Engaging TikTok Video Content Ideas To Go Viral

With millions scrolling through endless feeds in today’s digital world. How can your brand rise above the noise and truly connect with your audience? 

This is where TikTok enters with its 1 billion monthly active users making it the social media powerhouse. TikTok is widely popular for its short-form engaging video content. Most businesses are leveraging TikTok video ideas to promote their products and services. TikTok can help you gain a wide range of audience by boosting brand awareness and chances of high conversions. 

Do you know TikTok users consume 167 million videos within a minute? Now, the challenge is how to create TikTok content ideas that will go viral and skyrocket your business.

In this blog, we will share 10 TikTok content ideas that help businesses enhance brand reputation and drive high engagement. Let’s start ideation!

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TikTok Statistics- The Numbers Game 

Take a look at some of these outstanding numbers related to TikTok. These numbers can be helpful for your business growth. 

  • According to Statista, TikTok generated around 232 Million downloads from users globally in the fourth quarter of 2023. More downloads means more people to reach. As a business, you can tap into a new user base. 
  • Only 26% of marketers are using TikTok as per the reports of Statista. Brands should leverage this platform with such a big opportunity for wider reach. 
  • Over 71% of TikTok users have purchased stumbling across a product in their feeds and 58.2% of users utilize the app for shopping inspiration. TikTok provides the best conversion rates for businesses, so they should utilize the platform more effectively. 
  • According to a report, the global ad revenue of TikTok has already surpassed Twitter and Snapchat combined. This depicts the importance of TikTok ads for marketers and brands. They can strategically use this platform for their business. 
  • As per the research of Insider Intelligence, the average time spent per day by US adults was 53.8 minutes in June 2023 on TikTok. This shows that users are highly engaged on TikTok which businesses can utilize for their engagement. 

This graph shows the average user engagement of different social media platforms. The engagement rate on TikTok is the highest with 25.7h in 2021. Brands need to strategically utilize the TikTok platform in their social media marketing. Higher engagement can be turned into greater business success. 

Understanding The Main Purpose Of TikTok For Business

TikTok for business is a centralized medium for advertisers. This platform guides marketers through setting budgets, creating ads, and reaching the right audience. Advertising is the only marketing format for businesses to grow their brands on TikTok. TikTok’s main purpose is to help online brands express their creative side. The platform does this by guiding them on creating authentic ads and increasing brand awareness. Brands can implement their content ideas for TikTok to educate the audience. 

10 TikTok Video Ideas For Your Business To Go Viral 

Let’s review some high-quality TikTok content ideas you can post to boost your brand. 

1. Show Engaging Product Tutorials 

Showing product tutorials is the best way to address the pain points of existing and potential customers. The product tutorials enable the target audience to understand the utility and benefits of the product. You can include product-specific hacks to make your product tutorials more interesting. 

To show multiple aspects and uses of your product effectively, you can use creative elements like TikTok Carousels. 

2. Come To Workplace With Me

Whether it’s your office, a store, or a creative studio, give your audience a virtual tour of your workplace. Introducing colleagues, showing behind-the-scenes, and sharing interesting aspects of your job can be fantastic for your audience. 

These TikTok content ideas can work well for many businesses to get their audience on the edge of their seats. This content type permits them to experience something new and they might get inspired in their careers as well.

3. Unboxing Premium Product Videos 

On social media, unboxing videos have always been popular. Pick your premium or lesser-known products and film the unboxing process while sharing your genuine reactions and opinions. These kinds of TikTok video ideas tap into the audience’s curiosity and desire for new experiences. 

Share your genuine reactions, highlight unique features, and give honest reviews. This content type can vow both the product enthusiasts and curious viewers. You can use TikTok analytics for these types of videos to track their performances. You can maximize such video advantages on the platform. 

4. Make Product Campaigns And Tease Upcoming Launches 

To generate excitement among your viewers, running product campaigns and teasing new launches on TikTok is the best idea. Your audience will expect a big reveal on your TikTok page and they’ll be waiting on the edge of their seats. They will keep coming back to your profile to check if you’ve released more information about that launch. To get more visibility from users scrolling through current trends, combine your launch product with trending sound. 

