Level Up Your Audience: Cross Promotion Examples For Your YouTube Channel

Have you ever thought your videos deserved more eyes? You have put a lot in developing great content and on some occasions finding your way out of the crowd is as impossible as looking for a needle in the haystack.

Cross promotion is a powerful tool to reach more audiences!

However, before we can jump into some creative YouTube channel cross promotion strategy, we need to clarify what does cross promotion for YouTube mean.

What is Cross Promotion?

To put it in simple words, cross promotion is a marketing strategy in which you advertise on one platform or channel to generate traffic and engagement on the other. Consider it a shout-out to your viewers that promotes other cool stuff they might want to watch.

Here’s the beauty of cross promotion on YouTube: you have then gained a following of people who are already interested in your content. Through the smart placement of your other videos within your YouTube channel or the partnership with other creators your audience will grow, and you will reach their entirely new audience.

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Cross Promotion in YouTube: 5 Examples to Spark Inspiration

To truly understand the power of cross promotion, let’s see it in action with some real-world YouTube examples:

1. Kevin Hart & Liza Koshy

In a hilarious episode of “What the Fit,” Kevin Hart challenges YouTube star Liza Koshy to a series of wacky exercises designed to test their fitness and comedic timing. The video opens with playful banter as Kevin pokes fun at Liza’s height.

Things get moving with a trampoline dodgeball match, where their agility and competitive spirits are on full display. Laughter erupts as they miss throws and tumble off the trampoline in a flurry of colorful gym balls.

Next, they channel their inner child on a giant inflatable obstacle course, racing each other through a series of climbs, slides, and pops. Throughout the video, their playful energy and friendly taunts keep the mood light.

By the end, they’re both left breathless and doubled-over with laughter, proving that fitness can be fun, especially with a friend like Kevin Hart.

Kevin Hart & Liza Koshy

2. The Fitness Blender Duos: 

Kelli and her husband, Daniel Sagastiano, the creators of the really popular fitness channel called The Fitness Blender make cross promotion inside their own content library. At the end of the cardio workout video, they let their audience know that they have a yoga routine or a strength training program coming up which can be done alongside the current workout. These features are like a magnet, which attracts viewers to watch more of their content and ultimately remain within the channel.

Fitness Blender Duos:

3. MrBeast & Mark Rober: The Collaboration Powerhouse: 

These widely appreciated YouTubers, who are known for their science-related and challenge-oriented content, usually make videos in partnership with other YouTubers. MrBeast might tease his upcoming project with Mark Rober in his recent video. He will intrigue the audience and boost the traffic going to both channels. The audience of each creator gets to discover new content while the community of the channels gets to build ties between themselves through this cross-promotion strategy.

MrBeast & Mark Rober

4. PewDiePie & Jacksepticeye:

YouTube titans PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye are more than just gaming buddies, they’re collab royalty. Their adventures extend far beyond epic gameplay. They’ve mastered the art of Let’s Plays, with PewDiePie’s boundless energy complimenting Jacksepticeye’s booming laugh. No genre is safe, from horror-fueled scares to side-splitting party games. But it’s not all competition. Travel vlogs showcase their genuine camaraderie, while weird challenges and experiments keep things unpredictable. Through thick and thin, they support each other, proving that friendship and fun are the ultimate winning formula for their YouTube empire.


5. Zach King & Dude Perfect

Illusion meets trickshot in the epic collaboration between YouTube wizards Dude Perfect and Zach King. Imagine mind-bending challenges where reality itself seems to wobble. Dude Perfect’s crew, known for their insane trick shots, team up with Zach King, the master of visual trickery. One minute they’re sinking impossible basketballs, the next they’re teleporting across the court thanks to Zach’s editing magic. Laughter explodes as they attempt outrageous stunts with a twist of illusion. This collab is a marriage of skill and sleight of hand, leaving viewers both amazed and scratching their heads.

Zach King & Dude Perfect

YouTube Collabs: The Ultimate Growth Hack

Ready to supercharge your YouTube channel and reach a whole new audience? Look no further than the power of collaboration! But forget about flying solo – it’s time to team up and create content magic. Here are some killer strategies to make your YouTube collabs legendary:

