How to Embed Twitter Feed on the Website?

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With more than 336 million monthly active users, “Twitter” has happened to be one of the most followed platforms by users. With time, it has turned out to be more than just a microblogging network. 

Marketers, brand promoters, businesses, and many more people leverage this social media networking site to build their brand reputation stronger, to interact, and connect with potential customers.

But the question is “How can you leverage Twitter feeds to promote your business and increase the trust for your brand among people”? 

The answer to this question is Social Media Aggregator tools that help you embed live Twitter feed on the website. 

These tools help marketers build customer trust & loyalty, boost conversion, build brand awareness, amplify return on investment (ROI), and more.

“Tagembed” is the perfect choice when you are looking for social media aggregation, and in this case, Twitter feeds aggregation. 

In this article, you’ll get to know more about Tagembed and how it can help you embed Twitter feeds on various website building platforms. 

Introduction to Tagembed

One of the best social media aggregators i.e. Tagembed helps businesses to collect, curate, and embed user-generated content from various social media platforms (like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc). under one roof i.e. a website. 

Tagembed widgets

Compatible with almost every website building platform, Tagembed aggregate content in real-time. This tool offers a various features such as;

  • Customization- To help you personalize your aggregated content by letting you apply themes & layouts, background, font size & colors, posts styles, content highlights, autoplay, banners, CTA’s, custom posts, and more.
  • Moderation Panel-  The moderation and especially the profanity filter gives users the freedom to eliminate the irrelevant or contaminated content and allow them to show the content of the utmost quality. 
  • Insightful Analytics- You can also monitor the performance of your social media feeds to see the total impressions, clicks, conversions, etc on your Twitter feed. 
  • More- Other features offered by Tagembed are Hashtag Highlighter, Content Play, UGC Rights Management, Custom CSS, Customer Support, and so on. 

The highlight of this tool is that it offers a Free Plan to the users. 

Mentioned-below are the steps that you can follow to embed Twitter feed on your website. 

Add Twitter Feed with Tagembed Widget

Before embedding the live tweets on a website, create a Twitter Feed Widget. Then using the Tagembed widget you need to add a Twitter feed on this Twitter Feed widget.

Once you create an account on Twitter feed aggregator- Tagembed, you can also move ahead by following simple steps.

Step 1. First, log in to your Tagembed Widget Account

Sign up tagembed

Step 2. Next, click on “+Create Widget” and enter a name for your widget. It can be anything.

create tagembed widget

Step 3. A popup will appear where you have to select Twitter as your source.

Step 5. Select the Twitter connection type i.e. Hashtag (#), Handle (@), List, etc.

twitter widgets tagembed

Step 5. Finally, provide the login credentials of your Twitter account.

In the Widget Editor, you can now see all your live Twitter feeds on a Twitter Widget

(NOTE– You can also customize and moderate the Twitter feeds by using the Customization and Moderation Panel which is available on the Tagembed Widget account.)

Display your live Twitter feed on the website by generating the Embed Code.

Embed Twitter Feed on Website

Get embed code from Tagembed Widget editor to add a Twitter feed on your website. 

To get the HTML code to add a Twitter post, you need to follow a few steps that are listed below. 

Step 1. Start by tapping on the Embed Widget button.

twitter wall tagembed

Step 2. You can select any website building platform like Wix, Weebly, etc. But here we are choosing HTML.

tagembed platforms

Step 3. Click on Auto or Fixed and set the Width and Height accordingly.

Step 4. Now click on Get Code to generate your HTML Embed Code.

Step 5. You can simply copy the code to the clipboard. 

Step 6. Click on the Preview button to see how your widget looks.

Step 7. Paste the embed code into the body section of your HTML website.

And you are done!

Embed Twitter Feed on Different Website Building Platforms

In this section, you’ll get to know about the simple steps to embed Twitter feed on the popular website building platforms.

