How To Embed YouTube Videos On Any Website (Easy Guide)

We are just amazed by the popularity of YouTube, aren’t we? Understanding this popularity, have to ever thought about building your brand marketability using YouTube? Alongside making YouTube marketing strategy? Have you ever thought about choosing to embed YouTube videos on website?

According to recent statistics from YouTube, the platform boasts over 2 billion logged-in monthly active users, who collectively consume billions of hours of video content each day. With such a massive audience, tapping into YouTube’s vast collection of videos can provide you with an abundance of high-quality content to enrich your website.

Embedding YouTube videos to your web pages is easier than you might think. By embedding videos, you can seamlessly integrate them into your site without the need for hosting or managing large media files. YouTube’s robust embed feature allows you to customize the player’s size, appearance, and even control related videos and suggested content.

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Notably, research shows that websites with video content have higher conversion rates and better user engagement compared to those without. As per the recent statistics released by Wyzowl, 89% of consumers get convinced to purchase after watching a brand’s video. Furthermore, Brightedge reports that web pages with videos are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results.

So, if you’re ready to take your website to the next level and harness the power of video content, read on to discover the step-by-step process of embedding YouTube videos on your website and unlock the potential to captivate and convert your visitors.

What Does Embedding a YouTube Video Mean?

Before learning about embedding YouTube videos on websites, it is important to understand about the embedding concept.

Video embedding on YouTube refers to the process of integrating YouTube video hosted on the platform into a web page or website. Rather than hosting the video file directly on your own server, embedding allows you to display the video player and content within your webpage by utilizing an embed code provided by the video hosting platform or from social media aggregator tools such as Tagembed.

Easy Steps To Embed YouTube Videos On Website

With Tagembed you can easily embed YouTube videos on website, you just need to follow the steps mentioned below.

Step – 1 : Aggregate YouTube Videos For Your Website

sign up
  • Once logged in, Choose your widget
    1.) Social Widget
    2.) Review Widget
  • Select Social Widget & start free trial.
social widget
  • Now Your first widget is already created. Just Choose YouTube as your content source
youtube source
  • Select your preferred connection type, Tagembed provides the following connection types to embed YouTube videos on website:
youtube channel

1) Channel URL: A YouTube channel URL is a unique web address that represents a specific user or brand’s channel on the platform, making it easy for viewers to access and explore their uploaded videos and subscribe to their channel. Embed YouTube channel on website helps users to checkout all the videos of your channel in an instance.

2) Playlist: Embed YouTube playlist enable users to curate and organize multiple videos into a single collection based on a specific theme or topic, allowing viewers to watch a series of related videos in a seamless and uninterrupted manner.

3) YouTube Shorts: YouTube Shorts are brief, vertical videos that last up to 60 seconds and are designed to capture viewers’ attention quickly. Embed YouTube Shorts on website offer a dynamic and immersive viewing experience, ideal for sharing engaging content, entertaining snippets, or showcasing highlights in a concise format. No doubt YouTube shorts is a big platform & every creater should know the YouTube shorts updates for more engaging content creation ideas.

  • After entering the needed  information, click on “Create Feed” to see the aggregated videos in the Youtube widget editor. 
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Step 2 – Customize YouTube Widget As Per Desire

  • Click “Personalize” option on the left side of your window. You have the following option that you can use to customize your YouTube widget by choosing appropriate themes, background, banner, card-style and theme setting for your YouTube widget
personalize widget

All this helps to improve the beauty of your widget and make it attractive to visitors.

STEP – 3 : Get Embedding Code

  • Click on β€œEmbed Widget” button present on the bottom right corner of your screen.
youtube feeds
choose platform
  • You also have the option to make alterations to the widget on the window on your screen. After making desired changes, copy the Embed code from your YouTube HTML Widget.
adjust size

STEP – 4 : Embed YouTube Video Widget Website

  • log in to your website admin account and go to the section or webpage where you want to embed the video. 
  • Paste the YouTube embed code into the provided section in the backend of your website. 
  • Save the changes, and you’re done! 

By following these steps, you can easily embed YouTube videos on HTML website using Tagembed.

Now, to make things easier for you, we will be discussing all methods to embed YouTube videos on the HTML website using various connection types.

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Embed YouTube Videos On Different Website-Building Platforms? 

Want to know how you can add YouTube videos on different platforms? 

