11 New Post Instagram Reels Idea For All Brands (+1 Bonus Idea)

When Instagram Reels rose in 2020, users around the world quickly dismissed it as a mere trend after TikTok. Fast forward to 2024, and Instagram Reels proved to be much more than that.

As a result, Instagram reels made the platform world’s second favorite social media platform.Β 

Eventually, with so much content creation, businesses and creators are running out of Instagram Reel ideas.Β And, if you are one of those Instagram users struggling with “What Reel should I post today?” we are here to help.

In this blog, we will discuss all the Instagram Reels ideas that you can post as a brand, business, or influencer. So, take a seat and create your Instagram content calendar with us in the next ten minutes. 

Instagram Reels Ideas For Your Brand (No Matter What Niche) 

Unfortunately, creating Instagram Reels is much more than turning on the camera and making some dance moves. The Instagram algorithm keeps changing now and then. It makes it even harder for the creators to stay relevant and get views. For this, you, as a creator, will need to lay your hands on some evergreen Instagram Reel ideas that will never run out of fashion. Take a look. 

1. Introduce Yourself And Your Brand 

One of the best reel ideas when starting with Instagram reels is introducing yourself on the platform. Your introduction reels should include all the essential information about your business and what you offer. Begin by stating your business name, what you do, and how you solve your target audience’s problems. It would help you highlight what sets you apart from the competitors. You can also include the tagline of your brand for a better understanding of your brand. 

In case you are still feeling stuck, here are some questions that can help you create excellent introduction reels for Instagram. 

  • Who are you, and what do you offer?
  • What inspired you to start your business? (include customers’ pain points here) 
  • What are your goals for your business? (sound realistic and relatable) 

2. Show The Real Side Of Your Brand 

It is not necessary to have perfectly curated and planned content for your Instagram. If you have never talked about your brand in brief on the platform, this is the time. Adding a tweak to the Instagram reel can be fun, too. Gone are the days when brands, businesses, and creators used to follow strict aesthetics. To stand out in the crowd, brands and creators are now showing the “real side” themselves. 

For example, if you are a brand posting perfect pictures of your products, show them what it looks like to create those vibrant pictures. It would add a human touch to your Instagram. Here are some examples of what you can post to show the real side of your brand. 

  • Before and After using a product 
  • Behind the scenes of manufacturing / BTS of how you shoot your videos 
  • Address the problems you face while creating content 

3. Offer Tips and Tricks 

If you are running out of content ideas for Instagram Reels, try sharing tips and tricks related to your niche and industry. By doing so, your followers will perceive you as a source of knowledge and information. This way, you can start sharing valuable information with them that will benefit their growth, as well as your account. Here are some Tips and Tricks videos that you can post, regardless of your niche.

4. Jump On The Recent Trends

Keeping up with the latest trends is essential for any business to stay relevant in today’s ever-changing market. By jumping on the recent trends, you can show your customers that you are up-to-date with the latest industry developments, which can help establish your brand as a leader in your field. 

When you keep up with the latest trends, you can identify new opportunities for growth and innovation. It’s essential to keep a close eye on the latest trends in your industry so you can be one of the first to adopt them and take advantage of any potential benefits they may offer.

5. Share “How-To” Videos

Sharing how-to videos is an effective way to engage with your customers and provide them with valuable information. How-to videos can help your customers better understand your products or services, and they can also help you establish your brand as an authority in your field. 

By creating and sharing high-quality how-to videos, you can build trust with your customers and show them that you genuinely care about their success. Along with that, how-to videos can help you differentiate your brand from your competitors and attract new customers who are looking for valuable and informative content. 

6. Share A Day In My Life 

“A Day In The Life” is a creative way to generate content, particularly when you are experiencing a content block. Simply record short clips of your daily activities and compile them in a Reel, highlighting “A Day In The Life Of (Your Role).” Such Reels provide a genuine insight into what goes on behind the scenes, allowing your Instagram users and followers to connect with your content. It is a screenshot of #ADayInMyLife on Instagram, having 467K posts on the platform. 

