How to Choose the Best Twitter Aggregator for Your Needs

Twitter has a large user base compared to other social media platforms, and users produce a vast amount of user-generated content every minute.  

Individuals, businesses, and marketers frequently seek adequate methods to extract valuable content or insight from such an overflow of information. 

Twitter Aggregator, a tool that collects user-generated content and feeds from Twitter, steps into the game. This Twitter aggregator curates and presents the most relevant topics, hashtags, and discussions relevant to the websites. 

But the question is that the Twitter aggregator you selected for your website an ideal one? We will walk you through this blog, where you will learn about choosing the perfect Twitter aggregator! 

What Are Twitter Aggregators? 

What is a Twitter aggregator? This question confuses many people as they can understand Twitter, but relating an aggregator to it is still a fresh concept for them. 

A specialized tool developed to streamline the process of collecting, organizing, and showcasing Twitter content; including tweets from different accounts or hashtags on the website, is called a Twitter Aggregator. 

In simple words, a Twitter aggregator is a tool that aggregates and curates Twitter feeds from Twitter using handles, hashtags, mentions, and lists. You just need to embed a Twitter feed on your website. 

Some features like real-time updates, embedding options, customization, and analytics are provided by Twitter aggregators. To customize curated Twitter feeds using layout designs & beautiful themes, these tools give users complete freedom to boost the look of their Twitter feeds effectively to engage their visitors. 

Types Of Twitter Aggregators 

Different Twitter aggregators are available in the online marketplace to serve different purposes. Here are the top three types: 

1. Real-time Twitter Aggregators 

The Twitter aggregators that collect Twitter content in real-time are called Real-time Twitter aggregators. This type of Twitter aggregator provides users with instant updates of tweets, hashtags, retweets, likes, and topics of interest. 

This type of Twitter aggregator becomes very handy for individuals, brands, or companies wanting to stay on top of rapidly evolving topics, live events, or breaking news on the Twitter platform. 

2. Hashtag-based Aggregators 

The Twitter aggregators that collect tweets related to particular hashtags are known as Hashtag-based aggregators. When a user inserts a particular hashtag, the Twitter aggregator compiles and shows all tweets related to that hashtag. Event organizers and marketers interested in monitoring discussions around a particular topic can leverage the hashtag Twitter aggregators to stay informed. 

3. Content Curation Twitter Aggregators

The Twitter aggregators that collect and deliver curated content specifically from the Twitter platform are called Content Curation Twitter Aggregators. This aggregator type focuses on delivering relevant and valuable content to the users based on their interests. 

Why Do You Need A Twitter Aggregator?

Twitter has 330 million active monthly users, sending out 500 million tweets daily. On this platform, people find the latest news, images, videos, reviews, etc., of different users worldwide. 

Now, picture your website can join in the fun where Twitter enhances the reach of your message to a broader audience. For example, integrating a Twitter feed into your website where visitors join the conversation and learn more about your products and services results in developing a community and connection. 

On Twitter, users generally share their genuine thoughts and intellectual content instead of sharing more funny content like other social media platforms. From Twitter, many brands believe in showing user-generated content, enabling them to foster a bond of trust and authenticity with their audience. 

Brands can easily gather valuable information and content from Twitter with the help of a Twitter aggregator and use it in their promotional and marketing activities. You can read the complete twitter aggregator guide. By providing valuable content to their audience, many Twitter brands can leverage their marketing strategies, boost sales, and engage their target audience. 

How To Choose The Best Twitter Aggregator?

To engage your website visitors with relevant tweets and promote your Twitter account, a Twitter widget is always handy. Selecting the perfect Twitter aggregator becomes confusing with so many options available in the market. 

When looking for a Twitter aggregator, check for the must-have features and functionalities that meet your requirements. Some of them are listed below:

1. Real-time Updates- Ensure your visitors are constantly updated about the latest trends or information on their preferred topics. Many Twitter aggregators provide real-time updates.

2. Dedicated Support- You’ll always have experts ready to lend you a hand with high-quality support team. 

3. Responsive Design- Across different devices and screen sizes, a well-designed Twitter aggregator is responsive in ensuring a seamless user experience. Your Twitter content must look perfect on all devices because 72% of people prefer a mobile-friendly website. 

