Effective Strategies To Use YouTube Shorts For Business

If anyone tells you they are a YouTube Shorts expert, take that claim cautiously. 

YouTube Shorts is still in its infancy stage. Marketers, creators, and business owners are still figuring out how to utilize YouTube Shorts for business. 

And since Shorts on YouTube get up to fifty billion views in just one day, having the maximum impact with YouTube Shorts is a tough call. 

Even in this endless sea of doubts related to YouTube Shorts, there is one certain thing: with the large audience, little to no effort taken, and immense potential for SEO, YouTube shorts are worth your attention. 

So, if you want to utilize YouTube Shorts for business, we are here to help. This blog is your ultimate guide for using YouTube Shorts for business. So without further ado, let us get into it. 

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What Are YouTube Shorts? 

Following the footsteps of Instagram Reels and TikTok Videos, YouTube launched YouTube Shorts in September 2020. 

YouTube Shorts are just YouTube videos in vertical format that go up to 60 seconds. As a user, you can also shrink the videos to 15 seconds or even less. 

YouTube Shorts also has its tab- meaning users can scroll through YouTube Shorts like Instagram Reels and TikTok. 

Why Do You Need YouTube Shorts? 

As a business owner in this digital age, it is important to seek the attention of your target audience. In such a scenario, YouTube Shorts comes into the picture, where you can talk about your business and product easily. Take a look at other reasons why you need to utilize YouTube Shorts for business: 

a.) Content Repurposing 

One of the main reasons why businesses should use YouTube Shorts is that they allow you to repurpose your existing content. You don’t always have to create new videos for Shorts; instead, you can post your Instagram reels, TikTok videos, or even your longer YouTube videos as Shorts. It’s that simple! 

However, before you post, keep in mind that you need to format your content to suit the Shorts platform. For example, if you’re posting a TikTok video with background music, you may need to add a voiceover to meet YouTube’s restrictions on background music. 

b.) High Engagement On The Platform 

YouTube Shorts has a high engagement rate, with over 1.5 billion monthly users and a 135% year-over-year growth rate. 

According to these video marketing stats, video content will account for over 80% of all online traffic in 2024 β€” a startling contrast to static images and text-based content.

And since short form video formats run the show across all social media platforms, they generate higher engagement.

As a result, YouTube Shorts video boost more: 

  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Reactions

Therefore, adding YouTube’s short video format to your content marketing strategy is incredibly beneficial.

c.) YouTube Shorts Never Die 

Unlike other similar apps that only allow video views to grow for 24 hours, Shorts are permanent. This means that your business can benefit from increased engagement, awareness, and ROI over time. If viewers search for content on a topic you posted months or even years ago, your Shorts video may appear in the search results, attracting more viewers and subscribers to your channel. 

Apart from that, one of the reasons YouTube Shorts for businesses are recommended is that, unlike YouTube’s longer videos, viewers do not have to click to watch a video or make a decision to watch your YouTube videos. All they have to do is to scroll through and it will lead them to your YouTube Shorts. 

d.) Easily Delivered and Consumed Content 

Another reason why businesses should use YouTube Shorts over tiktok is that they’re snackable content. When you create Shorts, you’re creating short and straightforward marketing videos that users can easily consume on the go. 

They don’t have to decide to watch your videos; all they have to do is scroll through, and Shorts will lead them to your content. This makes it easy to deliver and consume content, and it helps retain viewers’ attention. Here are some ideas that you can use while creating YouTube Shorts for your business. 

  • Day in your life (as a creator/  business owner ) 
  • Quick tips and tricks 
  • Fun facts 
  • Industry-related myths and facts 

Statistics Related To YouTube Shorts

If you are still wondering about the importance of YouTube Shorts for business, here are some statistics about YouTube Shorts. 

  • Approximately 30 million new YouTube Shorts are added to YouTube each month.
  • YouTube Shorts got 3.5 billion daily views in 2020, and this statistic is growing every year. 
  • YouTube Shorts are popular around the globe, but 23.6% of Shorts come from India. Another 23.4% of Shorts come from the United States.

5 Strategic Tips For Exploring YouTube Shorts For Business

Before exploring YouTube Shorts for business, you need to know how to use them. Take a look at the strategic tips on how to use YouTube Shorts for business, whether small or big. 