(a). Embed YouTube Videos On WordPress (New Version)

  • Select your preferred Website building platform i.e.- WordPress 6.1 
  • Use Tagembed YouTube widget for WordPress to Get the embed code and copy it to the clipboard 
  • Paste the code on the webpage backend where you want to display YouTube videos on WordPress 
  • Select β€˜+Add Block’ on the WordPress editor 
  • Click on Formatting and Select Choose Custom HTML 
  • Paste the code you have copied  into the WordPress editor 
  • Finish off the steps by clicking β€˜Publish/Update’
  • Embed YouTube Video with WordPress Classic Editor (Old Version)
  • Choose your WordPress Building platform i.e.- WordPress 
  • Generate the Website Embed code from Tagembed 
  • Copy the generated code on the clipboard 
  • Open the backend of your WordPress website 
  • Go to the HTML mode. Now click on HTML block. 
  • Paste the generated code 
  • Click on Publish/Update to save the changes and display the YouTube widget on WordPress website.

(b). Add YouTube Video to Wix Website

  • Select Wix as your website-building platform 
  • Generate the Embed code  
  • Open the webpage, where you wish to add YouTube Videos on Wix
  • Click on the β€˜+Add’ button and then click on the more 
  • Select HTML iFrame from the embeds 
  • Paste the HTML code you have generated in the code field 
  • Click on Apply to save the changes

(c). Embed YouTube Video On SquareSpace Website

  • Select Squarespace as your platform 
  • Generate and copy the embed code 
  • Go to the page where you wish to embed YouTube videos on Squareapce
  • Click on β€˜+Add/Edit Block’ 
  • Select Embed Code from the menu 
  • Click on the </> icon in the URL field 
  • Paste the copied code 
  • Click on β€˜Apply’ to save the changes

(d). Embed YouTube Video On Weebly Website

  • Choose β€˜Weebly’ as your desired website-building platform.
  • Generateand now copy the embed code
  • Now navigate to the page where you want to display your video feed
  • Then click on β€˜Embed Code’ and paste it where you want to embed YouTube video on your Weebly website.
  • Click on HTML box and Edit Custom HTML option.
  • Paste the copied code in the box and successfully publish the changes
  • Within a few minutes, you will see embedded YouTube Video feeds on your Weebly website. 

(e). Embed YouTube Video on Shopify Website

  • Select Shopify as your platform 
  • Generate the code from Tagembed and copy it on the clipboard Log in to your Shopify store
  • Navigate to the online stores available on your Shopify website
  • Go to the Themes menu in the sidebar 
  • Go to Edit HTML/CSS option
  • Select the section where you want to embed YouTube video on shopify
  • Paste the copied code and click on Apply to save the changes

(f). Add YouTube Video On Webflow Website

  • Log in to your Webflow account. 
  • Navigate to the page or area where you want to embed YouTube video.
  • Paste the embed code you have generated  into the backend of the website. 
  • Save the changes

(g). Embed YouTube Videos on BigCommerce

  • Log in to your BigCommerce account and on the dashboard, navigate to the Storefront
  • Now select the Web Pages option
  • The Web Pages option will navigate you  to your all pages. Now, pick  Create a Web Page and provide all of your details 
  • Select HTML section
  • Paste the code and click on update 
  • Scroll down to save the changes and exit. 
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Alternate Methods To Add YouTube Videos On Website

1. Tagembed WordPress Plugin


Tagembed is a powerful WordPress plugin that revolutionizes content integration and display on websites. With its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options, Tagembed allows users to effortlessly aggregate, curate, and showcase social media feeds, reviews, videos, and more. Seamlessly embedding dynamic content from various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TripAdvisor, Tagembed enhances user engagement and boosts website interactivity. 

Its responsive design ensures flawless adaptation across devices, while advanced moderation tools provide content control. From social walls to testimonials, Tagembed empowers WordPress users to create captivating and interactive experiences, turning their websites into dynamic hubs of curated content. Discover the true potential of content embedding with Tagembed.

2. Tagembed Shopify App

tagembed shopify app

Shopify allows user in creating their eStore with ease. With Tagembed, users can amplify the look and feel of their eStore. This powerful Tagembed Shopify App allows users to seamlessly integrate and display dynamic content from various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive customization options, Tagembed Shopify App enables effortless content aggregation and curation, you can utlize the app to embed YouTube video on Shopify store.

Furthermore, Tagembed Shopify App offers advanced moderation tools, enabling users to have full control over the displayed content. From creating social walls and showcasing user-generated content to displaying testimonials and product reviews, Tagembed Shopify App unlocks a whole new level of visual storytelling and customer engagement.

With Tagembed Shopify App, businesses can transform their Shopify stores into vibrant and interactive platforms, enhancing their brand presence, driving conversions, and creating memorable shopping experiences for their customers.

