How To Add Social Proof To Website [Examples, Benefits & Tools ] 

Have you ever wondered how the actions of others influence our decisions in our daily lives? We seek the approval of others to make a purchase. 

Well, this is what social proof is. And the social proof is the new age advertisement. This is why a lot of business owners are showcasing social proof on websites.  

And if you are one of those business owners, looking for the same for your business, we have you covered. In this blog, we will be talking about social proof and how you can add social proof to website examples. Let us deep dive into it without any further delay.

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What is Social Proof? 

We know a lot of you are still confused about social proof. What is it? How did social proof come into existence? And many more questions. Okay! Let us answer them each. 

A psychological phenomenon where people determine what is correct or appropriate in a given situation by observing the actions and behavior of others is termed Social Proof.

In simpler terms, it’s the idea that people are influenced by the actions and opinions of others when making decisions, especially in uncertain or ambiguous situations. 

The term “social proof” was coined by Robert Cialdini in his book Influence: Science and Practice in 1984. 

When individuals are unsure about what course of action to take, they often look to the behavior of others to guide their own choices. 

Social proof serves as a shortcut for decision-making, helping individuals overcome uncertainty by relying on the wisdom of the crowd.

It taps into the innate human tendency to trust the actions and choices of others, providing a sense of reassurance and validation when making choices in various aspects of life, from purchasing products to choosing services or even forming opinions about ideas and beliefs. 

Facts And Statistics About Social Proof 

Here are some facts and statistics about social proof that highlight its importance and impact on businesses:

  • As per the data by Finances Online, 87% of consumers check out reviews of local businesses online.
  • Another survey by TINT has revealed that 75% of consumers look for reviews and testimonials before making any purchase from an online store, and 72% of consumers find customer-submitted reviews and testimonials more trustworthy than brands discussing their products.
  • A report by Spiegel Research Center found that products with at least five reviews have a 270% higher chance of being purchased compared to products with no reviews. Between 20 and 50 is the ideal number of reviews. 

Examples Of Social Proof You Must Be Aware About 

Social proof comes in various forms, each leveraging the different aspects of human psychology and needs before they spend a dime. Take a look at the examples of social proof on website mentioned as we discuss their importance and how you can use them better for your business. 

a). Reviews and Testimonials 

Reviews and testimonials are some of the most important types of social proof to website, as they influence how well your business would perform in the industry. Checking reviews and testimonials before making a purchase has become a common norm for consumers. 

Statistics Alert: A recent study has revealed that nearly 95% of customers read online reviews before buying a product. Take this as an example, think of the last time you purchased. Didn’t you check its feedback on Google Reviews? Customers are inclined toward making informed decisions. 

Therefore to cut short the time it takes to make a purchase you can add a Google review widget on the website. When you show Google reviews on website, customers see them as a credible source and decide without wasting time.

Take a look at the Google review widget and social proof to website example of a brand called Picsart . Adding social proof on websites not only helped them enhance trust but also helped to spike conversions. 

As the name suggests, Picsart helps their target customers to provide the best photo, video, image editing & design tools. They embed Google review widget on the website to flaunt their happy customers. 

b). Awards And Achievements 

Awards and case studies are yet another important type of social proof to website. If your business has won any award in the industry, you need to put your modesty aside and showcase your achievements. This works as proof that your products and services are top-notch. 

Here is an example of social proof on the website in the form of awards and accolades. 

As a business owner, your awards and accolades should be placed on the homepage of your website. This helps you bring your awards and accolades to your audience’s eyes as soon as possible and builds credibility in the industry. 

c). Influencer Seal Of Trust

With the rise of platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, influencer marketing has become a way for e-commerce businesses to get on their target audience’s radar. 

Statistics Alert: 71% of people are more likely to buy if it’s recommended by influencers they trust.

When the audience sees the products and services being recommended by their favorite social media influencers they immediately place trust in them. Although this might require choosing the right influencers for the brand campaign. Trust us on this, it is not all about who has the most followers on social media platforms. Sometimes the influencer with less number of followers can bring what big influencers can not. 

But in the end, they are influencers, they can do what your business needs the most- influence to buy from you. 

Source: Glossier Instagram Page

Remember when Glossier, a beauty brand, used real customer photos and stories instead of expensive models, creating social proof and engagement through user-generated content and influencer marketing under the hashtag #MaskForce and reposting on social media?

d). User-Generated Content 

Another form of social proof is user-generated content. User-generated content is the brand-specific content created by the customers and published on social media platforms. This can be a photograph, video, testimonial, or even a podcast. 

Take a look at the example of social proof on website in the form of User-generated content by Apple. 

The “Shot on iPhone” campaign showcases stunning user-generated photos and videos captured on iPhones worldwide. Launched by Apple, this global campaign highlights the exceptional camera capabilities of iPhones. 