7. Post A Time-Lapse 

Time-lapse videos are recorded over some time, sometimes even hours. It is later on played at a high speed in a short video. A time-lapse is a fascinating way to capture the beauty of nature, the hustle and bustle of a city, or the process of creating something. 

As a business owner or creator, you can showcase the time-lapse of condensed hours or even days into just a few minutes, showing the passage of time in a creative and visually stunning way. 

To create a time-lapse, all you need is a camera, a tripod (not necessary), and a subject that changes over time. Take a look at some of the prompts that you can use for your time-lapse videos. 

  • As a brand, you can showcase how your product is made. 
  • If you are a plant enthusiast, you can showcase a flower that is blooming. 
  • As a content creator, you can post how you create content. 

The best part about time-lapses is that they can be shared with the world, allowing others to experience the beauty and wonder of the world in a way they may not have seen before. 

8. Post A Recap Of Your Event 

Posting a recap of your event is yet another Instagram Reels idea that you can opt for for your business or brand. Using this Instagram Reels idea, you can easily create a buzz around your business and brand. A well-created  Instagram Reel accompanied by trending music with eye-catching photos or videos can help you engage your audience and increase your brand’s visibility on social media. 

When creating your Instagram Reel of a recap of the event, make sure to include a summary of your event and highlight some of the most memorable moments.

 You can also include testimonials from attendees to give your post more credibility and encourage others to attend your next event. 

Using location hashtags and location tags can also help you reach a wider audience. It will also help you connect with people who may be interested in attending your event in the future. 

Don’t forget to tag any sponsors or partners who helped make your event a success, as this can help you build stronger relationships with them and potentially secure future partnerships. Not only that but showcasing the sponsorship also impresses your audience. 

9. Monthly Recap As Instagram Reels 

A monthly recap as Instagram Reels is a creative way to highlight your past month’s memories on the platform. Instagram Reels is a great tool to showcase your short videos, and it’s an exciting way to connect with your audience. You can use this feature to share your favorite moments, highlight your accomplishments, and showcase your creativity. 

With Instagram Reels, you can add music, filters, and text to your videos, making them more fun and engaging. So, next time you want to share your monthly recap, try doing it through Instagram Reels and see how your audience responds! Here are a few ideas that you can use to showcase monthly recaps. 

  • A monthly recap of your newly launched product 
  • A monthly recap of highlights of your life

10. Showcase A Product Review 

If you are running out of Instagram reel ideas, you can also showcase a product testimonial. 

As a brand, it is essential to gain the trust of your audience, and one way to do that is by sharing honest product reviews. It is like killing two birds with one stone. 

Product reviews on Instagram Reels can help increase brand awareness and drive sales. You can share a review of your product or collaborate with an influencer to review your product. Here are some ideas for product reviews that you can share on your Instagram Reels.Β 

  • A review of your latest product 
  • A comparison video between two products 
  • An influencer review of your product 

11. Launch Your Hashtag 

Another idea for never running out of Instagram Reels is to launch your Hashtag. Ask your followers and customers to create content around the Hashtag. You can easily share all the content on your feed or your Instagram stories. 

Nevertheless, you can embed Instagram Hashtag feed on website, using an Instagram aggregator tool to promote your hashtag campaigns on the website. It will help you fetch traffic on your website. An Instagram widget on the website acts as social proof of your brand, eventually helping to generate more trust and credibility in the industry.Β 

Bonus Idea:

You can also embed Instagram Reels and Instagram feed on website to showcase engaging posts to your website. It is widely used by brands and businesses to repurpose the Instagram content to boost the reach of content and drive engagement.

The Final Note 

In conclusion, we have included all the possible Instagram reel ideas for your business. Instagram Reels can be a powerful tool for businesses to reach and engage with their audience. By using these ideas, you can create engaging and relevant content that can help you grow your Instagram following and establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry. Try them one by one and see how your Instagram grows in just a few days. So what are you waiting for? 

Go ahead, create Instagram Reels, and go viral.

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