1. Use Shorts Length Wisely

YouTube Shorts allows the creators to put up a 60-second video., but you need to know that, it is not important to use the entire duration. 

Your focus must be on delivering your message. If it gets delivered in 15 seconds, you do not have to extend the duration. Along with that, your YouTube Shorts should include a hook to engage the audience. 

You can also use the audio library on YouTube for YouTube Shorts. 

2. Optimize The Text Used In Your Video for SEO

In this digital age, search engine optimization is not just for blogs and websites. It is important for YouTube Shorts as well. The title and tags you choose for your YouTube videos can highly impact their visibility and ranking on the platform. Take a look at the tactics that you can use to improve the search engine optimization of your YouTube Shorts on the platform. 

  • Before creating a title and description for your YouTube Shorts, perform keyword research. If you cannot use tools because of monetary issues, you can simply type search terms that you think would be used to search for your brands. 
  • Use at least three hashtags in your YouTube Shorts, this helps the platform to categorize your videos. 

3. Use Storytelling Techniques To Go Viral 

Storytelling is a powerful tool that businesses can use to connect with their target audience. The same goes with YouTube Shorts. To increase the likelihood of viewers watching your videos all the way through, incorporate storytelling elements that keep them engaged. Here’s how you can use storytelling techniques in your Shorts:

  • Start with a hook in your YouTube Shorts that grabs attention. Use a surprising fact, a common pain point, or an intriguing question to draw viewers in.
  • Introduce a challenge or goal early  in  your story. This will help propel the narrative forward from beginning to end.
  • Enhance the storytelling on YouTube Shorts by using visual and audio elements. Trending sounds, compelling visuals, and subtitle captions can make the narrative more engaging. You can also add captions in your YouTube Shorts for better understanding. 
  • Build towards a climax that provides a valuable insight. This not only resolves the narrative but also offers a takeaway or call to action for viewers. You can also launch a series about your story. 

4. Add Value To Your Customer’s Lives 

When creating YouTube Shorts videos, it’s important to keep your audience in mind and aim to add value to their lives. To do this, you should understand their problems and find ways to help them through YouTube Shorts. You can achieve this by sharing a takeaway they can apply to their everyday lives, motivating and inspiring them. For example, if you are a business owner, you can talk about the myths about your products. 

You can also tell them something they don’t know about your business, or give them something new to think about or relate to. It’s essential to focus on developing content that resonates with your audience. 

However, it’s also important to consider how your videos add value to your brand. You should ask yourself what results you want to achieve from your videos, such as more engagement or more sign-ups. Find the sweet spot between what adds value for your audience and what benefits your business. Keep an eye on YouTube Shorts updates to make your content better. 

5. Embed YouTube Shorts On Website 

 One effective way to use YouTube Shorts for business is to showcase them on your website. Your website is often the first point of contact for potential customers, and featuring YouTube Shorts on it can build trust and serve as social proof for your business. Additionally, embedding a YouTube Shorts widget on your website can also increase traffic. 

To embed YouTube Video & YouTube Shorts on website, you can use a YouTube Shorts aggregator tool. Some of these tools require no coding knowledge and even allow you to customize the design of the widget to your liking.

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Can You Monetize YouTube Shorts?

Fortunately, yes.  

You can monetize YouTube Shorts. 

Long-form YouTube videos have been monetizable for over 15 years, enabling creators, artists, and media companies to earn more than $50 billion from their content. 

However, Shorts, a newer format, were not initially part of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Fortunately, in late 2022, YouTube announced monetization options for YouTube Shorts, allowing creators who focus on short videos to earn money from their work. If you want to learn more about YouTube Shorts monetization, refer to the linked blog. 

YouTube Shorts For Business: To Be Or Not To Be? 

Over the past few years, the trend for video marketing has been in the trend. And YouTube Shorts has been one of the top platforms for business owners to be in touch with their potential customers. 

YouTube Shorts are a great way to repurpose your existing content, increase engagement, and reach a wider audience. With its immense potential for SEO, snackable content, and permanent presence, it is worth considering YouTube Shorts for your business, regardless of the size of your business. 

We hope that this ultimate guide to YouTube Shorts for business  has helped you understand the importance of YouTube Shorts and how to use it strategically for your business. 

Remember, it’s not about being an expert, but rather experimenting with the platform and finding what works best for your business. Good luck!

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