How To Make Money On Instagram – With No Followers

It’s not a good idea to have an Instagram account and not use it actively these days. 

Instagram has become a goldmine for making money. To leverage this goldmine, you might not need followers on the platform, but rather engaging Instagram content.

Instagram engagement (views, likes, comments, shares, etc) with little to no followers can also bring you business and money. In other words, a payable gig reaches out to that account that has more engagement rather than followers. Hence, if you focus on engagement rather than on followers you will get followers as a by-product on your account. Fortunately, you will turn your Instagram account into a source of passive income and earn money while you sleep. 

There are various ways to make money on Instagram, such as by selling courses or becoming an influencer. If you’re wondering how to make money on Instagram, don’t worry, we’re here to help. 

This blog is your guide to making money on Instagram, so let’s get started without any further delay.

Is Instagram Monetizable By Itself? 

Instagram provides monetization tools that enable creators to earn money from their content. You can check your eligibility status for Instagram’s monetization tools and view any policy violations that may impact your ability to use the monetization tools that you’ve already onboarded to.

Note: Before you begin, ensure you have a professional account on Instagram. It would help if you also met the Partner Monetization Policies and complied with Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Content Monetization Policies. 

Note that the Instagram Monetization feature is available in selected countries. 

Follow these steps to check your eligibility for monetization tools you haven’t yet onboarded to, 

Step 1: Go to your profile, tap on the Professional Dashboard, and select Monetization under Tools to set up. 

Step 2: Select any monetization tool listed to learn more about the tool and its eligibility criteria. You’ll see the requirements you’ve already met with a green check mark.

To view your eligibility status for the monetization tools you’ve already onboarded to on your professional dashboard, select a monetization tool you’d like to view under Your tools.

Step 3: Select the tool’s status or tap the gear icon beside the tool you’d like to check your ability to use. Then, tap on Monetization status.

You can also view your eligibility for the monetization tools you’ve already onboarded to from your profile. Tap the three horizontal lines to go to your Settings, and then tap Creator. Under Creator, select Monetization status.

If you have any policy violations, click on the policy set to be taken to a screen of breaches for that policy set. You’ll need to resolve your policy violations to continue earning with your eligible tools.

You can view and appeal violations by tapping each policy under Current policy violations. 

If you think there has been a mistake and wish to appeal, you can tap Request a review to appeal all the listed violations at once or tap on each violation to learn more and request a review one at a time.

7 Real Ways To Make Money On Instagram 

Making money on Instagram was a dream a few years back. However, with the ever-evolving platform like Instagram, it has become a reality. Take a look at seven fundamental ways you can also make money on Instagram. 

1. Create Sponsored Posts For the Brand

One way to monetize your Instagram account is by creating sponsored posts for brands. It means that you collaborate with companies to create content that promotes their products or services. Typically, brands will pay you a fee for your post, and in return, you showcase their products to your followers. To increase your chances of getting sponsored posts, make sure to create high-quality content that aligns with the brand’s values and target audience. 

Even if you are a small creator on Instagram, you can still bag a brand deal or sponsorship with high-quality content. It does not require you to opt for expensive devices; you can create content on Instagram using your existing devices.  

2. Become An Affiliate

Another way to monetize your Instagram account is by becoming an affiliate. It means that you promote products or services through your unique affiliate link and earn a commission for every sale made through that link. To become an affiliate, you can sign up for companies’ affiliate programs that align with your niche or interests. 

Make sure only to promote products or services that you genuinely believe in and would use yourself. If you are a SaaS-related content creator on Instagram, you should not become an affiliate of a beauty brand just because the commission is high. 

Instagram asks its creators to be authentic and stay true to their audience. 

Source  Instagram

Instagram will also be rolling out its affiliate program. However, since they are currently testing affiliates, this feature is not widely available. 

Source: Instagram 

3. Sell Courses 

Knowledge is a valuable resource that can help you earn money. Fortunately, in today’s digital age, information is readily available with just a few clicks. Unlike in the past, you don’t have to wait for the perfect opportunity to develop your soft skills. You can now access numerous coaches on social media platforms like Instagram who are eager to teach you.

Moreover, you can leverage your expertise in a particular area by creating and selling courses on Instagram. These courses can be on anything from fitness to cooking to photography. You can utilize Instagram to promote your courses and redirect traffic to your website, where people can purchase them. However, it’s essential to ensure that your courses are high-quality, informative, and provide value to your customers. By doing so, you can increase your chances of making sales and earning money.

4. Become A UGC Creator On Instagram

UGC stands for user-generated content. It means that you create content that features your followers using a specific product or service. Many times, you might see users on Instagram wearing or using a product and giving genuine reviews about it. 

It genuinely helps the target customers, influencing them to check the product and purchase it for them. Brands often notice this, and instead of hiring full-time influencers, they like to work with UGC creators for authenticity. Unlike the influencers, UGC creators are paid for their authentic and creative work. 

Here is an idea of how you can create UGC on Instagram. For example,  If you’re a fitness influencer, you can create UGC content featuring your followers using a particular workout equipment. 

This type of content can be an excellent way to monetize your Instagram account, as brands constantly look for new and creative ways to showcase their products.

5. Create And Sell Merch

If you are looking to monetize your Instagram account, selling merchandise can be a profitable option. With the platform’s massive user base, it’s a great way to reach a vast audience and promote your brand.  Create and sell products that align with your niche or interests. This way, you can provide value to your followers while earning revenue.

To get started, you can create eye-catching designs for t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, or any other product you think will appeal to your followers. Once you have your designs ready, you can use your Instagram account to showcase your merchandise and direct your followers to your website, where they can make a purchase.

However, before you start selling, it’s crucial to establish a trustworthy presence on Instagram. Building a loyal following takes time, but it’s worth it in the long run. By regularly posting quality content and engaging with your audience, you can create a community that trusts you and is more likely to purchase your merchandise.

6. Enable Instagram Subscription

Instagram has recently launched a new feature called ‘Instagram Subscription.’ This feature allows creators to offer exclusive content to their subscribers for a monthly fee. The followers can subscribe to their favorite creator through an in-app purchase on the platform. 

With the subscription feature, you can create exclusive Instagram content and offer many benefits with the following: 

  • Subscribers Live 
  • Subscriber stories 
  • Subscribers badge 
  • Subscribers Post 
  • Subscriber Reels 
  • Subscribers Social Channels 
  • Subscribers Broadcast Channels 

It is an excellent opportunity for Instagram users to earn money through the creation of content on the platform. Along with that, this also helps you to create a close-knit community. 

7. Offer Coaching Services

If you’re an expert in a particular area, you can offer coaching services on Instagram. It can be anything from business coaching to fitness coaching to life coaching. 

You can use Instagram to promote your coaching services and drive traffic to your website, where people can book your services. Or vice versa. It means that you can also integrate Instagram feed on your website to portray your authenticity and social proof.Β 

Make sure to offer high-quality coaching services that provide value to your customers to increase your chances of making sales. If you have worked offline as a coach, you can easily ask for Google reviews or any other form of feedback from your customers. 

Showcase these testimonials on Instagram to attract new clients to the platform.  

In Action: Making Money On Instagram

Instagram is an excellent platform for making money if you know how to use it effectively. With the right strategies and techniques, you can turn your Instagram account into a source of passive income. While creating a lasting presence on the platform might take time, however, it is worth your investment. 

We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights on how to make money on Instagram.

Remember always to stay authentic to your audience, and you’ll be on your way to success in no time. Good luck!

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