5. Do An “Answer Audience Question” (Q&A) Segment 

Answering questions is an amazing way to connect with your audience and forge relationships. Without being prompted, TikTok users often ask questions. This will enable them to listen to, interact with, and understand a business perspective. You can create video replies to questions by browsing your comment section. 

You can also leverage the native Q&A feature of TikTok. By answering questions from your customers, you can get insights about their troubles with your business. You need to update your FAQ page if you see the same tasks repeatedly. 

6. Collaborate With Relevant Creators 

To boost brand awareness, Influencer marketing involves the collaboration of brands with popular or relevant content creators. Engage and convert your target audience into customers, leverage this TikTok video ideas marketing strategy. To promote your products and services, connect with creators with a strong fan following. 

For viewers, these collaborations are also a valuable form of social proof. These social proofs play a big factor in the buying decisions of customers. You can also have creators share content on their profiles to provide you with a new audience segment. 

7. TikTok Vs. Instagram  

Only the perfect shot gets uploaded on Instagram because it is quite popular for its aesthetics. Instagram can be very different from reality by editing and meticulously choosing the right angles. But most people demand that reality. This is why TikTok vs Instagram for business videos are popular. 

There are some pictures and videos that won’t make it on Instagram. TikTok will eat up what Instagram misses from “less aesthetic” to unedited or unfiltered videos. It’s a platform about authenticity. You can show the authentic side of your brand products on this platform and still go viral. 

8. Branded Hashtag Challenges 

By producing branded TikTok hashtag challenges, take your social media marketing to a higher level. A branded hashtag means a custom unique hashtag for your brand. You can make any hashtag for your brand related to your products or services. 

For instance, Nike introduced its branded hashtag challenge #JustDoIt to get better engagement and reach on the platform for its products. 

9. Host A Livestream To Connect With Audiences 

Livestream simply means publishing or broadcasting video content in real time. Hosting live streams can be good TikTok content ideas that can help your brand in many ways. You can read comments and give answers to the audience in real time through a live stream. To provide better services, get and implement audience feedback. Lastly, have a conversation with your target audience to understand their issues or feedback. 

As per the study by Ipsos, TikTok Live engages more audiences compared to other social media platforms. To strengthen your TikTok marketing strategy, capitalize on live streaming of the platform. 

10. Display What Makes Your Brand Standout 

Showcasing what makes your brand shine is a great way to get the audience excited about your business. Show them what you do and how well you do. This will generate excitement among your audience and help people to work with you based on your expertise. This will demonstrate to viewers exactly what they expect from your business. 

Bonus Tip- Promote User-Generated Content 

User-generated content on TikTok is what your target audience will create or produce. To establish an authentic brand image, leveraging UGC for product promotion can help. Among the targeted market, UGC encourages word-of-mouth marketing and enhances trustworthiness. 

As per Forbes, UGC has a key role in improving the credibility of a brand. Many leading brands encourage users to create UGC for TikTok content ideas on the platform. To create compelling videos, ads, and more, they repurpose the content. By using Tagembed’s UGC aggregator, users can easily embed content on their websites. This will generate more leads and sales for brands. 

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How TikTok Algorithm Decides A Viral Video 

When your video ideas for TikTok content are inspirational, educational, entertaining, or relevant, they instantly become shareable. TikTok’s algorithm takes notice and recommends it to more people when the audience engages by watching the full video, and then liking, and commenting on it. This will improve the chances of your TikTok ideas to go viral.

When you post your TikTok video ideas content, the platform ranks your video based on several factors. These are the deciding factors for the app before pushing your video to the home page screen. These factors are: 

  • User interactions- This factor incorporates likes, follows, shares, and average video watch time. 
  • Video details- Captions, sounds, hashtags, and your video texts are included in this factor. 
  • Device and account settings- On your video ranking, language settings, device type, and country settings have a lower weight but they are still important. 