  • Double the Fun, Double the Fans:  Join forces with another YouTuber for a joint video. Imagine Mrwhosetheboss and MKBHD facing off in a tech showdown – pure content gold! Promote each other’s channels for a win-win situation.
  • The Art of the Shoutout: Give a shoutout to a fellow creator in your videos or live streams. Mention their channel name, logo, and what makes their content awesome. It’s a quick and easy way to spread the love and score some shoutouts in return.
  • Guest Star Glory: Become the star attraction on another channel! Interviews, Q&As, or even commentary tracks are fantastic ways to expose yourself to a fresh audience and build a new fan base.
  • Playlist Power: Feeling generous? Create a curated playlist featuring top-notch videos from creators in your niche. Not only will viewers discover new favorites, but your fellow YouTubers will appreciate the love!
  • Social Media Synergy: Don’t underestimate the power of your social media squad! Share each other’s videos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to amplify your reach and get the word out there.
  • Squad Up for Success: Consider forming a cross-promotion group or a Discord server! This creates a collaborative community where creators in your niche can share and promote each other’s work, making YouTube a team sport.
  • End Screen Endeavours: End screens and annotations are hidden gems for promoting other YouTubers. Use them strategically to guide viewers towards even more fantastic content.
  • Paid Promo Powerplay: Feeling fancy? Explore paid promotion options like Google AdWords or Facebook to put your collab front and center for a targeted audience.

With these collaboration hacks in your arsenal, you can take your YouTube channel to the stratosphere and build a loyal following. Remember, collaboration is key – so join forces, create epic content, and watch your views soar!

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Cross Promotion Strategies for YouTube

While promoting within your channel is crucial, there are additional strategies to expand your reach even further:

#1. Social Media Cross Promotion:  

Make use of your already strong presence on social media to cross promote your YouTube channel. Talk about what the video is about, and include a link to your channel on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is important to take into account the unique features of each platform and to craft the message accordingly. For instance, you will be able to post a YouTube Shorts, intriguing description, a link to YouTube and a captivating snippet of your video on Twitter. Through Instagram, use branded visuals from your video combined with a call to action to watch the entire video on your channel.

#2. Website Integration:  

If you have a website, embed YouTube videos in and put calls to action in such a way that the viewers will be encouraged to subscribe to your channel to get more videos. Using blogs or articles that link into the themes of your videos and placing them carefully within can also help you achieve this. This is not only a value-added service for your website visitors, but also it contributes to the traffic on your YouTube channel. 

#3. Guest Posting:  

Try to find the websites or blogs that have a similar niche as yours and create a guest post. You can also put a link to your YouTube channel and a video that is relevant to the post’s topic subtly in the guest post. Always add value in the first place and you will find the promotion of your brand in a subtle way to be a great way of reaching new audiences.

#4. Community Engagement:  

Act extensively in online communities and forums where your niche is concerned. Share your knowledge and gut with them through the process of providing valuable inputs. As an appropriate occasion, you can throw in your YouTube channel as a source for the viewers who want to dig deeper into a subject.

#5. Contests & Giveaways:  

Running giveaways and contests on your YouTube channel will be the perfect way to spice things up and get the new viewers to your channel. Take a look at the option of prizes that are related to your content and use it to create a contest that is mandatory for viewers to subscribe to your channel and share the contest on social media.

Benefits of Cross Promotion on YouTube

Now, let’s talk about the juicy stuff: the benefits of incorporating cross promotion ideas for YouTube videos into your content strategy.

A.) Boost Views and Engagement: 

Through smartly timed promotion of your current videos, you can maintain the viewers’ interest and make them delve deeper into your video library. Besides the rise in viewership, it also promotes viewers to spend more time on your channel and increase YouTube engagement with it by liking, commenting, or sharing the videos.

B.) Grow Your Subscriber Base: 

Discovering new audiences by cross promotion on YouTube channels is a good way to grow your subscribers. Try to visualize a cooking show that ends with a recommendation for a baking tutorial video at the end of a tempting pasta recipe.

C.) Strengthen Community Building: 

Inter-channel promos can be a great way of giving your audience a gentle hint on where to go to find other parts of your content, thus contributing to building a community and making them come back for more.

D. Collaborate and Expand Reach:

Cross-promotion doesn’t mean you can only promote your content. Collaborating with other YouTube influencers from the same field can be a win-win situation for both parties. You can support each others’ channels, consequently, audiences you have in common will get to know your content.

Wrapping Up!

Remember: Consistency is key! The notion of cross promotion on YouTube is an ongoing strategy, not a one-time effort. Keep a continuous eye on the implementation of these tactics and track their effectiveness to improve your approach and attain maximum results.

Using your brains and the cross promotion ideas for the YouTube videos, you can unleash the strength of your channel, reach out to a wider audience, and gradually attain sustainable growth on YouTube. Therefore, keep making wonderful videos, try out some cross-promotional tactics, and observe your channel explode!

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