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Get your own referral link for promotion, while our dedicated affiliate manager will provide you with support, training, and required materials.

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Earn a recurring commission when your referrals convert into paying customers of Tagembed.

Key Reasons To Partner With Us

Earn A Handsome Commission

Earn A Handsome Commission

A chance to earn a commission as high as 30% every month when your referral sign up for paid plans.

Super Easy Payroll

Lengthened Cookie Life

60 days We know that conversion doesn’t happen overnight and takes a lot of effort. So, be rest assured, as not one of your sales will go uncredited. As we have a prolonged cookie life for 60 days!

Recommend A Trusted Product

Hassle-Free Payouts

Hassle-free and No-fuss payments that are made automatically to your bank account or PayPal.

How Much You Can Earn?


Total monthly income
Total yearly income

Why Your Audience will Adore Tagembed

The complete experience bundle with all the features they'll ever need.


Easy Integration and Simple Solutions

Tagembed collects, curates, customizes, and embeds social media feeds from 20+ social media platforms within seconds and is compatible with all website-building platforms.


User-Friendly Interface for Seamless Experience

Tagembed has a user-friendly interface and provides an easy embedding solution. An individual with even a non-technical background can operate the tool with ease.


Assists in Establishing an Impressive Online Presence

In this age of the internet, websites can be termed as brand representatives. Using Tagembed, your customers can have an everlasting impression on their consumers and have a robust online presence.


24/7 Top-Grade Customer Support

By support, we don't only mean responding to chats & emails. Users get personal attention as our executives provide great assistance & service.

Your Success Is Our Priority

Our dedicated representatives & affiliate management team are committed to your success. So book a call to acquire more information about the affiliate program, ask for training, get the desired material, and more. We will be more than happy to clear all your doubts.

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If innovations and new marketing techniques inspire you, you look to discover this vast marketing horizon.



You look to add value to the lives of the users. And provide them with products that can change their lives for the better.



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Product Manager

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You have a notable follower base, and your videos provide needed information to the viewers, so you might be the perfect match for us.

Agency Owner

Agency Owner

Grab the opportunity to improve productivity and enjoy the extra income with our affiliate program.

What Our Partners Say

Solutions that have empowered a lot of brands globally

" Who doesn’t like to earn more, right? With the help of the Tagembed saas affiliate marketing program I have managed to earn a total of $20,934.43 and the best part is - my commission keeps growing every single month!"

Matthew Woodward SEO & Affiliate Marketing Expert

"I have been working in this industry for more than 25 years and Tagembed is one of the finest SAAS-based products. The app is here to stay for long, joining its saas affiliation program is one of the best decisions I have made here. The program sells itself. No hustling, no call backs, no complaints."

Ilja Kamphuis Blogger

" As a marketer I always look for the tools or products that add value to the users. With the internet taking over the world, creating an impressive website is a must. And this is where Tagembed jumps in, making users’ websites attractive and functional. I realized the value of the tool, and joined its saas affiliate program. And I am proud to say, I provide some value in the lives of people/businesses. At the same time, I can earn. In short i am earning money and respect, What else can I ask for?"

Octavian Ambrosa Content Writer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAAS Affiliate Marketing? arrow icon

Saas affiliate marketing is like a referral-based partnership. Both parties relish rewards where brand and affiliates join hands to form a synergy. Brands get word of mouth while affiliates get to build some network and enjoy some splendid commission.

How to become an affiliate for Tagembed? arrow icon

If you are looking to earn a hefty commission and connect with some product that helps them grow. Then you can be an affiliate for Tagembed. You have to sign up for Tagembed affiliate program (Link) and obtain the affiliate link. Now, over to you, share the link amongst your connections.

How big is the affiliate marketing industry? arrow icon

Since the 2000s, affiliate marketing has acquired great attention and traction. As a result, global investment in the industry is at or above $13 billion.

What is the mode of payment under the affiliate program? arrow icon

After signing up for Tagembed affiliate program, you can provide your payment account details. We provide payment to all account holders.

How do I track my commission and sales? arrow icon

Tagembed uses third-party applications i.e, first promoter ( “”) for tracking the commission and sales. Login with your Tagembed account, and there you can get all the required information related to your sales, commission, and more.
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