As a brand, to improve your content performance you can include these factors when thinking of TikTok content ideas. 

What Key Elements Make A TikTok Video Ideas That Will Go Viral?

The video content that goes viral on TikTok has one or more of the following key elements: 

1. Content Must Be Relatable 

Your audience feels seen and heard with relatable content because you both are on the same platform. Being relatable means being you and how much it connects with your audience. Other times being relatable is like talking about in a new way after noticing a universal experience. 

When you post relatable content it builds a connection with your audience that keeps them coming back. Over 84% of users said they find relatable content on the app according to a recent Nielsen Study. 

2. TikTok Video Ideas Must Be Inspirational 

When you upload inspirational short-form video content on TikTok, it should be positive and memorable. Inspirational content can excite people or encourage them to take a particular action. People must feel inspired and motivated after consuming inspirational content. More than 31% of users said that inspirational content is one of the three reasons they love the app as per Nielsen Study. 

3. It Should Be Educational 

TikTok video ideas for content like FAQs, how-tos, tutorials, guides, recipes, etc. are included in the educational content list. TikTok has become rapidly converted into a search engine. Users are looking for ideas for TikTok content like recipes to try, where to dine out, make-up looks, tips, etc. 

When you create content ideas for TikTok videos and optimize them for search makes it much easier to get noticed. It is difficult to compete with existing search engines like Google. Share your interests and knowledge on the platform, it might be possible that someone is searching for it. 

4. Your Content Needs To Be Entertaining 

When you post entertaining TikTok video ideas, it quickly gets the audience’s attention and ignites emotions in them. As a brand, you can post interactive and engaging content like bloopers, behind-the-scenes, funny videos, etc. that drive audience engagement. After all, the app became famous due to its entertaining and funny video content. 

Compelling Benefits Of Embedding TikTok Videos On Website 

For a successful online presence, a TikTok widget offers all the benefits of your website’s search engine optimization. Take a look at the benefits mentioned below: 

1. Gives Diversified Content 

When you embed TikTok videos on the website, the best thing you can do is combine different TikTok content and use it for your website. From multiple TikTok creators, you can collect user-generated content and apply it to your website. 

From informative guides to humorous skits, TikTok videos provide a broad range of content. You can offer your audience diversified content by adding TikTok video content to your website. This content will keep them engaged and up-to-date. Don’t hesitate to try new tactics. 

2. Wider Audience Reach 

Due to its unique algorithm, TikTok has also gained immense popularity apart from gaining a vast and wider user base. The TikTok algorithm displays content to users that is tailored to their preferences and interests. By adding TikTok content ideas to the website, you have the chance to display your brand to a more engaging audience. 

To catch the short attention span of audiences, the short-form video format of TikTok is perfect. You can lure viewers to visit your website by creating engaging and informative TikTok videos. This will help them learn more about your brand. 

3.  Provides Better Conversion Rate 

As a business, when you integrate content creation ideas for TikTok videos on your website, it significantly improves user engagement. TikTok videos are usually short, engaging, and visually captivating making them an excellent tool for getting the visitor’s attention. 

You can display your products in the best way possible by displaying TikTok videos on the website. This increased engagement will lower the bounce rate of your website and lead to longer visit durations of visitors. This will ultimately result in better conversion rates. 

4. Boosts Hashtags Campaign 

To promote hashtags and run your advertisement campaign, TikTok is one of the prominent social media platforms that businesses use. Using Tagembed’s hashtag aggregator, you can aggregate the content for a particular hashtag related to your brand. Then you can show the aggregated content on your website effortlessly. 

You can introduce your hashtag campaign and create awareness regarding your campaign. You can expect more entries to your hashtag when your audience knows about the hashtag. 

Conclusion- Ready To Go Viral! 

To connect with the audience and create engaging content, TikTok is an outstanding platform for businesses. Businesses can leverage this platform to increase brand awareness and drive conversions. Businesses can create engaging content that excites their audience and grow their business by using these aforementioned TikTok content ideas. TikTok offers a chance to experiment with various content types that will increase your business engagement. 

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