Embed YouTube Videos on Website

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Why You Should Add YouTube Videos On Website

Embedding YouTube videos on your website have numerous benefits, from enhancing user engagement to improving SEO. In this article, we’ll explore some of the key reasons or benefits of embedding YouTube videos on your website.

#1. Enhances User Engagement

Embedding YouTube videos on your website can significantly enhance user engagement. Videos are a more interactive and visually appealing medium than text and images, making them a great tool for engaging your audience. With videos, you can tell your story more effectively, showcase your products and services, or demonstrate a how-to tutorial. This can help to keep visitors on your website for longer periods and reduce bounce rates.

#2. Improves SEO

Embedding YouTube videos on your website can improve your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Google and other search engines prioritize web pages with video content, and by embedding YouTube videos on your website, you can increase your chances of appearing higher in search engine rankings. Additionally, YouTube is owned by Google, which means that video content hosted on YouTube is more likely to appear in search engine results.

#3. Increases Conversion Rates

Videos can be a powerful tool for increasing conversion rates. Studies have shown that embedding videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. By showcasing your products or services in a video, you can provide more information to your audience in a more engaging and memorable way. A YouTube video on website will help to build trust and encourage visitors to take action. For example you can ask them to  make a purchase or filling out a contact form.

#4. Helps to Build Brand Awareness

Embedding YouTube videos on your website can help to build brand awareness. By creating high-quality and informative videos, you can establish your brand as an authority in your industry and build a loyal following. YouTube videos also have the potential to go viral, which can significantly increase your reach and exposure.

#5. Provides Analytics and Insights

YouTube provides a wealth of analytics and insights that can help you to optimize your videos and improve your overall marketing strategy. By embedding YouTube videos on your website, you can track important metrics such as views, engagement, and shares. When you have such set of information, you can easily identify which videos are resonating with your audience. and later on, adjust your content strategy accordingly.

#6. Increases Social Shares

People love sharing videos instead of texts.  By embedding YouTube videos on your website, you can encourage visitors to share your content on their social media profiles, increasing your reach and exposure. Additionally, YouTube videos can be easily embedded and shared on other websites and blogs, further increasing your reach.

#7. Saves Bandwidth and Storage Space

By embedding YouTube videos on your website, you can save bandwidth and storage space. Hosting videos on your own server can be expensive and time-consuming, particularly if you have a lot of video content. By embedding YouTube videos, you can take advantage of YouTube’s powerful hosting capabilities and save resources that can be used elsewhere.

#8. Builds Trust and Credibility

Embedding YouTube videos on your website can help to build trust and credibility with your audience. By providing informative and educational videos, you can establish your brand as an authority in your industry and position yourself as a thought leader. This can help to build trust with your audience and encourage them to take action, such as making a purchase or subscribing to your newsletter.

#9. Increases Dwell Time

Dwell time, or the amount of time a user spends on your website, is an important metric for SEO. Embedding YouTube videos on your website can help to increase dwell time by providing engaging and interactive content that keeps visitors on your site for longer periods. This can signal to search engines that your website is providing valuable content and improve your search engine rankings.

#10. Provides Mobile Compatibility

More and more users are accessing websites from their mobile devices, and embedding YouTube videos on your website can help to ensure that your content is mobile-friendly. YouTube videos are automatically optimized for mobile devices, which means that your videos will look great on any screen size or resolution. Additionally, YouTube provides an embed code that is compatible with most mobile devices, making it easy to embed videos on your mobile-responsive website.

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The Parting Note

embedding YouTube videos on your website has numerous benefits, from enhancing user engagement to improving SEO. By creating high-quality and informative videos and embedding them on your website, you can build brand awareness, increase conversion rates, and provide valuable insights into your audience’s behavior. So why not take advantage of this powerful tool and start embedding YouTube videos on your website today?

Frequently Asked Questions

Embedding YouTube videos on a website is safe and sound. Whether you are using an aggregator tool like Tagembed or the self-embed option of YouTube, you are not likely to invite issues.

The YouTube embed URL is basically the link using which one can embed YouTube videos on a website. Click on the share button on the YouTube video in the web browser you want to embed, you will find the embed link. Copy it and paste it at the backend of your website.

Embedding YouTube videos means that you are borrowing them from the platform. one of the basic perks of embedding YouTube videos on the website is real-time updates, without leaving the platform. Whereas linking YouTube videos will only redirect to a different page.

Absolutely. You can easily embed YouTube videos on your website for free using a video aggregator tool called Tagembed. Login to Tagembed. Create a customized widget. Originate the embed code and paste it at the bottom of the website. You are ready with the free YouTube Widget on website.

  • Login to Tagembed.
  • Create a YouTube video feed.
  • Originate the embed code and paste it into the backend of the preferred CMS platform.

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