4. Customizable Widget- To make your website look visually appealing to visitors, your Twitter aggregator must offer customizable widgets so that you can change your layouts, themes, designs, backgrounds, etc. It plays a pivotal role in matching the website’s vibe with the Twitter widget. 

5. Analytics And Insights- Some Twitter aggregators provide advanced analytics and insights incorporating popular hashtags, engagement rates, sentiment analysis, and valuable information for decision-making. 

6. Pricing- Another important feature a Twitter aggregator must have is pricing. Many options are available in the market; look for an affordable Twitter aggregator within your budget. 

Why Display Twitter Content On Your Website?

There are several benefits a Twitter aggregator provides to monitor what people talk about your brand on Twitter for a better user experience. Here are some amazing benefits mentioned below: 

1. Customers Are Engaged In Mentioning Your Branded Hashtag

One of the fantastic ways of increasing brand awareness in a short period is by creating a hashtag campaign. Your branded hashtag finds new audiences by engaging your most active followers in creating content. You can collect public tweets, hashtags, and more in one place with the help of a Twitter hashtag aggregator. 

Within participants in a live event of a hashtag campaign, a live Twitter wall helps develop a community and promotes the event to those unable to join. 

2. Website Keeps Updated With Live Content 

On Twitter, many brands have multiple accounts. Users can combine those accounts with a Twitter aggregator and display a live Twitter feed for their website visitors. When you add a Twitter feed on WordPress or any other website, the Twitter aggregator helps you broadcast fresh content in a very engaging format. Apart from this, a live Twitter feed keeps your website visitors engaged for longer. 

3. Increases Social Proof And Sales 

All over Twitter, there are chats and discussions scattered, and that’s where the Twitter aggregator plays its key role in curating the UGC content and embedding it onto your website. As a brand, you always need a Twitter aggregator to maximize the value of discussions mentioning your brand and branded hashtag and display it on your website in one place. These branded hashtags on your website help to increase social proof and sales. 

4. Get More Engagement For Your Tweets

Getting more visibility for Twitter activity is another strong reason brands opt for a Twitter aggregator. More visitors will be derived to your tweets because of the increased visibility of the likes, tweets, retweets, and replies. The Twitter algorithm works and increases the visibility of accounts and tweets that get organic engagement. 

The more high-quality followers you will attract over time when you can build more visibility through your website or Twitter for your content. 

Tools That Provide Twitter Aggregators 

The exceptional Twitter aggregators are listed below. Select one as per your needs: 

1. Tagembed 

The easy customization and real-time updates feature makes the Tagembed, one of the most powerful Twitter aggregators. The Twitter widget of Tagembed perfectly adapts to the size and screens of different devices. To integrate Twitter feed and user-generated content, the Tagembed widget is the easiest to embed on your website. To match the branding and vibe of the website, the Tagembed Twitter aggregator allows users to tailor the look of their Twitter feeds. Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, etc., are such website platforms for which Tagembed is compatible. 

2. Tagbox 

Without any extra coding, Tagbox offers a free customizable Twitter aggregator to add to your website. Tagbox Twitter aggregator is easily integrated into various website-building platforms like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace. The free version provides customer support through email only. 

3. EmbedSocial 

Users can easily set up the EmbedSocial Twitter aggregator within minutes on their websites. You don’t need any coding skills for the configuration. Hence, you don’t need to panic if you’re not a techie. With all the Twitter posts, just insert your Twitter account, and their system will create the feed. 


Curator is also on the list of one of the popular Twitter aggregators available for free online. From your Twitter feed, Curator easily grasps the content and can easily embed it on your website in CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Curator has very restricted branding for users of their free plan compared to other Twitter aggregators. 

5. Juicer 

Juicer’s features are very limited compared to other Twitter aggregators. Users can only link to two source accounts. You can easily add hashtags to the Juicer aggregator if you’re having an event. Once a day, the free plan will update and pull any tweets that use your specific hashtag right to the Twitter feed aggregator. 

Ending Note

There are countless free Twitter aggregators available for you. Choosing the best Twitter aggregator can be daunting, but don’t forget to prioritize what’s important for your business. Customers visit your website to view your content and brand, not other companies’ branding. 

Let your website visitors see that you have an active community on social media. Having your Twitter feed embedded on your website will give you the upper hand. Tagembed is the best Twitter aggregator available in the market that offers to display Twitter feeds on your website and helps you engage with your audience. What are you waiting for now?

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