How To Effectively Use TikTok Hashtags For Viral Growth

The TikTok algorithm loves hashtags!

Hashtag is the key element that decides the discoverability of content on different social media platforms. As we are talking about TikTok, the secret to getting your next video viral depends upon the TikTok hashtags game. 

TikTok platform is quite crowded today with 1 billion active users and continuously rising. To make your brand seen in this crowd, Hashtags on TikTok can play a huge role. Using the right hashtags helps you to reach those billions on the TikTok platform and thrive. 

However, many might not know how to use the correct hashtags for TikTok content and the vitality of these hashtags. Walk through this article to learn about TikTok hashtags and play a strong hashtag game. 

What are TikTok hashtags?

TikTok hashtags are the words written with the symbols (#) in the captions of the content. This symbol with particular words or phrases plays a strong role in the visibility of your content. Hashtags for TikTok are mainly used to categorize content on the platform so that people can easily find them.

When the audience searches for any particular hashtag on the platform, they will be presented with different content using that hashtag. This makes it easy for your audience to watch niche content they might be interested in. Moreover, hashtags on Tiktok are beneficial for budding businesses to get their content in the limelight. 

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Importance of hashtags for TikTok

Prioritize the use of hashtags in your TikTok marketing game to outshine the competitive crowd. This one technique can change the whole game for your brand making it the most followed one. Thus, it is quite clear that using hashtags for TikTok is beneficial for the creators. Let’s get to the benefits. 

a.) Be more visible

What was the goal of your TikTok marketing? To present your brand to a global audience. Right? Thus, hashtags on TikTok will be the perfect solution to achieve that. Wondering how? Adding hashtags to your content helps to reach the people who are searching for content with similar hashtags. Thus, using popular hashtags will not only increase visibility of your content but your brand as well. 

b.) Better engagement

When your content reaches the target audience through dedicated hashtags for TikTok, it boosts engagement as well. As soon as your content reaches the audience they will start liking and commenting on it leading to more engagement. Many brands run hashtag campaigns on TikTok which encourage people to join and boost their engagement. 

c.) Get viral

Using strong, relevant, and trending TikTok hashtags in your content comes with the potential to make it viral. Better visibility and engagement help your TikTok content reach a wider audience. The wider your content reaches, get more likes and shares considered viral. 

d.) Get more people to participate

Pick specific TikTok hashtags and run your campaign or challenges successfully. This has seen, that a trend started by someone with specific hashtags has been followed by millions. This encourages more people to follow the same trend with similar hashtags driving increased conversation around your brand. This way more audience will interact with your profile which will boost followers. 

e.) Tickle TikTok algorithm

Using correct hashtags for TikTok videos helps the algorithm to read the required information about your posts. When the TikTok algorithm can understand the kind of content you are posting it reaches to correct audience. 

f.) Get content ideas   

Brainstorming new content ideas can be challenging. TikTok hashtags can be really helpful to work on these content ideas. All you have to do is search your industry-specific hashtags that come up with some top content. This hashtag search technique is a great way to know your audience’s taste and craft your TikTok videos accordingly. 

g.) Know who you competing

Competition is everywhere and so is TikTok. Competitor analysis is a must-do activity for any business. So, your industry-specific TikTok hashtags will let you identify the competitors you have in your niche. You can also use TikTok analytics to understand your own performance for creating future strategies. 

Best Practices for Using TikTok Hashtags 

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the power of hashtags in your TikTok marketing. Whatever your profession is, be it a social media marketer, influencer, small business, or content creator, you must add hashtags on TikTok. 

Confused over how to make the best use of the hashtags on Tiktok? Here, explained below how to make the best out of hashtags for TikTok. 

– Explore relevant hashtags

Before you choose any hashtags give your time to research and explore as many hashtags as you can. Then identify the hashtags that match your content niche, theme, and topic. Additionally, make sure the hashtags are trending and people are actively using them on TikTok. Don’t forget to check out competitor’s TikTok content in your research for the relevant hashtags. 

– Maintain a mix of popular and niche hashtags

Aim to reach your TikTok to a wider targeted audience? Then nothing can be better than adding a mix of popular and niche hashtags to your TikTok content. This technique will help you to target specific users mostly interested in your content. For good content discovery and less content under a hashtag go for more specifically niche hashtags.

– Keep updated 

TikTok is an ever-evolving platform where no trend is permanent. Similarly with trends hashtags also keep changing. It is suggested to keep yourself updated with new trends on TikTok and must use the most current and relevant TikTok hashtags. 

– Work on branded hashtags

If you are a brand on TikTok then give your focus on creating original branded hashtags for Tiktok. This is a smart way to build a strong community on TikTok around your brand. Your dedicated followers and audiences will use your branded hashtags to post content on TikTok. This way your brand will get the limelight and chance to join the trend. 

– Limited hashtags are best

You must not want to look spammy. So, avoid the idea of using too many hashtags in your content. Moreover, adding too many hashtags degrades the quality of your TikTok content as well. The limit is to use only four to six hashtags per content. 

