11 YouTube Shorts Ideas For Beauty Brands To Promote Products

Navigating the vast world of YouTube shorts can be both thrilling and daunting for beauty aficionados. YouTube shorts ideas for beauty brands have emerged as a powerful tool to connect with their audience and represent their products in innovative ways in the ever-changing digital landscape. 

As a brand, you need to brainstorm new short video ideas for beauty brand that can provide value to your audience if you want to make your beauty channel successful and products dominate the market. YouTube shorts offer a unique opportunity to engage viewers and drive brand awareness with their short format and captivating visuals. 

We’ll discover 11 YouTube short video ideas for beauty brands curated specifically to promote their products effectively. From the following ideas, you can choose any one of them that you have never tried and start creating your own. Let’s embark on this journey! 

What Makes Beauty Videos So Popular?

For visually-focused social media channels like YouTube and Instagram, the beauty niche is perfectly suited. About styles and products, millions and millions of people are looking for tips and there is no better place to find the answers than YouTube. According to the research of Statista, makeup tutorials accounted for 14% of views on YouTube as of August 2018. 

In beauty niches, many YouTube channels have have succeeded like skincare routines, makeup tutorials, fashion, etc. To promote their products, beauty brands are ready to sponsor influencers too. On YouTube, beauty-related content generated more than 169 billion views in 2018. 

Source- Statista

11 Stupendous YouTube Shorts Ideas For Beauty Brands 

To create videos, below are numerous YouTube shorts ideas for beauty brands. Check out this list if you’re just starting or looking for fresh ideas for your videos. 

1. Product Review- Show Your Products Like A Pro

Before purchasing a product, customers always check for online reviews related to that particular brand. Seeing a beauty product in action is helpful compared to reading reviews. For products that you have used, creating honest review short videos can be very helpful to potential buyers. Without wasting the time and money of your viewers, this type of YouTube shorts ideas for beauty brands will help them in their buying decisions. This type of YouTube shorts will get more eyes compared to other types. 

You can also partner with creators of YouTube influencers to make product review shorts of your products. Many brands approach Youtubers for the promotion of their brand and review their products. You can also try affiliate marketing tactics to get YouTubers for your brand products. 

2. Behind-the-Scenes Insights- Create A Vlog 

One of the emerging trends in recent times is day-by-day vlogging. Give your viewers an exclusive sneak peek behind the curtains through the vlog. Through this vlog, you can present the intricate process of product development to your viewers. Beauty vlogging is a very good idea. Revealing the behind-the-scenes journey from formulation to packaging adds a layer of authenticity to your brand. Everything can be shared in behind-the-scenes insights to your viewers. 

3. Unboxing Cosmetic Products- Express Your Inner Child 

For makeup lovers, unboxing cosmetic product videos are excellent YouTube shorts ideas for beauty brands to get a first look. For some shoppers, these types of product reviews are evergreen and the best way to decide on a purchase. 

Some of the beauty brands give their new products to YouTube creators or influencers so that they can review, unbox, and promote the products on their channels. As a user, one simple formula is you can’t buy every new product so just seeing the unboxing and listen the reviews will be a good policy. 

4. Share Daily Skincare Routine- Engage Your Viewers 

Skincare routine is the most popular topic among the younger generation or Gen-Z because they are always curious about it. Everyone wants to have clear skin, free from pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and other unwanted elements. To maintain clear and healthy skin, this leads many to explore the secrets and techniques of others. 

As a beauty brand product, you can share the shorts of your skincare products for different skin types. Let your viewers know how they can take care of their skin with the help of your products in daily life. There are more chances of new subscribers and views because these types of videos always remain on the search. 

5. Makeup Hauls- Trying New Makeup 

Makeup haul an outstanding YouTube shorts idea for beauty brands, because everyone loves a shopping spree. They are like trying new makeup in your room as it is quite interesting. After watching such video shorts, the audience can easily choose an ideal product and add it to their makeup collection. 

As a beauty brand, your customers can’t possibly try all your products with all other beauty products available in the market. Your viewers love watching hauls because they can get new product suggestions. 

6. Do It Yourself (DIY) Shorts- Excellent Beauty Hacks

DIY YouTube shorts have a massive potential of getting viral. To inspire your audience and showcase their versatility, you can share creative and practical beauty hacks by using your products. You’ll get more views and subscribers if you have created engaging, interesting, and surprising YouTube shorts. 

Demonstrate how your brand products can be used in unexpected ways from multi-tasking products to innovative application techniques. This type of YouTube Shorts ideas for beauty brands can help your audience in making homemade beauty items like soap and cream. By using your brand’s skincare and beauty products, create a series of short videos showing different DIY beauty hacks. 

7. What’s In My Bag? – Instant Makeup Tips

If you are a beauty brand, organize a contest ‘What’s in my bag?’ on your social media channels. Everyone keeps a few magic secrets in their bags but it remains under the covers until they reveal it. Collect the videos of that contest and showcase them in the form of YouTube shorts on your brand’s channel. 

