How To Add Google Reviews To Wix Website For Free?

Do you have a Wix website? And looking for how to add Google reviews to Wix website? This blog is especially for you. Read till the end to learn about the simplest and most manageable way to embed Google reviews on Wix website.

Using marketing tactics and gimmicks is quite an expenditure for most brands and businesses. Therefore, smart marketers began to utilize other means and ways in their marketing campaigns and efforts. 

Customers play an increasingly important role in defining the success of a business. Soon enough, brands started to understand the relevance of customersโ€™ content and shifted the limelight to them instead. A whopping number of more than 90% of customers go through the words of other customers before purchasing products or taking up services. 

Add Google Reviews To Wix Website

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Existing customers of a brand like to convey their experience with a brand openly on various platforms and this is solely why Google reviews have exploded in popularity. However, if you are not using the voice of your existing customers in your marketing efforts, then you are missing out on a lot. 

Embedding Google reviews on marketing touchpoints like the brand website is an amazing way to enjoy the benefits offered by the strategy. Make your way to the end of this post as we will be mentioning the simplest yet most effective way to add Google reviews to Wix website. 

Additionally, you will be getting an insight into the benefits offered by the strategy.ย Without any further ado, letโ€™s get started!ย 

Step By Step Guide – How To Add Google Reviews To Wix Website Using Tagembed 

Let us begin by giving you an overview of Tagembed. When it comes to social media aggregators, Tagembed is a favorite choice amongst marketers due to its power-packed features and robust responsiveness. 

This highly promising tool allows users to collect social media feeds from over 15+ social media networks. Users of the tool can improve the impact and effectiveness of the Google review widget by using features like customization options to style the widget & a content moderation panel to maintain good quality content. 

Other features include real-time automatic content updates, insightful analytics for keeping content in check, and a back support team for 24×7 assistance.ย This was a brief about Tagembed. Have a look at the steps to add Google reviews on the Wix website using Tagembed below.ย 

Step 1 – How To Aggregate The Google Reviews? 

1. You need to start by logging into your Tagembed account. If you are new to the tool, then you can start by creating a Free Tagembed account.


2. Once you log in, you will have two options. Choose from โ€œSocial Widgetโ€ or โ€œReview Widget.โ€ (Within your account dashboard, you will find your first widget already created).

review widget

3. Click on the “Add Feeds” option. A popup will appear. Select Google Reviews from the given options.ย 

add feed

4. You will be able to select your preferred connection type. You can either aggregate the content based on location or select the Google by business option. Fill in your credentials and click on Create feed


5. You will be able to see the aggregated Google reviews in a couple of minutes on the widget editor.ย 

How To Add Google Reviews To Wix Website

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Step 2 – How To Generate The Google Review Embed Code For Wix?

1. Click on the Embed Widget option in the bottom left corner of the widget editor. 


2. From the pop-up window, select Wix as your preferred website-building platform. 

select platform

3. Click on the Get Code option and copy it to the clipboard. 

google reviews to wix by tagembed

Kudos! You have easily generated embed code for the Wix website.

How To Add Google Reviews To Wix Website

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Step 3 – How To Display Google Reviews On the Wixย Website?

1. Log into your Wix website.

Login to Wix

2. Navigate to the webpage or section where you want to display the Google reviews and click on the plus (+) button present on the left side of the menu bar. 

Click on Add Button

3. Next, click on the More option and click on the HTML iFrames option in the embeds section. 

Enter the Embed Code

4. Paste the embed code in the provided section. 

5. Click on the Apply option to save the changes. 

Voila! You will have successfully embedded Google reviews on the Wix website! 

Display Google Reviews on Wix Website

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Key Benefits Of Integrating Google Reviews On Wix Website:

Wasnโ€™t the process super simple? This is all you need to do to witness a massive transformation in your business. Still not convinced about how it would benefit you? Have a look at the key benefits then. 

a). Build A Social Proof Of Your Brand 

A large percentage of potential buyers go through reviews before finalizing a brand or a product. The reason for this is their immense trust in the views and recommendations of other customers over a brandโ€™s marketing content. Hence, brands must build solid proof to increase their customer base.ย 

Being the primary point of contact, a website needs to have content that holds the potential to convert. Showing Google reviews on website tells your potential customers how much your existing customers vouch for your brand. 

b). More Traffic On The Website 

If you are a business, then you must be well aware of how daunting it can be to drive more traffic to your website. Positive reviews have the power to incline people to visit your website. The more your reviews are, the higher will be your Click-through rate. 

Additionally, the more clicks you get on your website, the more would be the credibility of your brand resulting in an increase in your SEO ranking on the Google engine. 

c). Increased Sales & Conversions 

Increasing brand conversions can be quite challenging and can be achieved when you engage and gain the trust of your potential customers. Reading online reviews hold the ability to instill gain and confidence in your customers. 

Once you gain the trust of your customers and engage them enough, they will be compelled and motivated to click the Buy button and purchase your products resulting in more sales. 

d). Reduces Bounce Rate

Consumers visit various review platforms before making their purchase and often surf various customer review platforms to make their purchase decisions. You can use appropriate customer review examples for your website to capture the attention of your website visitors and help them to know more about your products.

Reviews have the potential to hold consumers on the website, eventually helping you reduce the bounce rates of your website. And we all know that reduced bounce rates help in getting a search engine ranking. So, you get brand recognition and reputation in one go.

e). Develops A Review Cycle

Among various customer review platforms, Google reviews stand as one of the most trusted. Therefore, it is important to gather more reviews on that platform. 

To capture more reviews, more people must get to know about your presence on the platform. By opting to embed the Google review widget on your website, you not only create awareness about your business presence but also inspire people to post reviews.

People feel valued when brands display their reviews on their respective websites, motivating other consumers to post a review and enjoy their limelight on the website. This eventually creates a review cycle and helps you generate more reviews.

Final Thoughts 

We have reached the conclusion section of the post and are positive that you must be convinced to utilize the strong opinions of your customers in your marketing game. 

Now, that you are well acquainted with the steps you need to take to embed the Google reviews widget on Wix website using Tagembed and the benefits that come along with it, we highly recommend that you create your Free Tagembed account immediately and enjoy the benefits of embedding Google reviews to Wix website.ย 

We see no reason why you should not leverage this strategy in your business, do you?

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