It has become a testament to the power of smartphone photography, inspiring millions of people to create content with the iPhone.  

Undeniable Benefits Of Social Proof On Website 

Social proof on websites has a significant impact on any business. Let us take a look at the benefits of adding social proof to website. 

#1. Build Trust 

With the increasing rate of online shopping, where customers can not touch or feel the products, it has become difficult for customers to make a purchasing decision. This is where reviews and other forms of social proof come into the picture. Potential customers look for evidence that other customers in the past have had a positive experience with the brand. 

#2. Reduces Perceived Risk

People are often hesitant to be the first to try something new. Social proof to websites helps to reduce the perceived risk of trying a new product or service. When potential customers see that others have used and enjoyed a product, they feel more comfortable making a purchase.

#3. Influences Decision Making

Social proof on website can sway people’s decisions. When they see that a large number of people are doing something, they are more likely to follow suit. This can be especially effective in situations where people are unsure or are making decisions quickly.

#4. Increases Conversions and Sales

In marketing, social proof to website is a powerful tool for increasing conversions. Displaying customer testimonials, user reviews and ratings on a website can lead to more sales.

People are more likely to buy a product if they see that others have bought it and had a positive experience.

#5. Strengthens Brand Image

A brand that showcases positive social proof signals that it is popular and trusted by many. This enhances its image in the eyes of potential customers. Influencers and celebrities endorsing a product can also create strong social proof to website, associating the brand with success and desirability.

Different Tools You Can Use To Add Social Proof To Your Website: 

Using a tool to display social proof on a website is a simple and effective way to speed up the process. In particular, aggregator tools are the most efficient ones in this area. Let’s take a look at the aggregator tools that can be used to showcase social proof on a website.

1. Tagembed 

Tagembed is an excellent tool that can help you showcase social proof on a website. It is designed to enhance the functionality of a website. From the social media widget & review widget, with Tagembed you can embed all of it. 

One of its most popular widgets is the Google Review Widget. It is easy to use and allows you to track your website’s performance in terms of reviews. 

Here are some key features of the Tagembed Review Widget:

  • Responsive Designs: The widgets are optimized to look great on any device type.
  • Customization: With Tagembed, you can customize your Google business review widget to suit your brand’s style and theme.
  • Content Management: You can filter the reviews you want to showcase, whether it’s all reviews or just the positive ones, with the free Google Reviews widget by Tagembed.
  • Analytics: You can monitor your widget’s performance on your website using Tagembed ‘s analytics feature.
  • Quick Updates: With Tagembed, you can easily embed your free Google reviews widget on your website and let it fetch the latest reviews automatically.
  • Custom CSS: You can customize your widget to your heart’s content with endless possibilities.

2. Common Ninja 

CommonNinja is yet another popular platform that can help you showcase social proof on website. Common Ninja is an online platform that offers free HTML Google review widget for websites. The platform boasts a catalog of over 80 feedback widgets that cater to user engagement and website components. Some of the website review widgets offered by CommonNinja include the Amazon review widget and the Trustpilot reviews aggregator.

One of the free widgets offered by CommonNinja is the Google Reviews widget. This widget features different responsive layouts, colorful skins, and several customization options.

3. Feedier 

Another fabulous tool we have on the list to showcase special proof on the website is Feedier. Feedier is a tool for collecting and managing feedback. It enables you to display Google Reviews on your website. 

The tool features an intuitive interface that makes it easy to collect reviews from Google and other platforms. You can then curate them and display them using customizable widgets. 

In addition, Feedier offers advanced analytics, which helps you gain valuable insights from customer feedback.

The Final Note 

Social proof has become the currency in the digital age. The better you spend, the better ROI you will receive. There are plenty of creative ways aforementioned to add social proof to your website. Choose the best tools from above as per your website requirements and skyrocket your sales. We hope after reading this blog you will utilize social proof on your website in the most beneficial way possible. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Go ahead and use social proof for your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A social proof on website can be a review, testimonials, or a feed of user-generated content. The goal of social proof on website is to influence the purchasing decisions of potential customers. More importantly, social proof on the website aims to reassure the visitors that they are making the right decision.

There are various ways of adding social proof to your website. For example, if you want to display Google reviews on a website, you can opt for a tool like Tagembed. It is a review aggregator tool that helps users to collect and integrate Google reviews into websites, without involving any coding. 

Yes, social proof is a legitimate psychological and marketing concept that taps into the inherent human tendency to be influenced by the actions of others. The social proof relies on the principle of conformity, where individuals adjust their behavior to match that of others, assuming that those actions reflect correct behavior for a given situation. It works as social validation. 

Social proof helps to establish trust with potential customers who may be unfamiliar with your brand. Visitors are likely to make a purchase when they see other people have had a positive experience with your brand. 

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