These shorts will help your viewers to guide them on what they could be missing like beauty products, makeup fixtures, etc. To maintain their beauty and make their lives easier, you can suggest a few products of your brand that are essential in daily life. 

8. Q&A Sessions- Reveal Makeup Secrets 

To connect with your audience, Q&A sessions shorts are an ideal way to start. To your audience Q&A sessions give more insight and knowledge they may have about your videos or techniques. For establish your brand as a trusted authority in the beauty industry, provide valuable insights and expert advice. 

You can also reveal some makeup secret tips & tricks to your audience that they are not aware of. For YouTube Live sessions, Q&A is great where you may be able to monetize your channel through Super Chat if you have more than 1000 subscribers. 

9. Hairstyle Tutorials- Acquire A Stylish Look 

In the makeup and beauty industry, hair is a popular topic with a lot of overlap. As a beauty brand, you can create a lot of short videos showcasing your different products because hairstyling is a massive sub-niche. 

Different hairstyles will complement makeup or other beauty products. To complement their looks, people love to learn new hairstyles. On facial attractiveness, the effect of various hairstyles in the groups of young women with different levels of “basic” attractiveness. 

Source- Researchgate.net

You can teach your audience about styling their hairs in different styles in tutorials and these shorts will surely be loved by them. You can create YouTube shorts for hairstyles for different occasions like weddings, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, party hairstyles, etc. 

10. 5 Minute Makeup Challenge- Time Saviour Trick

On every occasion, people don’t have enough time to sit down and take their time with makeup. Whether they are going to a party, office, meeting, or in any function, they are always in a hurry to get ready. By looking at quick makeup tutorials like a 5-minute challenge, they can save their time. 

This is only a trend but provides a great help to your viewers in their time-saving. Before rushing out the door, you can show the most essential steps and how to apply cosmetics efficiently in this challenge. It is one of the best and most trendy YouTube shorts idea for beauty brands that they can utilize to promote products. 

11. Recreate A Celebrity Makeup Look- Make Your Viewers Showstoppers  

By imitating a celebrity’s look, you can really show off your makeup talent by using your brand products. People are always eager to know about how celebrities do their makeup. Your audience will love new things and how they can look like the celebrities they love. With their flashy looks and professional makeup, popular stars like movie stars, musicians, and celebrities often impress people. 

You can showcase your shorts by using your products and how they do it. As you can try a new celebrity every week or day, this YouTube shorts idea for beauty brand will help you make many short videos. There are high chances of these shorts going viral. 

#Bonus Tip- Blooper Shorts- Show Fun Approach Of Your Brand 

Well, as a beauty brand, you can make blooper shorts from your product shoots that can make your audience giggle a little bit. Record a video while your models apply lipstick and they end up with a colorful smudge across their cheeks. Don’t forget to add the short clips of your camera-shy team member who accidentally photobombs the shot with their dance moves. 

These bloopers will show the fun side of your brand from unexpected giggles to playful mishaps because every time beauty isn’t about looking flawless. Bloopers and funny shorts are trending on every social media channel and YouTube is not behind in this.

Features Of High-Performing YouTube Shorts 

It’s crucial to know what makes a YouTube short successful before we get into the nitty-gritty of the ideas. Below are some important characteristics that set high-performing YouTube shorts apart ensuring they resonate with the targeted audience and achieve their goal. 

1. Interesting Storytelling 

Often YouTube shorts have a compelling and interesting narrative even if they’ve limited time. To catch the attention, you need an engaging hook with a middle and end that keeps your viewers watching them. 

2. Credibility & Relatability 

With authentic and relevant content, your viewers will engage more with YouTube shorts of your brand. For credibility, there is no formula because it’s a broad segment which means several things depending on your goal for content creation. To develop trust and credibility among your audience, it’s important to show what’s true. 

3. Include A Visible Call-to-action (CTA)

Having a visible and compelling CTA is essential for business-oriented content. A well-placed CTA can generate desired actions and increase engagement rates whether it’s prompting viewers to visit a website, like and share the video, or buy a product. 

Utilize Tagembed- Become A Successful ‘Beautuber’ 

Tagembed can help you if you want to become a popular YouTube in the beauty niche. You can use the YouTube widget through which you can easily embed YouTube shorts on your website or WordPress blog. Tagembed tool also helps you collect, embed, and display online customer reviews of your brand on your website which will work as a social proof for your brand. 

Final Showdown! 

To promote your products and connect with your audience, these aforementioned YouTube Shorts ideas for beauty brands offer endless possibilities. If you use your creativity and introduce new beauty short video ideas, your YouTube audience will stay connected to your channel. There are numerous opportunities to captivate viewers and leave a lasting impression. You can start with DIY videos, product reviews, hairstyle tutorials, and unboxing cosmetics. 

Roll up your sleeves, grab your camera, and begin creating captivating YouTube shorts that capture the beauty and brilliance of your brand! 

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