But before we begin, get the embed code to insert Twitter feed by following the aforementioned steps. Or you can also generate HTML code.

Now let’s begin!

# Embed Twitter Feed on WordPress Website

One of the popular Open-source Content management systems- “WordPress” has approximately 76.5 million websites. It’s easy to set up SEO friendly websites, as it requires less coding skills. 

embed tagembed on wordpress

It’s time to start with the steps to embed Twitter feed on WordPress.

1. Login to your WordPress account.

2. Open the website page, where you want to showcase your Twitter feeds. 

3. From the Visual & Text Option in the page editor, you have to choose the Text Mode.

4.  Paste the generated code in this Text Mode. 

5. Click on the Apply button and save the changes.

# Embed Twitter Feed on Wix Website

Quickly follow the simple steps to embed Twitter feed on this cloud-based web development platform, “Wix” with more than 100 million registered users. 

add twitter feed on wix

1. Log in to the Wix account.

2.  Open the web page on your Wix website where you want to embed Tagembed Widget. 

3. You can add elements on your web pages through plus sign (+) which is on the left-hand side of the screen.

4. Now click on More option on the menu.

5. From the Embeds choose the HTML iframe.

6. Click on the Enter Code and paste the Tagembed Widget HTML code onto the code field.

7. Finish off the steps by clicking on Apply to save the changes.

# Embed Twitter Feed on Weebly Website

Serving more than 50 million users globally, “Weebly” helps you create a high-quality e-commerce website to maintain your brand’s presence. By drag and drop option, you can easily create the web pages on Weebly.

embed twitter feeds on weebly

Here are a few steps that you need to follow to embed Twitter feed on Weebly.

1. Pick an Embed code.

3. Now click on the HTML box, to select the Edit Custom HTML option. 

4. Paste the Tagembed Widget code on your web page.

5. Save the changes before publishing. 

# Embed Twitter Feed on Squarespace Website

Empowering businesses of all sizes, SaaS platform “Squarespace” allows you to easily embed Twitter feed on your website by following a few steps.

embed twitter feeds on squarespace

1.  First, add any external code on the web page through Embed Blocks

2.  To embed the Twitter feed add a block first on the page.

3. Open the web page of your Squarespace website where you want to insert Tagembed Widget.

4. Click “Add Block” and then select Embed from the menu.

5. In the URL field, click the Code (</>) icon in the URL field. 

6. Lastly, place your generated code on the above-mentioned box.

7. Save the changes by clicking on Apply.

# Embed Twitter Feed on Jimdo Website

Another e-commerce website building platform, “Jimdo” has already more than 20 million websites built with it. If you wish to embed Twitter feeds on your Jimdo website, apply the following steps.

embed twitter feeds jimdo website

1. Open the web page where you wish to display your Twitter feed.

2. Click on the Add Element button and then click on More elements.

3. Now choose Widget/HTML.

3. Paste the embed code into the code field and save the changes to publish them.

# Embed Twitter Feed on Shopify Website

With more than 1.2 million people using this platform, Shopify is the best suitable website building platform for the E-commerce business to create their online stores. 

add twitter on shopify

Follow these steps to embed Twitter feed on your Shopify website.

1. Log in first. 

2. Click on Online Store under the Sales Channel Section.

3. Then you’ll see a drop-down list where you have to select the Themes option in the sidebar.

4. On the right-hand of the screen, you’ll find an Action button

5. Click on this button to select Edit code.

6. Select the section where you want to display your Twitter feed.

7. Paste the generated code to embed Tagembed Widget on your Shopify website.

8. Click on Save and update the changes.

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You don’t have to worry about how you want to display the Twitter feed on your website. As a social media aggregator tool- Tagembed can help you embed your live Twitter feed on all the aforementioned website building platforms in the most easiest and effective way.

So, why wait? 

Start leveraging the benefits (like a strong online presence, boosting the brand’s trust and more) that comes with integrating Twitter feed on your website 

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