling options, backgrounds, banners, colors, & others.

arrow arrow Data-Driven Analytics:

Track performance of the LinkedIn widget for WordPress website with smart and data-driven analytics made available, make changes to drive optimum results.

arrow arrow No Coding:

You need not be a tech-geek to embed a LinkedIn widget on WordPress website, just follow some simple steps.

arrow arrow Custom CSS:

Make your LinkedIn Widget look like you’d by getting hands-on experience in customizations through CSS & HTML.

What Can You Achieve With A LinkedIn Widget For WordPress Website

Display posts generated on LinkedIn to unleash perpetual interactions, build communities and boost visitors’ engagement.


Audience Engagement

When your website visitors come across real-time updated LinkedIn feeds, they will be inspired to know more about your brand and might end up spending more time on your website.


Amplify Communication

By embedding authentic content created and shared by you, your employees, and users, the opportunity to connect better with the potential ones, becomes easy.


Creative Content

The posts generated on the platform are unique, informative, and moving. By featuring them on the website, you can easily grab attention and enhance the visibility of your WordPress website.


Enhance Productivity

With the no-code method, real-time updates feature, and effortless customization options - you stand to become time-efficient and boost your productivity in other important tasks.


Boost Website Appearance

Integrating a creatively designed LinkedIn widget on WordPress website, you can enhance the vibrancy and visual appearance of your WordPress website and make it worth-a-while.


Provides A Human Touch

Showcasing content created on LinkedIn can give a human touch to a completely brand-agenda-led website, which substantially attracts the visitors’ attention.

4 Easy Steps To Embed Linkedin Widget On WordPress

Embed LinkedIn Widget Plugin on WordPress in few steps

  1. Create a Free Account
  2. Collect feeds Using Company page (auto-update) or Post URL
  3. Customize & Moderate LinkedIn Feeds
  4. Lastly, Embed LinkedIn Feeds On Your WordPress Website
  5. Download Free WordPress Plugin

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add LinkedIn feeds from my company page?

Using Tagembed’s fast and responsive widget, you can add feeds generated on your company’s page on LinkedIn and also get auto-updates on it, helping your website stay up-to-date seamlessly.

How Do I Add LinkedIn Feed Plugins To My WordPress website?

You can easily add LinkedIn feeds plugin to WordPress website, following these simple steps:
  • Collect LinkedIn feeds on Tagembed LinkedIn widget after signing in for free
  • Moderate & customise the collected LinkedIn feeds
  • Generate the embed code to embed LinkedIn posts on website
  • Paste the generated code in the backend of your WordPress website

Can You Add A LinkedIn Feed Widget To WordPress?

Yes, you can add the content generated on LinkedIn to the website with utmost convenience with Tagembed’s LinkedIn WordPress widget by,
  • Signing in to Tagembed’s account for free
  • Create a new widget>choose LinkedIn as your source connection
  • Next, choose how’d you want to collect LinkedIn feeds: Company Page URL or Post URL
  • Now, moderate and customize your LinkedIn WordPress widget and generate the code to paste on your WordPress website.

How do I add a LinkedIn Widget to Elementor?

Adding LinkedIn Widget to Elemnetor on your WordPress website is easy. Following these three steps you can achieve it:
  • Begin by opening the Elementor
  • Click to ‘add block’
  • Paste the generated embed code for LinkedIn Feeds on your website.

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