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Why Embed Social Widget On Website?

Let's see how social media widget can help you seamlessly leverage social feeds on your website.


Drive Website Traffic & Engagement

The social feed on your website is engaging to your audiences. The social widget content drives more traffic to your website with the high engagement possibilities it caters to.


Brand Awareness & Reach

As users share reviews, their networks get to know about the brand, building awareness among a wider audience with positive exposure & higher reach.


Build Social Proof

Embed user-generated content on your website to create social proof, inspiring your website visitors to create social media widgets content for your brand.


Generate Leads

Strategically use branded posts and user-generated content relevant to your brand to promote products and generate leads and captivate your prospects' interest.

Embed Social Media Widget On Website

Collect, moderate, and add social feed widget on your website

Benefits of Tagembed Social Widget

Here's why you must choose our Social Media Widget for website.


Creative Customizations For Beautiful Visuals

Choose from a pool of vibrant themes, layouts, fonts, colors, templates, and more to make your social widgets look more appealing compelling, and exciting.


Advanced Moderation To Maintain Quality

Use the moderation feature by Tagembed to filter out the irrelevant social widgets content to ensure that you only offer premium quality content to your website visitors


Detailed Analytics To Measure Performance

Gain accurate & detailed insights into how well people interact & respond to the Social Media Widgets embedded on your website and track the social widgets performance.

The Unique Features That Make Tagembed A Stand-out

Build trust, conversions & boost the performance of your website with the social widgets by Tagembed.

Customize & Redesign

Use the ample range of themes, layouts, fonts, colors, templates, & more to create a personalized social media widget & make it a perfect fit for your website.

Advanced Moderation & Filters

Give your social widget an authentic look with the moderation filters to chuck out the unwanted social posts and keep your social media widget optimized.

Detailed Insights

Track the performance of the social media widget on your website using Tagembed's in-depth analytics features to add what works best for your audience.

Code-free Process

Experience the code-free process with Tagembed's seamless embedding options to add social media widgets to your website like a pro.

Instant Auto Sync

Offer a real-time social content experience to your website visitors with the Tagembed social widgets auto-sync feature that updates automatically.

Economical Solutions

Tagembed has a free forever plan with some unique features, but if you wish to avail its advanced features, you can go for the paid plans.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is Social Media Widget? arrow icon

Social media widget is a functional block on the website that enables to showcase social media feeds from various platforms on the website. You can easily embed social media feeds on websites by following some simple steps using Tagembed.

How Do I Add A Social Media Widget? arrow icon

To add a social media widget to a website, you need to create your free Tagembed account, collect social media feeds, and then copy the embedding code and paste it into the website’s backend.

Which Is The Best Social Media Widget arrow icon

Social media widget by Tagembed is currently the top-rated and best plugin on WordPress that helps in collecting and displaying social media feeds on WordPress. The plugin is easy to handle and offers various features adding more charm and functionality to the plugin.

Widget Integrations With Popular Tech-Stack

Tagembed offers easy integration with all popular CMS platforms, Social Channels, and many more platforms for maximum performance & results

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