– Fetch hashtag-focused content

You can create a head-turning website with engaging TikTok content. Now the question is how? Using an aggregator tool you can fetch content as per TikTok hashtag in a single widget. After collection and curation, you can embed those engaging the widget on your website. 

– Embed TikTok content based on Hashtags with Tagembed

One of the most effective ways to use a hashtag is to showcase the content from your TikTok hashtag campaign on your website. This not only promotes your hashtag to the visitors but also encourages them to use the hashtag on their own. Tagembed is a social media aggregator tool that allows you to seamlessly embed TikTok feed on your website. Displaying content by your satisfied customers on your website acts as powerful social proof. This makes it easier for a visitor to choose your brand while making a decision. 

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Types of Hashtags on TikTok

Prioritize using the right type of hashtags on TikTok content. Depending on the type of hashtags on TikTok you are using you can boost the visibility and engagement of your content. Below are some types of hashtags mentioned for you. 

1. Trending hashtags

Trending hashtags are the ones popularly used by the creators on TikTok. Adding trending hashtags for TikTok in your content can boost reach and visibility. Through these hashtags, more people will discover your TikTok content. (Example: #FriYay)

2. Niche hashtags 

These are the hashtags based on the community of a particular industry. By using niche hashtags in your TikTok content you can able to reach targeted audiences interested in specific topics. (Example: #BookTok)

3. Branded hashtags

If you are dedicated to running a marketing campaign for your brand on TikTok then use branded hashtags. These hashtags boost brand visibility and are the best for collecting UGC content. (Example: #JustDoIt (Nike))

4. Event hashtags 

If you are organizing an event for your business and want to hype it on TikTok then use dedicated event hashtags. Using these TikTok hashtags boils the conversation of your event and encourages more people to join it. (Example: #SunBurn)

List of top trending hashtags on TikTok To Go Viral

It is crucial to choose your hashtags very wisely because quantity doesn’t matter but quality does. So, make sure to choose the relevant hashtags, to enhance the performance of your content. 

Want to play with some well-performed and trending hashtags for TikTok of 2024?

Here is the curated list of some updated hashtags mentioned for you. 

Top 5 most trending TikTok popular hashtags 

  1. #tonikroos (36K post)
  1. #birdsofafeather (20K post)
  1. #genx (151K post)
  1. #teamwork (67K post)
  1. #notcoin (23K post)

Top 5 TikTok popular hashtags in news & entertainment

  1. #billieeilish (334K post)
  1. #drake (72K post)
  1. #aespa (65K post)
  1. #80s (47K post)
  1. #metgala (38K post)

Top 5 popular TikTok hashtags in apparel & accessories

  1. #ootd (487K post)
  1. #outfitideas (192K post)
  1. #summervibes (165K post)
  1. #fitcheck (68K post)
  1. #shein (74K post)

Top 5 TikTok popular hashtags in business services 

  1. #ballonsdecoration (1K post)
  1. #ballongarland (2K post)
  1. #cncturning (498 post
  1. #stationarylover (329 post)
  1.  #boboballons (143 post)

Top 5 popular TikTok hashtags in travel

  1. #familytime (55K post)
  1. #hiking (44K post)
  1. #maldives (14K post)
  1. #vacation (98K post)
  1. #orlando (18K post)

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How to find the best TikTok hashtags for your brand

Confused about how to find the best hashtags for TikTok? Numerous ways are there for you to identify the trending and best TikTok hashtags that work for your business. However, the Creative Center tool of TikTok quickly finds you the correct hashtags.Β 

This tool helps you to find the data related to hashtag popularity as per their numbers, industry, and regions. This tool is also effective in finding the trending TikTok sounds, videos, and creators who are thriving in the platform currently.

All these features are not supported in your phone and you have to do your research on the browser. Below are the steps mentioned to find the correct TikTok hashtags manually. 

  1. Go to TikTok then on the top right of the screen you will find the search button. Type your query there. Take for example if you need hashtags related to dance then search by the keyword β€œdance idea”. For more specific hashtags search by specific niche.Β 
  1. Check under the β€œHashtags” section you will find hashtags related to your query. Then scroll through the results you will find hashtags related to your keyword. The hashtags will also come with the number of views, likes, comments, and names of the creators who used them.
  1. You know your niche and the targeted audiences so choose your hashtags carefully to achieve your goals. You can get up to 30 hashtags but it is recommended to choose only between 4 to 6
  1. Now that you have selected your hashtags, proceed and add them to the caption of your TikTok videos. 
  1. The TikTok hashtags make your uploaded content searchable which boosts reach and visibility to a wider audience. 


Give your TikTok algorithm the dose of powerful hashtags!

As more people join the game of TikTok marketing take the strong step to stand out with dedicated TikTok hashtags. 

All the information related to TikTok hashtags has spilled above. The best practices of these hashtags have also been explained to you. To build a strong presence of your brand on TikTok using a mix of these hashtags is recommended.  

Keep your eyes on the trending hashtags for TikTok and bring more eyes to your content achieving viral growth. 

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