YouTube Shorts Updates : A Series of New Features For Creators

We are living in a world where attention spans are shorter than a goldfish.

And to let creativity find its canvas in a blink of an eye, the digital landscape is constantly evolving to keep up with our insatiable thirst for bite-sized content. 

And this is why YouTube Shorts is watched by billions of people every day. To quote the words by Statista, there are nearly 2 billion monthly active users of YouTube Shorts globally. So here now YouTube Shorts Updates are now day-by-day goes to expand your creativity.

YouTube Shorts is a world where stories unfold in seconds, where laughter, inspiration, and wonder are compressed into the span of a heartbeat. So, whether you are a creator or a business owner trying to have a breakthrough through YouTube Shorts, this is your moment to know all the YouTube Shorts updates has to offer in August 2023. 

YouTube Shorts is not just about capturing moments anymore; it’s about capturing the essence of life itself in the most captivating way. So buckle up as we dive into the comprehensive guide of the YouTube Shorts Update August 2023 and uncover how this new wave is redefining entertainment as we know it.

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What Are YouTube Shorts? 

YouTube Shorts, in definition, are short-form videos uploaded by the creators. 

Indeed, YouTube Shorts is not a far cry from the other platforms that support bite-sized video content such as Instagram Reels, TikTok, and LinkedIn Stories (Rest In Peace). And shorter YouTube videos are not something new. 

So what sets YouTube apart from other bite-sized video content platforms? 

We ran through some statistics and came to know a few notable 

  • As stated by one YouTube subscriber is worth 25 TikTok followers. 
  • Shorts are growing 135% year over year and have over 1.5 billion monthly users. 
  • The Small Business Blog revealed that YouTube Shorts has reached 50 billion daily views.

YouTube Shorts Updates : Six New Feature For Better Content Creation in 2023 

YouTube is constantly evolving to make things easier as well as authentic for its creators. For example, Remix collab feature will help the creators to harness a better relationship with their peers. Apart from that, features like Q&A will help the to create engagement on their YouTube channel.

Let’s take a look at all the YouTube shorts updates with their usages in detail from YouTube Shorts in August 2023.

1. Remix-Collab Feature

Content creation requires collaboration. It helps the creator to be more productive and efficient. YouTube identified the pattern and launched its Remix-collab feature. 

Creators can now make videos alongside other YouTube or Short videos in a side-by-side style. This means they can create content that appears next to existing videos. They have different layout options to choose from, so they can pick how their videos will look together.


2. Q&A Stickers

Content creators have a new way to interact with their audience. They can ask questions to their viewers using special stickers. People watching the video can leave their answers in the comments sticker. This allows creators to know who gave the answer and even give them a special mention in their video.

Q&A Stickers

3. Mobile-First Vertical Live: 

Youtube is also testing its mobile-first live feature in August 2023. This means that live creators have a major chance of getting discovered on the Shorts feed. 

This helps them connect with a new audience while doing live broadcasts.  Creators can go live on the platform with just a few clicks, that too with vertical orientation. Besides that, features like Superchat, and Super stickers will also be available. 

The aim is to help creators build a community in a more modern and engaging way.


4. Creation Suggestions

YouTube can now help creators when they’re making new Shorts. If you’re remixing a Short, YouTube can automatically suggest using the same audio and effects that were in that Short. You also have the choice to mix and match different elements to create something new. What’s better than having constant help while you are editing your Shorts videos?

creation suggestion

5. Shorts Playlist 

YouTube also recently introduced the option to save Shorts. 

Creators can now organize their Shorts by saving them into playlist directly on YouTube. This makes it easier for both creators and viewers to find and enjoy specific Shorts.

6. Transform Horizontal Videos to Shorts

In the coming weeks, YouTube is going to test a new feature. It will allow users to take their normal horizontal videos and change them into Shorts. 

You’ll be able to adjust how the video looks, like zooming and cropping, to make it fit the Short format better. These new YouTube features aim to make it simpler and more enjoyable for creators to make engaging content and for viewers to find and interact with it.

What Else Is New On YouTube Shorts? 

In another Update YouTube Shorts is taking action to tackle the increasing problem of spam on its short-form video platform. Starting from August 31st, links in the comments section, video descriptions, and the vertical live feed of Shorts will no longer be clickable. This move by YouTube aims to proactively combat scammers and spammers who use clickable links to deceive and defraud users.

This decision comes in response to the potential dangers posed by spammy links, which could lead users to harmful content like malware, phishing attempts, and various scams. While YouTube already employs technology and policies to identify and remove such links, the platform is taking a more drastic approach by completely disabling them.

The implementation of this policy will be gradual, meaning not all links will be deactivated by August 31st. Apart from that, YouTube is also removing clickable social media icons from desktop channel banners. These icons have been exploited to deceive users with misleading links.

It is true that YouTube acknowledges that legitimate content creators occasionally need to use links, especially for YouTube shorts monetization purposes, such as recommending products and brands to their audience. In light of this, the platform promises to introduce alternative methods for these creators to incorporate links in their content in a safe and secure manner. This step reflects YouTube’s commitment to maintaining a balance between preventing spam and supporting authentic content creators.

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Spectacular Benefits Of YouTube Shorts For Any Creator 

YouTube Shorts Updates offers creators a range of valuable benefits that can enhance their content creation journey and online presence. Keeping that in mind let us have a look at all the benefits we can expect from YouTube Shorts for creators. 

#1. Quick Content Creation

The short video format of YouTube Shorts, limited to 60 seconds, enables creators to craft and share engaging content swiftly. This brevity encourages creativity and ensures that viewers remain captivated throughout the entire video.

#2. Broadened Reach

The dedicated Shorts section on YouTube provides creators with a unique opportunity to increase their visibility. This exposure can attract a wider audience, leading to higher subscriber counts and greater channel growth.

#3. Viral Potential

YouTube Shorts have the potential to go viral due to their easily shareable nature. If a Short resonates with viewers, it can rapidly spread across social media platforms, resulting in increased views, likes, and subscribers.

#4. Audience Engagement

Using the features like Q&A stickers and comments on YouTube Shorts, creators can interact directly with their audience. This engagement fosters a sense of community, encourages viewer participation, and helps creators build stronger connections with their fans.

#5. Creativity and Experimentation 

YouTube Shorts offers a canvas for creators to experiment with diverse content styles, trends, and challenges. This stimulates creative expression and empowers creators to showcase their distinctive skills and perspectives.

#6. Mobile-Centric Focus 

YouTube Shorts are tailored for mobile device consumption, aligning with the viewing habits of a significant portion of YouTube’s audience. By catering to mobile viewers, creators, and business owners can tap into a massive demographic.

Final Words 

YouTube Short is constantly evolving. YouTube Shorts updates trying to make things easier for its viewers and Creators. When YouTube Short was rolled out in 2021, people assumed it was just a marketing gimmick by YouTube to snatch all the attention the other video platforms were receiving. 

But with time, YouTube Shorts established itself. 

With YouTube Short, staying updated with current trends and challenges becomes easier.  By capitalizing on trending topics, creators can align their content with popular subjects, capturing the attention of a wider audience.

Using the short time frame, creators can highlight their personality, humor, and expertise. This allows viewers to quickly grasp the essence of the creator’s content and style. And now with the new rolled-out updates, creators can enjoy all the perks. 

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